Why Borderlands 2 Is So Awesome

October 9, 2019

– [Voiceover] I remember going over to my cousin’s house on
weekends back when I was younger and sitting at his house for
hours playing his Xbox 360. We played games like
Minecraft, COD Zombies, and occasionally some Fallout 3, but he really didn’t have a lot of games, so we kinda got bored quickly. One day he saved up some money and we decided to ride our bikes to the game store to try to purchase something new and fun to play. Now, one of the first
games we saw in there was known as Borderlands. We decided that we were
gonna buy Borderlands and try it out later that night because it looked absolutely awesome, but as you guys know, the game is rated M, and at the time we were not old enough to purchase rated M games. I mean, heck, we rode our
bikes to the game store, what can you expect, but anyways, we put it back and decided
just to get something else because obviously there’s
really no way for us to buy a rated M game, but later that night his parents got home and he convinced them to let us buy the Borderlands game on the Xbox Store and give them the cash for it. His parents were fine with rated M games, and so were mine, so it
really wasn’t a big deal, so basically he gave them the cash and downloaded the game to his Xbox. Later that night we hopped
on Borderlands ourself and decided to start playing it, and my oh my was that a fun game. That summer we spent so much time completing Borderlands 1. We played it literally every
time I was at his house and we could not get our eyes or our minds off of that game, but we eventually managed to beat the game and it was the most disappointing ending I’ve ever seen in my life. We played for hours just for Cortana or Alexa or whatever the heck her name is to say, oh, yeah, I’ve
been following you around for the last 50 hours, but I couldn’t tell you that the Vault was actually just a monster and you won’t get any treasure from it, the end, thanks for playing, and we were irritated. Fast forwarding to 2012,
Borderlands 2 was releasing and we were so hyped for that game, or I was, because my cousin actually was so disappointed in the first game that he didn’t even want
to play the second one. Okay, so let me rephrase. 2012 came around and I was
super hyped for this game. I’ve never been so hyped for
a game in my entire life. I remember seeing all of
the trailers on YouTube and the one that stood out the most to me, I could literally see it right now, that Wimoweh trailer,
look it up on YouTube, the Wimoweh Borderlands trailer, literally the best game
trailer of all time. – [Claptrap] A-wimoweh,
a-wimoweh, a-wimoweh. – [Doo-Wop Singers] A-wimoweh,
a-wimoweh, a-wimoweh – [Voiceover] Anyways,
once the game launched, you know I was in that line to get that thing as soon as possible. After I fought a few old
ladies with my bare fists who were buying the game
as a Christmas present, I managed to get a copy for myself. I rushed home, put that
thing in my Xbox and waited, and I was not disappointed. Now, I know the intro was pretty long, but I kinda wanted to
give you guys a backstory as to how I came into this game, but welcome to my reasons and explanations of why Borderlands 2 was such a good game and still is til this day. It was honestly a masterpiece and most people who
have actively played it probably agree with my opinion. – [Marcus Kincaid] So, you want
to hear another story, huh? One where the very fate of
Pandora hangs in the balance. If not, too bad, I’m telling you anyway. – [Voiceover] Now starting up from the very beginning of the game. In Borderlands 2, we’re greeted
with an awesome intro scene where we’re introduced to
the events that are going on and what happened since
the end of the last game. Finally, some of the questions I had three years earlier were answered in this cutscene. The sequence talks about
how the Vault Hunters that existed in the previous game were disappointed that
there was no treasure and they gave up. The narrator then says how they were wrong and that the opening of the Vault actually created the growth of
some priceless alien element which a big corporation came to mine. As they were mining, they found a trace of another even bigger
Vault than the previous one, and there are now a new
group of Vault Hunters that are coming to this
planet to find the new Vault. Then the game jumps to a scene of these new Vault
Hunters which are actually the characters we play as in this game. My point in all of this is that straight from the very beginning the player instantly gets
immersed into the story. Even if they didn’t
play the previous game, the story is summarized to explain how the player got to where they’re at and what events have led up
to what’s currently happening, and this is a crucial
part of game storytelling. If you want a video game
sequel to have a good story, you need to get the player
immersed into what’s happening, and let them understand how
they got to where they’re at, even if they didn’t play the first game, and Borderlands 2 did
an amazing job at this. The longer that it takes the player to get immersed into the story, the more of the story they will miss, and if a player misses a good portion of the story in the beginning, they won’t understand events that happen later on in the story and what causes those events to happen. Kind of like if you watch a movie and you miss the beginning, you’re kind of gonna be lost for most of the rest of the movie. – Wilson! Wilson! – [Voiceover] A bad
