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Yeonwoo’s first time running errands [The Return of Superman/2020.01.26]

January 28, 2020

What is the Do family doing on this bright morning? How cute! Hello, Hayoung. Hello, Yeonwoo. (As always, Kyungwan is preparing breakfast.) I am cooking breakfast. Children are playing by themselves. When I cook, Yeonwoo does everything he can to play with Hayoung. Hayoung, that’s not how you do it. This is how you do it. You put it around you so you can keep warm, okay? He is winking too. He is such a sweet brother. (While they have a sweet morning,) (Kyungwan sets the table.) – Yeonwoo. / – Don’t show up like that. Sit down. I will give you breakfast. (What’s today’s menu?) What did Hayoung see? – I will make you some rice balls. / – Okay. Rolling up. Who will you give it to first? (Halting) – No. 1 or No. 2? / – It’s become a mission. No. 1, of course. Okay. (Dad, what about me?) She wants food too. Hayoung understands everything. She becomes annoyed when Yeonwoo gets food first. I will eat first since I am No. 1. (No. 2 is sad.) Enjoy. (He wraps a rice ball with dried laver) (and puts the whole thing in his mouth!) He is eating well. – Does it taste good? / – It tastes good. I will put it here. It’s better with dried laver. – Try it. / – She is eating with gusto. How does she eat so well – without your help? / – Does it taste good? She is done. (It disappeared in three seconds.) It disappears in three seconds. – It’s gone. / – Yes. Is it better with dried laver? – Are you done? / – She ate faster – than I made the rice balls. / – Here you go. I felt like the owner of a popular sushi restaurant. She’s not even eating hurriedly. (It disappeared in three seconds again.) (What? There is no food.) You should make the rice balls faster. I don’t know why Hayoung would lick the plate. I couldn’t keep up with her speed. (She turns the plate.) How cute! My goodness. In that case… (She eats elegantly this time.) (She turns her head away for a second.) Are you dropping food somewhere? – I thought she was dropping food. / – Where did it go? Hold on. I just put one on your plate. I guess you made it deliciously. (Hayoung is eating with gusto.) Where did Hayoung go? Why are you eating food on the floor? Yeonwoo, open wide. Since I couldn’t keep up with her speed, she began to eat food on the floor. – She is so cute. / – Yeonwoo, come here. I have something to say. Yeonwoo, you are seven years old. That means you are a big boy now. – Right? / – Right. I want to see how much you have grown so I’d like to ask you to do something. – Let’s do it. / – Okay? What do you think? You don’t have to do it if you are scared. – What do I need to do? / – Run an errand. With the aunts and uncles? Alone. I’ll do it. I am surprised that he wants to do it. There hasn’t been an errand like this! The crew watch in secret as he runs an errand alone! It’s seven-year-old Yeonwoo’s first errand! Will he be able to do a good job? I was too scared to send him on an errand by himself, but I think he is old enough now to run an errand somewhere near. Once he returns, he will feel a sense of accomplishment and able to move on to the next level. Hence, I sent him on an errand. This is our house. – Okay? / – Okay. House. Go to the convenience store and buy things for Hayoung. Milk. – Milk. / – Is he writing down the items? Write it down. Yogurt. – Yogurt. / – Look at his handwriting! How cute! Buy something you want to eat. (Yeonwoo) – Snack. / – Go and pick one. Okay. Snack. Okay. All done. – There is more. / – Really? You will buy those items at the convenience store. If you go here, you will find a bakery. Go to the bakery and buy milk bread. Then if you go here… If I go there… It’s a clothing alteration shop. My clothing is there. – This errand isn’t easy. / – You can do this, right? – Yes. / – Okay. Yeonwoo is meticulous. He wrote down the items carefully. That’s right. He also has a detailed map I drew, – so he should do well. / – It’s not detailed at all. Come to think of it, I ran errands at a younger age. I am proud of him. Say, “I will be back.” – I’ll be back. / – Okay. – “I’ll be back.” / – Are you sending him to the army? (Please stay healthy until I come back.) See you soon. Good luck. – Okay. / – He was quite solemn. The song suits the situation perfectly. – Put on your shoes. / – It reflects how I felt then. – Really? / – It was his first time to go – to three places by himself. / – Yeonwoo. Bye. Bye. I will be back. Bye. Finally, Yeonwoo takes the first step to running his first-ever errand. First, the convenience store. He’s gone to these places with his parents, but it’s his first time to go alone. – Convenience store. / – The video was taken from afar. It’s a fight against himself after all. Convenience store. He is at the crossroads. – This was why I drew him the map. / – Where is it? (Yeonwoo sits down and checks the map.) Now… Will he be able to find the place from the map? It was as detailed as an app. (Yeonwoo moves toward the playground.) It’s the perfect weather to go to a convenience store. He’s talking about the weather. It’s “New World” of errands. I need to cross the road. That’s right. It’s okay. I can raise my hand and cross the road. I need to go over there. – If I go that way, / – I think he is nervous. – I will see the convenience store. / – Seriously. (He hums to himself since this is his first errand.) If he hums Yunjung’s songs, – It’s over there. / – it’s like going with her mom. (The convenience store is across the street.) – It’s a crosswalk. / – Yes. That’s good. (He looks both ways and raises his hand.) He raised his hand. – He crossed the road. / – That’s right. Here it is. Here it is. (Yeonwoo succeeded in finding the convenience store.) – Hello. / – Hello. (Polite) Now, I need to buy Hayoung’s milk. – He checks the list first. / – Hayoung’s milk. He is exactly like Yunjung. (Yunjung only buys the items on her list.) Give it to me. He takes after his mom. Hayoung’s milk first. – Hayoung’s milk. / – He passed by it. – Goodness. / – Hayoung’s milk. (He has a plan, but he can’t find it.) Hayoung’s milk. Is it here? Excuse me. Is there milk for babies? He is smart. It’s good to ask when you don’t know. Kyungwan doesn’t ask. He wouldn’t ask even when he doesn’t know anything. It’s all right to ask. (My goodness.) You passed by it earlier. – Okay. / – It’s over there. Okay. – He passed by it earlier. / – Milk for babies. (I passed by this place earlier.) Is it here? Is it really here? He found it. (He finally finds milk!) I will get the low-fat milk. Low-fat milk. – For his sister, / – Now, – he chose low-fat milk. / – Hayoung’s yogurt. I got it. (He got the yogurt.) He put the list there to look at it. “Yeonwoo’s snack.” My snack. (He succeeds in getting all the items on the list.) – This one. / – What’s that? I will get this too. – He got something off the list. / – Who likes this? My mom. – It’s for his mom. / – Did he buy something for me? – It’s for my mom. / – Your mom likes it. He remembered his mom as soon as he saw it. Do you know what it is? – Canned whelks. / – Canned whelks. (My goodness.) I eat seasoned whelks often. It’s fascinating. She doesn’t measure the ingredients. She just adds what she wants – and seasons the whelks. / – That’s right. I add the ingredients roughly. (Yeonwoo saw his mom eat the whelks.) Yeonwoo mixed his longing with a can of whelks. (My mom will like it, right?) How much money is it? – “How much money”. / – It’s 12.90 dollars. – 12.90 dollars? / – Yes. (He left the list and money here.) 12 dollars? – Can he count the money? / – 12 dollars. Two dollars. Two dollars. I think I need two. – Is this enough? / – Are these all? – Yes. / – Your total is 12.90 dollars. – You need another one. / – He knows how to add. – 90 cents. / – All right. My goodness. He is smart. – Put it in your pocket. / – Thank you. – My goodness. / – Thank you. (Where is he going?) – That’s right. / – The remaining money. (Yeonwoo doesn’t leave anything behind.) – Okay. / – Right, the map too. – Are you leaving? / – Yes. Hold on. Hold on. The owner is holding something. (He brings something out.) (While Yeonwoo was choosing which bills to use,) (he got a present for Yeonwoo.) He must be touched to see a little kid running an errand on his own. These are sweet potatoes. Bring them to your parents. – The owner gave us sweet potatoes. / – Thank you. Okay. (His first errand is done.) Running an errand is hard work. I didn’t realize it was this hard. – He didn’t forget to raise his arm. / – He’s so cute. Then… – This way. / – That’s it. Because he’s seven now, the level of errand went up. I’m so exhausted. I sent him to three places. I need to take some rest. He’s taking a rest. My goodness. The bakery is straight ahead. (He studies the way to the bakery as he rests.) – He’s adorable. / – It says it’s up there. So it should be around here. Around here. (Trudging) Bakery. – Where is it? / – Searching for another route. Wait. – Where is the bakery? / – Which way is he going? (He’s worried about Yeonwoo.) – Please show me the bakery. / – Where is he? – He needs to go that way. / – Where should I go? He’s going the opposite direction. I’m going to the bakery now. Who is he talking to? Please tell me where to go. – This big paper… / – Is he asking someone? – This big paper… / – Oh, no. (He dropped money while trying to find the way.) Did he just drop the money? – He dropped the money. / – This is the map. I’m going to the bakery. Where is it? – Bakery? / – Yes. – A bakery? / – Yes. – This is the convenience store. / – Yes. The convenience store. Wait a minute. Give it to me. – Here’s the convenience store. / – This is right here. – Here. / – This is the convenience store. (He’s struggling to find the bakery.) – This is the bakery. / – Yes, this is the bakery. I think you should go straight this way. Straight in that direction? Yes. This way. He found it. Straight in that direction? – Yes, go that way. / – The money… Oh, no. I knew it. Oh, I dropped the money. He found it. (I dropped the money.) Thank you. – Good luck finding it. / – May I? (Thank you for your help.) Here. I think that’s the bakery. (In search of the bakery) It’s downhill. Here. Yeonwoo’s first solo errand will continue in Part 2 shortly.

