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Will It Smoothie? – Taste Test

October 28, 2019

– Today we ask the age-old question.
– Will It Smoothie? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (intro music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Thank you for making us – a part of your daily routine.
– As you know, we like to see if things “will” on this show and one of
the things that has been requested more than anything for this “Will It”
series is the smoothie. – That’s right.
– Will It Smoothie? – The beverage that can contain anything
because it’s pourable and it’s mushed up. But it doesn’t typically contain any of
the stuff that we’re going to… – Nooo, it doesn’t.
– contain wherein the smoothie today. Woah! Wherein, therein, or herein
lies the smoothie. I’m talking like a lawyer. I’m building
a case — – We have to get the legal language right.
– against doing this just because — – Just in case one of us dies.
– this is not gonna go well. Yeah… – Life is on the line.
– Well, let’s just get started then! ♪ (groovy music) ♪
Will It Smoothie? (buzz) Alright Link, everybody knows that you’re
a huge fan of peanut butter. – Oh yes.
– But we have decided to go NUTS! And try to find every kind of nut butter
we can find to put in a smoothie. Let’s do it. ♪ (groovy music) ♪ Butters:
Will It Smoothie? (buzz) – I’ve got the blender right here. (buzz)
– I’ve got some nut butters. I should probably put a lid on before
I actually blend anything. – Starting with your fave: peanut butter.
– Throw a little dollop in there. I’ve also got almond butter,
which I hear you’re into as well. – Get a little bit on the finger here.
– Oh come on, now. Don’t sample the wares. I’m not just a peanut butter lover;
I’m an all butter lover. – We’ve got cashew butter.
– This might burn up the blender. – Gotta add some liquids.
– I also have butter butter. Ooh! I can think of no better butter
than butter butter. Woah woah woah woah woah,
slow your roll there! Already a lot of oil in the other butters. And just in case
that’s not enough butter… – Oh my goodness!
– I’ve got some squeez– – Ew, okay okay.
– Hey I want it to be buttery, man! – It’s gonna be really buttery.
– And just a little bit of ice. Add a little bit more maybe,
peanut butter? Oh no, woah, hey let me be the mix master,
man. Let me be the Mixmaster. – Okay, you’re squeezing my hand.
– You get to be the Blendmaster. (clunk)
– Okay Mixmaster. May I be – the Blendmaster?
– Yes, please. (pops)
– Alright. So it’s on there. – LET ER RIP, LINK!
(buzzes) – It’s…it’s working really hard.
– Alright pour it in here, Blendmaster. – I’m now the Pourmaster.
– Ooh, well you got two jobs. You know what I am?
I’m the Chalicemaster. – Hold on, it’s a little…whoo.
– That’s a good consistency. – It’s like icing.
– Oh my goodness, y’all. Oh wow. Well even though I think this may
be futile — – As in like, medieval times?
– Let’s suck on this thing. (Rhett chirps)
– Yum. Oh, wow. That is a lot of butter; and by
butter I mean the yellow stuff. You could live off of this and nothing
else. (Link laughs) – Like the people who are going to Mars —
– Astronauts! Yeah. It’s gonna take them nine months to get
there, take one of these and a straw, – And every four days, go —
– Just take a little suckle on it. – A little fatty.
– Very fatty. Ahh, but the operative question is,
Will It Smoothie? (both) Yes!
(ding) The most typical time to drink a smoothie
is breakfast time, so it makes total sense to take an actual breakfast
and make it into a smoothie. ♪ (groovy music) ♪ Breakfast:
Will It Smoothie? (buzz) I’ve got a nice breakfast for you.
Sunny side up eggs, – Yum.
– I’ve got hash browns. I got bacon. – OJ and what?
– I’ve got hot coffee and I got OJ and I got ketchup. Just take that one egg,
throw it in there. – Okay.
– Half of the hash browns. Yeah…touch ’em all with your hand.
That will be fine. – Hey!
– Touch every single strand of hash brown – with your hand.
– The Mixmaster washed his hands. You were gonna say, “The blending
process cleanses everything I touch.” A shot of coffee. A shot of orange juice. I’ve never gotten a — Oh gosh. I’ve never
drank coffee and thought to myself, – “This could use some OJ. Or ketchup.”
– You can’t go too far on ketchup. And you’re gonna ice it?
Or is this a hot smoothie? – Yeah, let’s keep it hot.
– Let’s keep it warm. – Let’s keep it hot.
– You know, let’s keep it real. -Let’s keep it warm.
– Yeah, keep it room temperature. – Alright.
– Alright Blendmaster, work your magic. (buzz)
(Rhett chuckles) – It smells like burning machine.
– I think the dominant flavor is going to be breakfast, Link.
Please just don’t pour it onto my hand. – Oh, whoa whoa — The smell, man.
– (laughs) I tried not to smell. The smell coming off of that thing.
Oh gosh. Smell it. – Smells like Vegas.
(both laugh) – Smells like a curbside in Vegas.
– Yeah…wow. Okay. – Oh my goodness.
– It looks like orange sherbet. – It’s clumpy still.
– It’s gonna straw. – I’ll tell you that much. Okay. Well —
– Now — I would have guessed. I think I would have
guessed that breakfast blended together would have been orange. Just personally,
that’s what I would’ve guessed. And I will say that there is a dominant
orange juice smell to it. – Hey man…what are you doing in Vegas?
– Hey. (crew laughs)
– I dunno, just seeing the shows, man. – I’m glad you showed up.
– Jackpot. (Rhett laughs)
Alright. Bacon.
