Why New Year Resolutions Fails & How To Achieve Them Successfully | Set Smart Goals in 2019.

October 3, 2019

Hey guys, so how was your New Year party?
Enjoyed? Are you still in the after party more, having a hangover with your dancing
shoes still on? Or are you all charged up and getting for 2019, hmm? I’m sure most of
you have started planning your you’re ahead and made some awesome resolutions, the same
way you did in 2018, 2017, 2016 and so on. Getting a flashback guys, yes? Probably things
like I want to lose weight, learn English and become fluent in it, go for a trek and
so many more things and I’m sure you have planned everything in the right spirit and
you had before and you had good intentions of achieving them but somehow you lost your
track and the resolutions failed. Do you want to repeat that this year as well? Even in
2019 the same story is going to repeat and I’m sure that you’re going to fail in achieving
your resolutions and you know why? Because unknowingly you’re making some very common
mistakes which a lot of people make while they plan their resolutions. Today I’m going to talk to you about the most
common tradition that comes with every New Year, yes resolutions guys you must have seen
so many videos out there telling us about resolutions and motivating us towards them.
Then we prepare a long list of resolutions yet we always fail. By January end we have
given up on them and by June we have forgotten about them. But how about reverse engineering
our learning process. Let us learn why our resolutions fail instead and then learn how
to fix this problem in a smart way. Let’s begin, so guys water resolutions first and
foremost? Resolutions are nothing but goal settings. They’re firm decisions or promises
to yourself to do or not to do something. We usually have resolutions which like goals
for instance, this year I would take a road trip and we also have resolutions which fall
in the not to do something category like a bad habit, for instance this year I will quit
smoking. Now guys no matter which type of resolution we promise, the problem we are
dealing with is why they fail. Let’s see why they fail and how we can fix it. One of the major problems is that people fail
because they are not able to prioritize their resolutions and ‘they want it all and they
want it now’ do you agree with me? Okay guys so quickly grab a pen and a notepad for
this, list down all your resolutions point wise on the paper, right? So you’ll have points
like losing weight, buying a laptop, buying an iPhone, cutting down on junk food, yeah?
Eating healthy, taking a road trip, etc. Now in front of each point just mark your degree
of priority, so there are four degrees, ‘urgent, high, medium and low’. When you start making
these you will consider the urgent most priority to be the one which is basically the need
of the hour. Which if you do not do there are more losses in the coming future. Now
for example let’s say I’m a graphic designer and my laptop has started to give me trouble,
so what would be my urgent most priority? That would be buying a laptop. I can still
survive with my current phone for basic necessities and purposes. So I can mark iPhone as medium,
then cutting down on junk food, urgent. My road trip can just go to low priority for
now. Now my priorities are clear, now I can pick the urgent and high priority ones and
start working on them to begin with there you go. Another major issue is the way we define the
resolution. Most of the times I hear people saying, I’m going to get a better job, I will
get in get in better shape or I’ll worry less. Guys these are unclear and vague goals, because
it’s unclear what better means to you and that is why it becomes difficult to plan steps
towards a goal that is not clear in your own head. So what do you have to do to fix this?
Make your goal a smart one. Smart as in specific, measurable, achievable, realistic or relevant
and time-bound. For instance this year my resolution is that I want to buy the new MacBook
Air, right? Here I have specified my goal. Now I take a look at the measurables, measurable
elements are things like I will hear, see or feel when I reach these goals. In this
case my work quality will improve and I will be more efficient if I buy MacBook Air. Now
I see if it is achievable? Do I have the money right now to buy it? Can I afford it? Then
I can think realistically if MacBook Air is the only option or there are other equally
better options for me. After this I can put a time limit on it and I can collect the money
or resources by the end of next month. I’ll buy the same laptop or buy the next best one.
Now when you work with a smart goal your focus increases and you take small yet achievable
decisions towards your resolution or goals. One of the major issues is having unrealistic
goals. Now I’m not saying that things are impossible to achieve but what is necessary
is to ask yourself that, is that, is that my goal or is my goal relevant and all realistic?
A sure way to reach your goals and dream is to break them into smaller and surer steps.
You want to become a stand-up comedian let’s say, realistically if you directly go to a
pub and say I’d like to perform here, would you give me a spot? They won’t allow you unless
they see your previous videos or skits or followers on Instagram for example. So first
become relevant to your own goal. So what would you do? You’ll start with small goals
like, this month I’ll prepare 5 stand-up scripts, next month I’d make few videos at home itself
and with these scripts the third month I do a small in-house stand-up show with a family
and friends and by year end I’ll at least bag one show at a well-known pub, now that’s
a vision and now that’s reaching your goal. What have I done? Simply broken down them
into small and relevant, realistic goals. Another common issue with resolutions is that,
you didn’t have the right mindset for it while making a list. Probably you are not in a good
place in your life while making the resolution and in that state you took up more responsibilities
at work, yeah? But because of your person life being a little troubled, you’d, you couldn’t
keep up with the responsibilities and you ended up smoking or drinking more often. So
situation based or emotional resolutions do have a tendency to fail because they lose
their relevance when everything becomes merry and good again or after that emotional moment
you just, just sort of forget about them and the resolution disappears in the thin air.
So don’t waste time on situational hasty and emotional resolutions, do one thing write
them down, the way we did and think about them, analyze them when your mind is a bit
more stable and calm, yeah? Guys our last hurdle that comes between successfully
achieving our resolutions is, ‘too much thinking but not much doing’. Sometimes
we just get too busy preparing the list of our resolutions but we fail to start executing
them so guys once you have the priority list ready, just mark small goals on your calendar
and set an alarm for it yeah, it works because it’s not just a goal or writing a resolution
the question is how are you going to achieve it? So these small goal tracking will help
you keep a track and not let you ignore or forget your target. So if you want six-pack
abs then mark your weekly goals on calendar and also try to mark the major goals right,
like by Feb I should lose my fat, June I should have four packs and by December I should have
six packs by hook or crook. Another good trick, I’ll let you out, speak with your family or
well-wishers and friends, they are the people who will remind you by asking you your progress
report on your goal very unconsciously. So guys these constant reminders can be great
motivators believe me. Now my last point is guys don’t wait for the
1st of January or any Monday, just start and I’m sure this coming year you guys will do
much better with your resolutions, so guys do tell me what your resolutions or what resolutions
you have made for this year and I sincerely hope that these tricks will be useful to all
you out there. That’s all for the day guys, here’s wishing you all happy holidays and
all the best for the coming year, right? This is me Meera signing off.

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