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Why Women REALLY Reject You (even if she seemed to like you)

October 17, 2019

Tripp Kramer here from On today’s video we’re gonna be talking about why women reject
you. I pretty much sum this up into 3 different categories of why
they’re rejecting you, why they don’t want to be with you and you might be
falling into 1, 2 or possibly even 3 of these. Let’s get into it right
now. One, an obvious one that a lot of you guys always comment on in the YouTube
comments is that you’re not physically attractive to her. Now I’m gonna be very
specific here. You’re not physically attractive to her. Some women they just
have this idea in their head of a guy that they want to be with in terms of
what he looks like. That doesn’t necessarily mean that
that guy is even gonna get her because it’s more than just looks but still a
woman is like “no I want a guy to look like this. This is the type of guy that I’m looking for.
I want him to have blonde hair. I want him to be these color eyes. I want
him to have this face shape.” It’s even true that a lot of women are attracted
to guys that look like their father. Not exactly like it but resemble in terms of
how they’re built. Either way, she might be rejecting you right off the bat
because she knows that this is not a guy that I want to be with because she knows
that this is not the look that she’s going for. Now let’s move on to
number 2 really quickly because this is gonna all
connect together. Number 2 is that she is not attracted to your personality.
Basically she’s not emotionally and attracted to you. Now here’s the
thing, this is the one that’s most important because even though a guy
might be physically attractive to her and like I said some girls have a type
in their head. That doesn’t mean all girls have that type. They have an
idea but some girls are really keen on it. But either way, if you are the
physical type of hers but you don’t know how to get her emotionally attracted
it’s not gonna work. Where the reverse is actually true. Meaning that if you can
get her emotionally attracted but she’s not necessarily physically attracted
to you, she can become physically attracted to you
through the process of you emotionally attracting her. I spit out a lot of
words there. This might be confusing so let me just lay this all out for a
second. When you’re talking to a girl and you’re displaying your personality and
you’re displaying your behaviors, that goes farther than looks. That goes
farther than looks. I’ve worked with clients where I’ve taken
them out and helped them approach women and done phone coaching and things like
that and these guys were very handsome guys. Your typical good-looking guy,
but they’re still were not able to attract women. Why, because the common
denominator here the thing that is the most important is displaying the
behavioral traits. Those go further because women are wired to be attracted
to that. Do most women say they want to date a tall guy who’s fit? Yeah, they do
but how many couples have you seen where the girl’s taller than the guy? I don’t
know about you but I’ve seen it a lot. I’ve even seen girls say “if he was
good enough” in terms of like a good enough guy who emotionally
attracted her and he was shorter, she would still go for him. So just
understand that. Still here these are the two reasons why you might be getting
rejected is she’s not physically attracted to from the bat and you’re not
getting her emotionally attracted because you’re not displaying your
behavioral traits correctly. Let’s go to number 3. I’d say number 3 is the most
common one. Why you’re getting rejected and why she doesn’t
like you. It’s because you are being more reactive than proactive. Meaning
you’re going into an interaction or you’re meeting a girl and you’re
letting her take over. You’re maybe a little bit shy, you’re letting
her dictate the conversation, you’re asking questions so you’re giving all
the work to her to answer the questions and talk to you as you’re trying to get
to know her. You’re really putting it on her.
That’s being reactive. You’re more reactive to this situation instead of
taking control and being more proactive, being more dominant and leading the
interaction all the way to the date, to sex and beyond. You see, it’s your
job as a man to do that because that’s the masculine
trait that she’s attracted to and if she doesn’t see that, she’s gonna reject you.
Or she’s gonna put you in the friend zone which it’s pretty much the same
thing. Some guys will wait too long to initiate, some guys will wait too long to
ask her out, to move the interaction forward and that’s not gonna work
because she’s looking for the guy who’s fearless, who’s gonna take action, who’s
gonna do it. This is why she’s rejecting you. She’s not physically
attracted to you, you’re not making that emotional connection and you’re not
being proactive in the interactions where you are meeting women.
Guess what I have for you. Boom! Magnetic. My new book where it
teaches you how to optimize your appearance (that’s in Chapter 2 by
the way) and how to create that emotional connection (that’s the whole book we’re
talking about that) and also how to be more dominant and more proactive in your
interactions. If you don’t wanna get rejected anymore, I want you to check out
this book. The link is down below yes I wrote a book! It’s time for you to check
it out. It’s on Amazon and I want you to get it and it’s very reasonably priced
and it’s 168 pages teaching you again how to not get rejected. Like it says
here become rejection proof. Check it out! I want you to read it and I also want
you to leave a review on Amazon. Even if you hate it. I want to hear the
review. I want to hear from you so leave a comment down below. I want to hear from you there. Check out the book and remember the 3 things we talked about today
so you no longer get rejected by women and start working on those piece by
piece. See you on the next video.

