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Yeonwoo’s first time watching mommy sing! [The Return of Superman/2020.03.08]

March 9, 2020

(At KBS in the afternoon) This is KBS. (Rehearsal for “Gayo Stage”) They are rehearsing for “Gayo Stage”. (Yunjung is singing here today.) It’s Yunjung. (While the Trot Queen is working…) I had a plan, so I went there while Yunjung is working. (Why are you here?) You had a plan? It’s the waiting room. (Careful) Hello. Hello, my goodness. All of you are here. (Yunjung’s fellow singers welcome him warmly.) – My gosh. / – Hello. It’s nice to meet you. – There were a lot of ladies. / – Hello. My gosh, have you been well? Well, I am thinking of surprising her. – I love the idea. / – You do? (Thank you for liking the idea.) I love that kind of thing. Anyway, please help me. I want you to like it when I come in. Please help me out. – Okay. / – Let’s do this. (What kind of surprise is this going to be?) Please set a camera here. You’re here to surprise Yunjung. Secretly and greatly. Please look forward to the Do family’s surprise plan. (The camera is on.) Yunjung. (Today’s star is here.) Yunjung came after she finished the rehearsal. She has no idea. That always happens. It’s okay with skirts, – but I’m wearing pants. / – They are great actors. No way. What is this camera? Oh, no. Are you caught already? This is no surprise. You got caught in a second. (Is this the end of the surprise?) I’m shooting a variety show on KBS that will air shortly. – Okay. / – It’s called “Let’s Golf, Jungmin”. – Do you play golf? / – Yes. I’m on this show. That’s a great lie, and she fell for it. (Jungmin’s witty lie overcame the crisis.) – Do you play golf? / – That’s so cool. No, I don’t. That’s great, Jungmin. Anyway, it’s really fun to play. I’d love to play golf with my husband. But Yunjung is so busy. – She has no time to learn. / – I know. I look after the kids when I’m home. – Still, they are adorable. / – They are so cute. – They are crazy cute. / – I agree. Have your own children. You should get married soon too. You should hurry up. I have no one to marry. I’ll ask my husband to set you up with someone. A blind date? I get too shy on a blind date. You should at least try to meet people. – I don’t know what to say. / – You should be an MC. No, just meet and you’ll see. I knew the moment he came in. Really? (They didn’t have a moment to feel lonely.) (The first encounter with Do Kyungwan) I thought he was married. – Gosh. / – You thought he was married? (I didn’t know he would marry me.) I was so flustered. (What is Kyungwan doing?) – Yeonwoo. / – Yes? This is KBS where I work. – Right. / – And Mom is singing here today. – At KBS? / – Yes. Do you remember where you sang last time? – Yes. “Gayo Stage”. / – You know “Gayo Stage” as well. To cheer Mom up, – we’re going to surprise her. / – Oh, yes. – Mom is going to love it, right? / – Yes. Right? Are you happy to see Mommy today? – Yes. / – She answers well now. Hayoung is already happy thinking about seeing her mom. I saw you take the stress test on TV. – I was so shocked. / – For real. – Me too. / – Because you seem so strong. (Recently,) Everyone was shocked. (Yunjung’s stress level was shown to be very high.) (On the other hand, Kyungwan was stress-free.) I’m working harder since we got the results. Even when they live together… Her husband’s brain showed green. – It was green all over. / – That’s right. On many TV shows, my husband was… – How should I put this? / – No, no. It made him look so sweet. Elders say you married the best guy. – That is right, but… / – But… I can tell that you are so happy. – I am happy, but… / – But… I think Yunjung has a lot to say. (They get ready to surprise her.) You stay here… (The crew must be here to shoot Jungmin.) You have no time to rest. (Peeking) (Kyungwan is pretending to visit after work.) Why must you put on that face? – We see it every week. / – I was excited. (The ladies are talking in the waiting room.) That’s why you put it on