(both) Orange juice. Ketchup-flavored orange juice bacon.
(crew laughs) – I mean if it was no breakfast or this,
– Yeah. – I’d do this!
– I am actually surprised — It’s really not bad.
I’m not playing around. You’ve got a bacon aftertaste
with the orange juice is smacking you – right up front. — Yeah.
– I’m all about it. – So, Will It Smoothie?
(both) Yes! (ding) A smoothie is quite possibly the most
convenient food on the planet, – Mhmm.
– So we thought we’d push that theme even further and make a convenience store
smoothie out of convenience store items. ♪ (groovy music) ♪ Convenience Store:
Will It Smoothie? (buzz) I have a hot dog. Let’s get some of that
hot dog. Just a little bit, like that. – Okay.
– I have nachos with nacho cheese — – But now it is your cheese!
(both force a laugh) Uh, Link, I know you’re into this,
so I got a Powerball ticket. (inaudible)
– It might be a winner, but the only way – to find out —
– (high pitch voice) is to blend it! I’m gonna give it a little head start,
’cause I don’t know how paper is gonna do in there. Okay, and of course
we’ve got the Slurpee, slushy, Icee, whatever you call it
in your neck of the woods. – And this is really —
– Ooh! I’m gonna need some — And what happens is
when you get that much slushy in, then you take this
and you battering ram it in there. – Battering ram your smoothie.
– I learned that at Mixmaster school. – Alright.
(buzz) – Oh, yeah.
– Blend it, daddy! (both laugh)
– So basically, instead of a brown paper bag at your convenience
store checkout, they just have a blender, and you take everything, rake it in there,
and you end up with this. I think we might be learning
the universal color of smoothies. Now there is — there is an actual lottery
ticket in here. Let’s not forget that. (all laugh)
– Hah! It is gone. Woah woah woah woah woah woah!
Oh this is really liquidy. The key is not to think about the things
that are in it. Okay, I can smell the hot dog. (crew laughs)
– Nuh-uh. Gosh. – It tastes like rotten licorice.
– It tastes like bad frozen pizza! – Doesn’t it. (screams in a high pitch)
– I can’t identify it. It tastes like Italian sausage.
And you know what it is? – (weird accent) Italian sausage!
– It’s the bite of — (both) The hot dog and the cheese — – makes it taste like a —
– And there’s a little bit of bite on the – fruitiness.
– But it is uncanny how it tastes like – Italian sausage.
– But here’s the real question: Will It Smoothie?
I think I have to be honest and say: (both) No.
(buzzer) Okay, now we are frequent paddle boarders.
We like to immerse our bodies in the salty sea. But sometimes when we’re
at the office, we’re like, “Oh, I wish I could put my body
in the ocean!” – Mhmm.
– But then we decided, what if we just put the ocean in our bodies? ♪ (groovy music) ♪ The Ocean:
Will It Smoothie? (buzz) I’m calling this one
“The Tide Pool Smoothie.” Well I think you would find these
in a tide pool. – I’m also calling it stupid.
– We have mussels – that have been deshelled.
– Alright. I think we probably need
about that many of those. We also have seaweed in salad form;
which I really like this stuff but as you can tell,
it’s got a real strong — – Ooh, it smells like a wet dog.
– Okay here’s some — – The dog’s caught in kelp! Help him!
– And here’s something I do not like and have never enjoyed: raw sea urchin,
otherwise known as uni. It looks like loose stool of a —
of the wet dog. – Well, we’re gonna use all of it.
– Ahh, gosh. And of course, it wouldn’t be the ocean
without salt water. – That’s the liquid in this one, Link.
– We’re gonna drink salt water? – It just makes you thirsty. Alright.
– Uhh. (click)
– Dang it, guys. – This is gonna be strong, man.
– Tide Pool Smoothie. Here we go. (buzz)
– Oh, wow. The ocean blends well. – The universal color of smoothies.
– I am not happy about this. Oh my goodness.
It smells like a research project. (Link laughs and gags)
– Oh golly. Mmh. This is what marine biologists
do every day. All you kids out there that want to be marine biologists,
think again! – Look at that clumpiness to it.
– Egh. – Sea foam. Egh.
– This is just getting in the ocean with your mouth open is what
we’re about to replicate. – Ugh…thank you.
– Here’s your straw. I like the reverent tone
that you’re taking. – Look! I mean look at that. It’s like–
– The straw– – It’s like a buoy! It’s like a tide buoy!
– It’s real mushy at the bottom. – What is that?
– You wanna stir it up a little bit? Does the Mixmaster need to stir it up?
No it’s got layers, – the seaweed is at the bottom.
– Oh gosh. Come on, Link.
Suck on that straw right there. – You’re not afraid of this at all?
– I love the ocean; the beach is my – favorite place.
– I usually keep my mouth shut though. Let’s do it. (crew laughs)
– Have you swallowed yet? – Nuh-uh.
– You gotta swallow; it’s amazing after you swallow it!
It’s like a whale has washed up and somebody as a prank stuck your open
mouth into its cavity. (Link groans)
(crew cackles) Like one of those whales that if you push
it just — BOOMF! — blows up? This is like the juice
that comes out of that whale. (Link dry-heaves and gags)
(Rhett and crew laugh hysterically) Hah! It’s the worst I — It might be
the worst taste I’ve ever put in my mouth. (Link screams)
– And it won’t go away. It’s what — You’re serious.
It’s still there. – But here’s the deal, Link.
– It doesn’t relinquish. – The dead whale abides.
– Do you have all of the information – you need to answer the question?