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  • Reply Apple DiePie January 27, 2019 at 4:02 pm

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  • Reply Chris Clayton January 27, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    Looks matter guys. I'm a ugly SOB but Ive been with a handful of hot girls. Why? I make the most of what I've got. I get rejected a lot but I pull one that is hot. Women do care about looks just work with what you have and learn game. Get your shit together and go somewhere in life. Most of all above anything else get use to being rejected.

  • Reply UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS January 27, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    Women love to send mixed signals T_T

  • Reply FocusMrbjarke January 27, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    I bet she rejected me because she thought i didn't watch enough tripp advice videos

  • Reply electroboy January 27, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    I found out too late a girl rejected me cause she thought I'm too good for her. Christ, women stop that shit.

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  • Reply Riadh Gaming January 27, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    90 % of girls who rejected me they did that because i don't have money for example:
    A girl said to me i don't like a man who make me walk i don't like to walk
    Another one said i like the man who dates me in expensive restaurant or cafeteria

  • Reply Anri Davids January 27, 2019 at 9:11 pm

    What's up bro!
    Physical attraction is definitely a significant factor to get girls. Creating attraction without this might take you sometime or even get rejected. Great tips bro! Thanks for sharing them. Keep it up.🙏

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    Because i have been quite unattractive for a long, long time. I had some work done, with Radio Frequency Skin Tightening during the beginning stages of our friendship. Maybe it made me look better? I don't know. I still was not looking good to most people, as the usual attack dogs, if you will, would go after me. Late in 2017, she even said, "you look different!" and she gave me a thumbs up. I started to regress, i guess, after having the Vampire Facial, hydrodermabrasion, microdermabrasion, and other procedures. In the last few months, i totally regressed. In October, before she decided i was "too ugly" to be friends with anymore, i had some sleep-deprivation going on. On the 17th of that month, she looked at me at dinner break at work, and she rolled her eyes. Later that night, about 9PM, we would enjoy our last moment as friends. I guess she was faking the smiles we shared at that break. By 12:20AM, i heard her tell someone that i was "very ugly". She actually picked a fight with me as an excuse to end our friendship. Nowdays, she laughs at me and verbally, within earshot, downgrades me with her friends. I have learned one thing in the aftermath of this tragedy. At the end of the day,, LOOKS MATTER! The procedures i had done in the past 12-15 months did something, where she maybe did not think i looked THAT bad, but since i had not had any skin procedures for like 4 months, i was starting to look really bad again. I have another Radio Frequency Skin Tightening procedure scheduled for next friday. I will schedule more and more, to try to improve. I am not getting back to trying to improve myself for her! Nooo way! We are done forever! Over! Kaput! I do owe it to myself to look as good as i can be. I do need to save enough to get cosmetic surgery, so i can permanently look better than i do now, as i am a walking disaster scene. I will look better!

  • Reply Tricksterize January 27, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    If you pass a womans looks threshold your in. Of course these dating coaches wont tell you that. And after reading the book you become rejection proof? What? Seriously?

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    A lot of getting rejected can be fixed by just bridging your knowledge gap and learning what not to do and how not to appear, the fundamentals are everything honestly

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    1. You're not Physically Attractive to her.
    2. She is not Emotionally Attracted to you.
    3. You are being Re-active instead of Pro-active.

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    I'm suffering from #3… but at the same time, when I get proactive, I appear too keen… goddamit!!

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    Don’t forget to pick up my new book MAGNETIC which will transform your dating life:

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    Interesting video, Tripp. And definitely true!

    I've spent 6 years with a guy who I wasn't physically attracted to in the beginning. But we connected so perfectly on an emotional level, that I fell for him anyway.

    What ultimately broke us up, was his reactive nature. He wasn't a leader in any way. He avoided discussions and conflict at all cost. And I could NOT live with that. I definitely need a guy who can walk with me, instead of just following along.

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