earlier. (He refuses to appear in a normal way.) That’s too much. (Look at me.) Oh, my gosh! You scared me. (Peek-a-boo!) (Yunjung is confused.) – Kyungwan. / – Honey. – There are cameras here. / – She’s embarrassed – and wants you to leave. / – I can’t believe you. They are Wink Sisters. (Kyungwan greets them as if for the first time.) Hello. – It’s nice to meet you. / – Hello. I have so many sisters-in-law. They are perfect sisters-in-law. Did you get off work? I got off work, but I couldn’t just go home. That’s so nice. After his work… – I know. / – He comes to me. Well, the camera… – I shouldn’t be on it. / – It’s for Jungmin. – It’s a KBS show. / – That’s fine, then. That was great acting. – If it’s a KBS show… / – Actually, I was so angry. Why? – The result of the stress test. / – Right. – You had no stress. / – No, that’s not right. – Yunjung’s brain was so dark. / – The reason her brain looked dark was not because of stress. – Then what? / – Her blood vessels… (Is Yunjung sick?) – Is Yunjung sick? / – Her blood vessels are blocked with my love. They are blocked with your love? Love arrhythmia. (Proud) I was so surprised. I was surprised too. I thought he’d say something I didn’t know about. Kyungwan is so good at changing diapers. He’s really good. I was so surprised to see a guy do it so well. Well, I changed the diapers for Yeonwoo, Hayoung and Yunjung. Are you the third child? Am I incontinent? – You are. / – What? You can’t hold your love in day and night. I can’t believe this. (I think you dropped something.) He does this all the time. – Mom. / – Mom is not there. – The kids were here. / – It’s Mom. (Hayoung keeps looking for her mom.) You should go out and take care of your kids. This is good. Shall we order some fried chicken? He wants to order fried chicken. That sounds nice. Let’s have some beer with chicken. We still need to shoot. – Come home. / – Come to our house later. – Shall we? / – Come home. I’ll… I’ll go home and put the kids to bed. Did he just wink? Sing well. I’ll go and put the kids to bed. He’s so sweet. Where else would we hear this? Kiss before you say goodbye – and make us want to get married. / – We don’t kiss. – Why? / – What do you do, then? It’s the most insignificant action of love that we do. (It literally gave me goosebumps.) – Even I’m annoyed at myself. / – I’ll get going. I feel like watching this is a punishment. – Okay. Bye. / – Call me when you get home. You say goodbye as if you’re sending off your son. I just want him to go soon. “You’re late for your academy.” – This is the real surprise. / – Yeonwoo. It hasn’t started yet? – They are waiting, so let’s go in. / – Okay. Flower delivery. Come in. Flower delivery is here. (Who is that for?) It’s the Doppelganger family wearing flowers. (Shrieking) (Surprise) Yeonwoo! It’s Yeonwoo! – Yeonwoo! / – Yeonwoo! What are you, a manager? Come here. Hayoung is here. You’re so cute. – She’s surprised. / – Hayoung. Mom is here. I need to get married. – They are so adorable. / – So cute. – You look so cute. / – No one’s looking. (The leader of this surprise is being neglected.) – You didn’t have to wear that. / – Well, I just… – You didn’t see me. We’ll do it again. / – No, don’t. It’s too tiring. I was happy to see you. (Speechless) What is this, Yeonwoo? – Yeonwoo brought it. / – Can we eat it? (The kids prepared this gift.) – Enjoy. / – Thank you. Thank you. – You’re so sweet. / – Thank you. Thank you, Yeonwoo. “Please be nice to my mom.” Look at that. – I’m so pleased. / – You’re so sweet. – You can take this off now. / – Can I take it off too? Yes. What? (I’m so upset.) She wants you to take that off now. Are you my manager today? – Are you my manager today? / – Look at that. Honey, I’m this. – What is that? / – Assistant? What do you think “assistant” means? – An assistant driver? / – A driver? Well, I’ll go if she ever needs me. (Winking) (You do whatever you want.) (The invisible wall) I felt so lonely. I should just go home. – The things you need are all in here. / – Let