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You Asked: How to be healthy at ASU | Arizona State University

February 14, 2020

It’s never a bad time to start thinking about
your health. Just look at me … I’m out on a jog right
now and I’m supposed to be hosting a video. Regardless, go ahead, grab your yoga mats, grab your kombucha and we’ll talk about how ASU students keep their mind, bodies and souls on the tip-top. This is “You Asked: health stuff.” I think it’s really important to take, like,
an hour out of your day just to kind of focus on yourself and go on a little light
jog or something like that. I stay healthy by working out almost every
day. I try to eat healthy, get all my vegetables … my protein and stuff. Caedmon? Yes sir. How do you make time for healthy livin’? I like to think everybody needs some time
for themselves after classes because you can get over-stressed. I take naps, I watch YouTube … Clean your hat? Clean my hat. I try to eat on campus as much as I can. It’s healthier than eating Jack In The Box
at midnight every night. Since we’re in Arizona, I usually like to
go for a swim and just relax in the pool. Mhm … even in the winter? Well I mean … not right now. Well, the SDFC pool is heated. Oh really? Yeah it is. Wow. I just went yesterday. Did you swim? Yeah. So swimming, year-round at ASU. You know a little bit about the SDFC, so specifically for our students, what kind of resources does this have to offer? Upstairs, we have so many like group fitness
classes that are free. Do you have any favorites? Women on Weights. Okay. So what it is, is it’s a women-only workout. We have a Yoga 101, which is going to be really
exciting. Come learn how to do yoga, it’s really relaxing,
it’s good for you. Also helps with stress. That’s a stretch. It’s … was that a pun? Yeah. What about mental health? Mental health … okay, honestly I think the
best thing for that is taking a day to yourself every once in a while. It’s kind of treating yourself a little bit. Going to your favorite food place. Is there anything you do to relax or revitalize
yourself? Uh … just listen to music. Uh … watch the sunset, stuff like that. I have been starting to meditate more recently. I’m not very good at it but … Do you do, like, guided meditation? Yeah. That’s what I started with and I do maybe a couple minutes a day every day. I’ve really been working on, um, specifically not spending my time on things like social media and trying to get away from, just like, endlessly scrolling on my phone. So health counseling, wellness at ASU is part
of the everyday experience of students. Sure. We provide health care in the form of medical
services in our health centers. Counseling services at our counseling centers. And then a holistic well-being experience in our fitness centers. In our wellness activities, we are trying to
embed into the daily lives of students. Available on all campuses. Cool. All students have to do is walk in or call
and we are there for them. And just ’cause I know a lot of students would
be curious, is there a price involved? We’re going to serve you and we will never let anybody’s financial circumstance get in the way of help. I’m sure that’s a relief to a lot of people. Your generation of students are talking about
their holistic well-being. It is a massive positive shift in the college student population to say that our health matters, the health of our peers matter, and we know it’s related to our well-being. Remember that health goes beyond the gym,
so be sure you’re cognizant of all facets of what make up a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to like, subscribe and comment … all
that good stuff. As always, this has been “You Asked.”

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