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  • Reply Rubie Jung January 28, 2020 at 2:37 am

    Hayoung and Yeonwoo too cute ❤️❤️❤️

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    I fell in love with him 🥺🥺🥺🥺😍

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    Tell me who can resist him?

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    So cuteeee

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    Ahhhh your so cute,hope you meet naeun someday,im sure your dad will like it ..

  • Reply weirdo isfine January 28, 2020 at 3:41 am

    My fav family so far❤

  • Reply Kang Baek January 28, 2020 at 4:45 am

    Yeonwoo its so cute

  • Reply fawkes 320 January 28, 2020 at 4:45 am

    A responsible hyung….

  • Reply Jhayia May January 28, 2020 at 5:00 am

    Smart, sweet and adorable kid 😍 Yeonwoo

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    i love this boy!!

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    Theyre so lucky with Yeonwoo ❤️ a perfect kid 🧒🏻

  • Reply Khaulah Ramizu January 28, 2020 at 8:44 am

    Why korean kids always smart and polite? Its all about manner. Just satisfied by watching this.

  • Reply Kimformation January 28, 2020 at 11:52 am

    After Sungjae left the show I barely watch TROS, thankful that your family finally joined. Looking forward to more scenes of this smart boy, yeonwoo. Indeed, he is a bundle of joy 😍😍🥰
    You can really see how yeonwoo raised well by his parents. 💘

  • Reply Joan Villa January 28, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    Can the Kbs pls get another commenters for this family so it will be more fun ? I also love this family though but I think it's better let other people comment about them 🤔

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    Sweet n smart boy

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