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Wonderlic Test Tips – Tip #2 – How to Approach Percentage Questions

October 12, 2019

Hi. This is a series of videos that
focus on ways to improve performance on the Wonderlic test. This video will
focus on percentage questions. in Wonderlic percentage questions you’ll have
mathematical problems that will involve percentages. Here’s our tips on how to
quickly solve these questions. Simple equation, Simple solution. We need to set up a set of fractions comparing the original and new values. The equation
should have the values given to us in one fraction and the percentages given
to us in the other fraction. The original values are put in the denominators,
while the new values are put in the numerators. For percentages the original
value is always 100%. To calculate a 30 percent raise we’ll add 30 to 100%.
So the number in the numerator should be 130, not 30.
To calculate a 30% discount we’ll subtract 30 from 100, so the number in
the numerator should be 70. To solve the equation assign X as the
missing value. For example in this question, the
original price is equal to 100%. The new price is 10% more than that, so it’s 110% of the original price. We need to put the X where the
original price is and solve for it. To continue solving this equation follow
the animation. The original price was 90 cents.
This basic equation can be used for different phrasings of the question. In this case we
have the original price and the new price. What we’re missing is the new
amount in percentages. That’s where we’ll put an X. To continue solving this
equation follow the animation The price went up by 10%.
Remember, you can use this basic equation for most math problems that
involve percentages. Join us for additional preparation videos.
You can find more questions and explanations in our comprehensive practice packs.
Good luck.

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