me see. – Goodness. / – Let me see. – It’s this. Look. / – I can see it. – Will you let me use it too? / – Something is there. There are so many things underneath this. It’s for Mom when she gets cold. A blanket to keep me warm? This is a straw. – A straw. / – Yes, you need a straw. – A comb. / – What’s that? A comb. He’s put a lot of things in there. And this is… Wait. What is this? – This? / – What is this? Before you sing, you need to check if there’s anything between your teeth. Yeonwoo has prepared a lot of things. You should be a one-day manager. Yeonwoo, it’s a tough job to be a manager. – Can you do it? / – Yes. Okay. Bread. – I can’t believe her. / – Bread. How cute. She can say whatever she wants now. Wherever she goes, she never misses out on food. She’s so docile. It’s Yeonwoo’s first time seeing Mom sing today. It’s his first time. He couldn’t before – because the music was too loud. / – Really? Will you be okay today? The manager should watch me from close. – That’s right. / – Okay. – Can you? / – Yes. It really is his first time. What song are you singing today? I’m singing “Goose Father” today. Is that about me? And I’ll be singing a lovely song with an uncle. It’s so annoying. – Retire. / – Really? Can she? – Can she do that? / – Retire from “Gayo Stage.” – Will you be okay with that? / – No, I won’t. I’ll be singing a love song with someone other than Dad. Who is it? – Is that okay? / – Yes. Well, as a manager, he knows the difference between business and pleasure. I’m okay with my mom singing with another man. (I’m not fine with that.) You’re so childish. You can’t do that. (You can’t do it because you’re mine.) I’m speechless. It’s Guyoon, your friend. I know Park Guyoon. I won’t let him be. – Who should I talk to? / – No. Hayoung says no. I’ll talk to my brother, Donggun. What brother? You couldn’t even say hello properly when he’s here. By the way, what will you be wearing today? I’ll wear this, and I have to choose another outfit. The manager should help her choose an outfit. This is purple. This is a navy dress. This is a dress with flower prints. This one is mint. Can you pick one out of these four? There are so many. This one? – He has his preference. / – This one? – Do you like the purple one? / – Yes. – Will it look okay? / – Like this… Yes. – Very good. / – This one? Yes. Okay. Thank you for helping me pick out an outfit. You helped me take care of a huge task. I think she likes it too. (Manager Do’s work continues.) – Manager Do. / – Yes? Can you do my buttons? I’ll try. (He won’t ever give up!) This is… Doesn’t it hurt your back? – He’s worried about his artist. / – Yes. As a manager, – you should worry about your artist. / – Is it done? – Did you get them all? / – Yes. – There are so many. / – Pass me the hand cream. Here is the hand cream. – You should squeeze it for me. / – Right. (Sweet) I didn’t know she could smile like that. She’s smiling so much. Here is your drink. Wait. (Manager Do gives his artist a drink.) Here is your drink. Wait. (Right!) Thank you. Manager Do, you’re good at your job. She must feel so good today. You have such a fast manager. I don’t even know where my manager went. Maybe he left. Yeonwoo, do you know that they’re twins? Did you just notice? Are you surprised? Let’s call his name together. – It’s his first time seeing twins. / – Yeonwoo. (Yeonwoo is startled to meet the twins.) – Are you surprised? / – Hello. – It’s your first time. / – It could confuse him. – It’s your first time seeing twins. / – I love you. – I’ve never seen twins before. / – Right? Yeonwoo, one of them is older than the other. Guess who’s older. Actually, I’m confused every time I see them. – Make a guess. / – Stop, you’re scary. (You guys are scary!) – Guess who’s older. / – Find the older one. Pick one. Ready, go. (He picked the one on the left!) Me? Are you sure? (Older sister, younger sister) – You got it right. / – Yeonwoo. How did he get it right? That’s amazing. I have to go now. I’m in a hurry. (It’s time for