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Yorkshire Terrier vs Silky Terrier Difference

August 23, 2019

– Yorkshire and Silky Terrier, can you recognize them apart? Two breeds that have
remarkable similarities in their appearance. Because of that they are often times confused with each other. In this video, we will
talk about differences between Yorkshire Terrier
and Silky Terrier. (upbeat music with dog barking) Hi, it’s Radim from Rocadog. First let’s talk about why
they actually look so similar. They are both small dogs
with beautiful lush coats, they have similar face
expression and body type. The reason behind this is that
Silky Terrier is offspring of Yorkshire and Australian Terrier, but Yorkshire Terrier was bred in England, while Silky Terrier is
a dog from Australia. The first difference is in their size. Silky Terrier is the larger
from these two breeds. Their average height is
between 23 to 26 centimeters, while Yorkshire Terrier height
is around 17 centimeters. Of course females are
a little bit smaller. There is a difference in weight also. The Yorkshire Terrier weight
is around three kilograms while Silky Terrier weight
is around five kilograms. Both breeds are small dogs with long bodies and straight coats. It is pretty long so it
should be trimmed regularly. Color of Silky Terrier coat is blue and tan just like with Yorkie, but the Yorkie blue is the
color of dark steel, not silver. The deep tan of the Silky
appears on the face, ear base, feet, and legs. The tan areas of the Yorkie are similar but the color is not. Yorkie tan hairs are darker at the root becoming progressively
lighter out of hair shaft and light tan at the hair tip. Logically, if your dog have long coat they need some grooming. Both breeds require frequent
brushing and bathing. Yorkshire Terrier needs
probably more trimming due to longer coat but Silky Terrier coat is more
likely to get into tangles. Both dogs also have erect V shaped ears. Silky Terrier ears are
set high on their head while Yorkshire Terrier ears
are turned slightly outward. There are also differences
in their personality. Yorkies are smart and fearless dogs. If they would be larger,
they would be great guards because if they start
barking at something, it’s very hard to stop them. Silkies are smart as well, but they are more one person kind of dog and they are also more energetic so they need little bit more exercises. Both breeds are great
for apartment living. I would say the Silky Terrier
is a little bit better for families with smaller
kids because they bond with them easily. Both breeds are also trainable. They are terriers, so they
are not typical toy breeds. With proper training, you
can achieve a lot with them and teach them a lot and even
some more complicated tricks. If you get Silky or
Yorkshire Terrier, really, don’t forget that they are
not typical small dogs. They love all the typical doggy things like exercising, longer walks, they love interactive dog
toys, they are great with that. Try to socialize them as
early as possible so they can play with other dogs, even
some bigger dogs in the park. They are terriers after
all, don’t forget that. Tell me in comments
which one do you prefer, Yorkshire or Silky Terrier? If you are new on this channel, consider subscribing,
turn the notifications on, and check our Instagram and Facebook. Links are in description. Thank you for watching,
see you in the next video.

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  • Reply Rocadog November 9, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    Which one is your favourite? Silky or Yorkshire Terrier?

  • Reply kumutha m lakshmi July 26, 2019 at 9:45 am

    yorkshire terrier's & australian silky terrier's there is no big difference
    between them yorkshire terrier is not having silky hairs in their body! australian silky terrier's are having silky hairs in their body and their bit big compared to yorkshire terrier's

  • Reply César Cândido August 1, 2019 at 10:00 am

    Entendi nada kkjj

  • Reply Gaby Ramirez August 18, 2019 at 2:04 am

    que dijo jaja perdona?!

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