– Absolutely. – Will It Smoothie?
(both) No. (buzz) The American buffalo used to roam the
plains, and then of course, we showed up and killed almost all of ’em.
But they’re making a comeback, thanks to conservation efforts.
So what better way to honor the comeback of the buffalo
than to consume their blended testicles in a smoothie? ♪ (groovy music) ♪ Buffalo Balls:
Will It Smoothie? (buzz) – We’re doing this, huh? Oh, what? Nuh-uh.
– No, that is not a potato. (laughs) I don’t know, are you going to get
squeamish if I cut the testicle in half? – Well it all ain’t going in here.
– Okay, here we go. – Gosh!
– Hold on, it feels like it’s gonna pop. – Oh…my…goodness.
– Man, buffalos got tough balls! – (high pitched voice) I hate this!
– I gotta take this out of this. – Why are you having fun?
– Do we have a plate that I can cut it on? Alright. So you’re gonna put it on that
and slice her — him? It? (Link squeals)
– I feel like I’m doing surgery. (cutting sounds)
Nuh-uh. NUH-UH! (crew laughs)
– Oh gosh. – That doesn’t look cooked to me, dude.
– (Link gags) Raw ball. – We got a raw ball in town!
– Alright. Let’s — let’s — let’s – cook that a little bit more.
(clock ticks) Okay there it is, Link. We took the
middle portion of the ball, diced it, – and cooked it.
– So throw that in there. Just — It’s — the smell is so strong.
I’m just — it feels wrong. And then what are you gonna add to this? Well, we’re going with a buffalo theme.
So just like you’re eating — (both) buffalo wings,
– but it’s a ball instead. So we’ve got blue cheese, which I love,
and I think will cut some of that flavor. Okay. I don’t like blue cheese
too much either. – Do you like hot sauce?
– Yeah. – Because I got a lot of that.
– Okay, buffalo sauce. Woah woah woah! You’re really trying to hide it,
aren’t you? I’m trying to cover that good old ball
flavor. We can use this as a garnish, – or we can blend some.
– Let’s blend some. Blend some and then some.
And there’s some for garnish, too. – Yeah, that’s a garnishable pertion.
– Yeah. (both mock Link) Pertion.
– “That’s a garnishable pertion.” (both clear throat) (Rhett laughs)
– I feel like I gotta clear my throat; I don’t know why. It’s like I’m at the
doctor and he just told me to turn. – Alright.
– Turn and blend, son. (clears throat) (buzz)
(Rhett laughs) (Link screams)
– Oh gosh. – Aaaaand ahh. Ok.
– I think there might be ball chunks – in there.
– There’s definitely gonna be – some chunksticles.
– Alright. Let me have it, Link. – Oh, you want this all to yourself?
– Oh gosh, there’s still chunks. – Ooh, ooh.
– There’s still a — oh gosh — – a LOT of chunks. Ehh! Stop! Stop!
– Mmh. This is, man… Oh, you gotta garnish it?
Oh, that changes everything! (Rhett shouts and makes slurpy noises)
– This is gonna be great! (Link laughs)
– Let’s just sip on this thing. – Alright.
– We’ll see who gets a chunk first. Lots of chunks. It’s like rubber. (Link gags)
– I don’t know why I feel the need to rub myself. Oh oh oh,
I just got straight ball in my mouth now. – Nuh-uh.
– I worked all the sauce out. (crew laughs)
– I was left with just ball. (Link gags loudly)
(crew yells) (Link barfs)
(Rhett and crew laugh) – Here’s to you, Link.
– Guh… Nuh-uh. Think about it; the first thing that
happened in that buffalo was his balls – got cut off.
(Link continues to retch) (Rhett and crew laugh)
– The second thing, is his balls – got shipped to California —
– Shut it! Stop saying the B word. – His testicles got — cut off,
(crew laughs loudly) they got shipped to California,
they got put into a shake. (Link vomits loudly)
– A smoothie. (Rhett and crew laugh)
– And now Link’s throwing ’em up. I enjoyed em, Mr. Buffalo,
if you’re watching. (crew laughs)
– You’re a steer now. – The concept of it just got to me, man.
– I felt like we were a team – up there until the end.
– Oh, man I — I don’t know. – This may be a toss-up, but.
– No I think I know. (crew laughs)
– I think I know the answer – to the question, Link. – Will It Smoothie?
(both) No. (buzz) Alright, there you go. We answered that
question, “Will It Smoothie?” so you – don’t have to.
– Let us know in the comments – what you want us to “Will It?” next.
– And thanks for subscribing. I know a lot of you guys watch and you
may not be subscribed to the channel; go ahead and subscribe.
It really helps us out. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is! I’m Matt Hansen from Copperfield Island,
and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. ♪ (theme music) ♪
– (Matt and friend) Ohhh. Yooooo! Make sure you download the trivia app
that we helped develop. It’s called “Trivy,” and you can get
over 60 individual YouTuber packs, including us. Check it out in the App
Store and coming to Android very soon! Learn about your favorite YouTubers:
Trivy! Click through to Good Mythical More we’re gonna get the crew to eat
some of this smoothie stuff! “Rhett thinks he’s on a sitcom.” Ugh. ♪ (cheesy intro music) ♪
– Hey look who’s here! Hey, it’s Rhett! Hey man! Welcome to
The Living Room, where we hang out — – Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey Link,
– every single day….yeah? – you got any buffalo balls?
– You just missed ’em. ♪ (outro music) ♪
– It smells like hot sauce. It smells like hot sauce.
It smells like hot sauce. – Yeah, and it tastes like hot sauce.
– Dominantly hot sauce. – Those chunks are gonna be testicle.
– Okay. (crew laughs)
– Hold on, let her get it in the — mmh.