introduction to the story just kind of makes the whole
experience less enjoyable because you’re spending your time wondering what’s going on. Now, an example of a game that has a terrible intro sequence to compare to is Mass Effect: Andromeda. The intro sequence and the
main introduction to the story is about as bad as the
lip syncing in that game. – This is exactly why we came. A new galaxy, a new ship, I can’t wait to get both a little dirty. – [Voiceover] So it starts out
with a narrative that says, “Civilization moved into
space to make a new future,” and then we get a super long and pointless block of text
that nobody actually reads, and then you just get
thrown into some time jump over 600 years later where they finally made it to the planet, or whatever. Now, comparing this terrible one to the good one in Borderlands 2, you guys can see how the
game did it correctly. We understand everything that’s going on, and when we wake up to Claptrap towards the end of the intro, we realize what’s happening. The player isn’t just
thrown into the game, but instead they realize the events that happened before they wake up and why they are where they’re at. Basically, the intro smoothly
leads into the gameplay, and the game does a great job of this throughout the entire playthrough. Every event that happens smoothly transitions into another event, and we feel as if everything
that happens has a purpose. For example, in the beginning we follow Claptrap to his house, which results in his eye being stolen, which results in us getting his eye back, which results in us needing to go to the town and kill bandits, which results in us
meeting Sir Hammerlock, and the story goes from there. And it all just makes sense, but if you begin to think about it, some games don’t do a good job at this. If you look at Fallout 4, for example, a lot of the starting
quests seem pointless, and they absolutely do
not transition smoothly. You wake up in a Vault and
begin trying to find your son, you then talk to Codsworth, who then tells you to go to Concord where you meet the Minutemen. Then you fight some raiders to help the people you just met, which then takes you to Diamond City to find more information about your son. The other stuff was just unnecessary. It literally transitions
to you losing your son, to fighting raiders, to going to Diamond City to find your son. I don’t know, it just doesn’t make sense. I’m not getting off topic, though. That’s what I’m saying. Borderlands 2, unlike other games, does a great job at smoothly
transitioning the story, and that’s what makes the gameplay so enjoyable every single
time you replay it. The quests in Borderlands
2 all seem to have a point, and it really doesn’t feel like you’re running around
doing pointless things. Even though the game is known
as a loot-grinding game, the story and the quests
don’t get repetitive, and it seems like every
quest helps to make progress in the main story of the game, and this is, again, why the
game has so much replayability. You can do the same
things over and over again without it getting boring or tedious. This leads me into my second
point, the characters. The characters in this story are some of my personal
favorite in any game. They all have unique character traits, but the humor is what makes them all into interesting people. Almost every character that you come across in
this game is hilarious, and they each stand out from each other. Gearbox did things to
make even the most boring and common characters
have cool characteristics and traits that make them stand out. A good example of this are the
Psychos and Midget Psychos. Throughout the game you come
across two generic characters that are seen literally everywhere, and you constantly see
and hear humor with them. The developers put thought
into every character. They didn’t just throw
a bunch of, you know, generic Call of Duty soldiers at you that don’t say anything, but instead, they gave each of them unique
traits and personalities. For example, the Psychos
will say random things, like, “Unleash the orgasm” and
“give me my hitpoints back,” and the Midget Psychos get knocked over when they fire a shotgun, and also say some hilarious things. – [Psycho] Tell her that because of her we might actually one day be able to act like a normal person again. I powdered my cockatiel
for the ribcage slaughter! (somber piano music) Huh, close enough. – [Voiceover] All the basic characters have super unique traits that you see all the time throughout the game, but it’s not just with
the basic characters. Those boss introductions, oh my gosh. Every time you come across
a boss in this game, you get an amazing intro to
show you what you’re up against, and they are so freaking cool. – [Captain Flynt] Let’s turn up the heat! – [Voiceover] I’m not gonna
go in depth with this one because you can probably see it, but, like, oh my god,
check these things out, and the introductions are
cool for the boss fights, but they’re not the only cool part. It’s not like they just throw
you a flashy introduction, and then throw you some
super bland characters. The fights themselves just feel amazing. They’re never too hard, but at the same time they do face you with enough of a challenge to
make the game enjoyable. I don’t remember a single easy fight, except the very first one