the recording.) Let’s go! They’re backstage. (The Queen of Trot is here.) – Hey. / – Mom. Are you calling me? By the way, Mom, I’m nervous because it’s my first time seeing you sing. Are you nervous? – Are you nervous? / – He must be nervous. Are you nervous too? Me? I’m not nervous. She’s a queen on the stage. It’s starting. Yeonwoo, it’s starting. (The audience is cheering.) Yeonwoo must be nervous. (“Gayo Stage” is starting now.) (They’re cheerful whenever there’s music.) Look. Didn’t you say you’re nervous? You said you’re nervous. It just comes out automatically. (I thought you were nervous.) It’s so exciting. Really? He’s excited. How cute. He’s so excited. (Mom is going up on stage soon.) Mom will perform after this singer. I see. Mom, here. – He knows. / – Aren’t you thirsty? He was nervous, – but he’s back to being a manager. / – That’s right. She should drink water before her stage. (The performance before her is coming to an end.) Let’s go, Mom. She’s up next. Let’s go, Mom. – Remember the sign. / – What is that? Yeonwoo, while I’m singing, I’ll send a sign only you can recognize. – Like what? / – They made something. To show that you’re in my heart, I’ll go like this. Okay? You have to watch and see if I do it or not. I’ll watch you through the monitor to see if you do it. (Watch carefully, Yeonwoo.) I’ll watch you through the monitor too. They always leave me out on things like this. – Mom. / – How annoying. Good luck. It’s Mom. (They watch Mom from backstage for the first time.) (The music is playing.) (The problematic man, Park Guyoon appears.) They came out at the same time. (Uncomfortable) You said earlier that you don’t know him. Park Guyoon, you’re going to get it. I’m so annoyed. (Kyungwan hates this performance.) Who’s more handsome? Me or him? – You. / – Right? You won. It’s Mom. (After Park Guyoon, it’s Mom.) She looks even more beautiful because she’s wearing the outfit Yeonwoo picked. – Mom. / – Gosh. (The three of them are falling in love.) – Hayoung, it’s Mom. / – Mom. Who is that? Hayoung is so happy to watch her mom. (The children are focused on their mom in the monitor.) (The fantastic harmony continues.) (Yeonwoo disappeared.) Where did Yeonwoo go? Gosh. (He wants to see Mom properly.) (Mom, you didn’t forget, right?) (A secret sign between Yeonwoo and Mom) (They’re reaching the end of the song.) (What? What is this?) Okay. I saw it. It means Yeonwoo is in her heart. (It’s his first time watching his mom on stage.) (It’s a moment Yeonwoo will never forget.) (It’s a moment Yeonwoo will never forget.) I’m sure this stage will remain memorable for Yeonwoo. Yunjung, you’re so cool. (Mom, you’re the best.) Mom. Mom, Mom, Mom. – Mom. I saw you do this. / – Yes, he did. I didn’t watch you through the monitor. I watched you from somewhere really amazing. – Yes. / – Gosh. Is she getting ready for the second song right away? – Please give her an in-ear monitor. / – He’s good. Oh, my gosh. (He doesn’t have to be told.) – He’s like a real manager. / – You’re right. – Watch me, okay? / – Good luck. Does he monitor her too? (Sweet) You should smile. – Why… / – I’m so annoyed. Why? Is this a song for me? – Yes. / – Is it for me? The song’s title describes you. Gosh. It’s so upsetting. (This is the class of the Queen of Trot.) (My mom is so cool.) Yunjung’s music is so good. (Where did…) (Where did Dad go?) (Dad is right here.) He’s looking after the kids. (Where is he living now?) (It’s his first time watching his mom at work.) (She’s more amazing than when he saw her at home.) (She looks even cooler than what he knew.) Since it’s his first time watching her on stage, – he looks like he’s deep in thought. / – Yes. He seemed moved. Mom did well. Good job, Mom. Good job, Mom. You were cool. His words can really cheer you up. I watched you from over there. – Did you watch from over there? / – Yes. What was it like watching me on stage? – It was nice. / – Was it nice? We have to return this to the sound staff. (He does his last task.) Here is the in-ear monitor. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (He successfully finished his last task.) – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Could you hold my skirt? / – Yes. After her stage, we went to meet someone very important. – Who is it? / – He’s here. Hello. Come on in. – Hello. / – That voice sounds like… – It’s Mr. Kim Donggun. / – Welcome. (For the last 30 years…) He’s the godfather of announcers and someone I highly respect. It’s Mr. Kim Donggun. Right. (We came to say hello.) – And? / – That’s our youngest. – Is that your youngest? / – Yes. – Say hello. / – Let’s shake hands. Say hello. (Smiling) – Did you see her smile? / – Yes. She recognizes a star. Take a seat. – He’s still so cool. / – Of course. – I’m his senior. / – He’s a huge senior to me. A huge senior? Not just huge. I’m a very, very, huge senior. A very huge senior? – Yes. This old man / – That’s right. was an announcer even before your dad was born. – He’s truly amazing. / – Do you understand? I’m uncomfortable even sitting across from him. What will you become when you grow up? – A singer. / – A singer? – He answered right away. / – I like singers. Do you? What can you sing? – “Unconditionally”. / – “Unconditionally”? Do you want to try it? This is your chance to become a star. – Did you hear that? / – Should I dance? – Should I dance? / – No, no. – Just sing the song. / – Stand straight. It’s for “Gayo Stage”, so all he has to do is sing. Ready. (Yeonwoo, let’s become a star!) (He’s transforming into a trot music machine.) (Call me when you need me) (I’ll come running anytime) That’s it. (He has a strong gaze.) – Look at his gaze. / – ♪ You can call me at day ♪ ♪ You can call me at night ♪ (Absorbed) (A body roll comes naturally.) (Impressed) My goodness. (The real performance will begin now!) (My son is doing a good job.) (Yeonwoo, let’s become) (a star!) (My love) (for you) There you go. (Look at that boy.) (Yunjung cheers for him with her facial expressions.) (It’s extraordinary) (You are doing well.) He is doing especially well today. (I will cross the Pacific Ocean) (I will cross the Atlantic Ocean) (I will cross the Indian Ocean if I must) (Yeonwoo’s trot performance is cool and nice.) (I will come running) (Unconditionally) – The ending was perfect. / – Yeonwoo. Yes? The godfather of “National Singing Contest”, Song Hae gave him high praise too. (Song Hae gave him high praise too.) – Think about it? / – What does Mr. Kim Donggun think? You should perform on “Gayo Stage” next week. Okay. – “Okay”? / – My goodness. I have listened to 90,000 performances over the course of 35 years. I have seen thousands of singers, – He did. / – but you are the best. My goodness. (Shocked) Not even Yunjung has heard those words. I will take responsibility. Make him a singer. – Really? / – My goodness. Have him star in “Gayo Stage” starting next week. Could you take responsibility for me first? – I… / – You should stay an announcer. – Stop butting in. / – Follow in my footsteps and stay an announcer. Which program should I host to follow in your footsteps? You could be the next MC of “Gayo Stage”. He is overjoyed. Then Yunjung will perform every week. Should I start preparing for the opening? – Yes. / – It would be a huge honor. Seriously. The opening has remained the same. (In the opening, he greets the audience, viewers,) (Korean immigrants and Korean workers abroad.) It’s the signature of the show. “The audience who visited the studio” – “as always,” / – That’s right. “viewers of ‘Gayo Stage’ who are watching at home,” “Korean immigrants,” – “and Korean workers abroad,” / – Yes. “did you have a good week?” – Did you prepare that? / – You’re better than me. My goodness. I finally found my successor. It would be a big honor. He will work for 30 more years. – Of course. / – Please promise to do that. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Mr. Kim Donggun, I love you. Thank you. We will visit again.

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