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    One of the best ones imo!

  • Reply Daniel Gertler October 12, 2019 at 9:54 pm

    will it sword.

  • Reply Shawn Thompson October 15, 2019 at 2:36 am

    Here is the one thing I don't like let's use all of it

  • Reply Floammy October 16, 2019 at 8:50 pm

    Link says”mo” instead of no, I laughed so hard at that part

  • Reply Michael Jones October 16, 2019 at 11:58 pm

    I really hope that was the winning loto ticket

  • Reply Ocean Barnett October 18, 2019 at 3:48 am

    6:45 that little “euuuuu” that link does ????

  • Reply Gurkirat Singh October 19, 2019 at 5:04 pm


  • Reply Gurkirat Singh October 19, 2019 at 5:04 pm


  • Reply Ethan Day October 20, 2019 at 10:42 pm

    Why, why a lottery ticket

  • Reply Kara Biel October 22, 2019 at 5:52 am

    Ooh even after all these years I should I'll get so frustrated that Link doesn't blend these until all ingredients are emulsified ?? But I can't stay mad at these sexy men?

  • Reply HolyHeav October 22, 2019 at 9:34 pm

    he looks just like wayne from waynes world

  • Reply Sleepy••••• Mouse••••• October 24, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    I wonder how many times link has thrown up?!!

  • Reply Ōkamigamerzx gamer October 25, 2019 at 12:51 am

    Play 6:38 in slow mo I can't stop laughing lmao

  • Reply Terrence Wimberly October 25, 2019 at 9:52 pm

    I love the way Rhett laughs every time Link heaves.?

  • Reply i am sloth October 26, 2019 at 4:51 am

    "Nachos with nacho cheese but now it is yo cheese hEheHeeHe"
    Me: that was cheesy ?

  • Reply Christina Franks October 27, 2019 at 7:52 am

    "Half of the assbrowns"??? lol

  • Reply thespankdmonkey October 27, 2019 at 4:31 pm

    When you said it smells like Vegas I threw up right away! I live here! I know how Vegas can smell folks.

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