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Why Engineers Must Complement Technical Skills with Soft Skills

October 10, 2019

So I think some of the soft skills that
an engineering leader needs to complement their technical skills are
items like interpersonal relationships, communication skills, very very important aspects of working together if you’re trying to articulate something to
somebody and it’s in a way that maybe they’re not comprehending then you’re
really not communicating very well and in today’s environment communication is
I think one of the most more important skills. At the end usually it settles
down to something that sounds kind of superficial but it’s not it’ll be a comment at the end something
like I just like him or I like her and what they mean by that is can I work
next to this person. When this person gets put onto my team or if I’m gonna be
on this person’s team is that team more functional or more dysfunctional because
of them and that really goes into all those skills that you’re talking about
when it comes to communication, when it comes to being able to have a legitimate
conflict with someone and not not let it get personal, keep it professional, all
these various things that that really don’t come from an area of the technical

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