against Knuckle Dragger, which was more or less just
an introduction to the game, so that’s kind of expected. Gearbox makes every single fight unique by adding new areas, new obstacles, and new fighting mechanics
that the bosses use just to make sure that every
single fight feels fresh, but with these bosses, one thing that absolutely
sucks in this game is the boss loot drops. I mean, they’re not that bad, but, like, they’re not consistent at all. You’ll get, like, a great drop one time, and then the next time you’ll
fight a boss for two hours to get some stupid stick or something. Sometimes it just feels disappointing to fight a boss for a long time just to get a cheesy pistol
that you already have, or some shield or something. I mean, don’t get me wrong, like I said, some of the drops are good, but some of them are
just disappointing, man. So the game has a good
story and introduction, great characters and amazing boss fights, but of course, that isn’t all. Oh, no, we’re just getting
started with this beauty. One of my favorite things about this game is how it makes you feel confident and like you have this in the bag, and then, boom, enemies that
are way out of your level come up and absolutely destroy you. A good example of this is in the very beginning
for me personally. Once you walk through the
scene up until the point where you meet Sir
Hammerlock, the game is easy. All you every see are level one enemies. You fire a few bullets at them
and you kill them instantly. It’s honestly super easy, but once you meet Sir Hammerlock and you go on the first real mission, they instantly throw much
higher level enemies at you. Now, to an experienced player
I’m sure those are still easy, but coming from the level one enemies that you previously see, a new player will 100% not expect the sudden difficulty increase, and they will probably get
destroyed if they’re not careful. If a game takes a spoon and feeds you easy enemies
throughout the whole game (coughs)
Fallout 4, again, the game gets boring, and you end up running around and become an invincible
human bullet shield, but with Borderlands 2,
even at level 25 plus, there’s still a good mix
of easy and hard enemies to keep the gameplay interesting, and again, this is one of the things that keep people playing this game even after they’ve beaten it. Now, on to the most obvious and expected part of this video. The graphics and the look of the game. Now, the way this game is designed just makes it look ageless. It’ll always look good and can be played for
many years in the future without people looking back at it and saying, “This looks so bad, “I really don’t remember
it looking like that.” The cel-shaded and slightly
cartoonish graphics make the game look good and run on pretty much
any computer or console, and the thick black borders
around the characters help to make them stand
out from the environment, and another thing about the style, it’s unique and it stands out. It’s honestly just a refreshing look and it makes me happy to see and play it, and brings back memories. Sometimes I get tired
of the super realistic Uncharted, Call of Duty,
Battlefield, Far Cry 4 type things. It’s like all of those
games look the same. I like seeing something
different and unique. You can always come
back and replay the game and never question the look of it. Another thing that makes
this game so enjoyable and replayable is the freaking loot. The main concept of this game is pretty much grabbing
all of the loot you can. Loot is everywhere, in
trashcans, in dead bodies, in rocks, in toilets, you name it. There are so many different
weapon loadout combinations and loot configurations
that you can probably play through the whole game five times and never use the same weapon combination. In order to get the best loot, you have to fight increasingly
difficult enemies, which requires different
combinations of weapons in order to properly defeat them. The enemies pretty much
level up as you do, so there’s always a
challenge in front of you and you always need better
weapons to defeat them. You’re not gonna be a level 25 fighting against some basic level enemies that you kill in one hit. It’s just not a thing anymore. Some weapons have multipliers that deal more damage to
a certain type of enemy, and other weapons have special effects, such as fire or electric. They’re hidden in pretty much
every corner of the world, so a good player wants to
spend all possible time exploring, looting, and
finding the next weapon that’s better than the one you have. In Borderlands 1, because of
the randomly generated guns, there were a record-breaking 17.75 million weapons in the game, but Borderlands 2 has way more than that. The scale of this game
is honestly amazing to me and it deserves a lot more credit, and by scale, I’m not exactly referring to the size of the world. The world is kinda closed off and there’s only certain
areas you can go to, and it’s not like an
open world experience, but you don’t need an
open world experience in a game like this. Look at No Man’s Sky, the most
open world game of all time. There’s nothing to do. As long as you fill the maps
with enough stuff to do, you don’t need an open world. I just don’t get why games these days are pretty much marketing themselves as open world for their number one trait. I understand that people enjoy doing what they want to do, but just because a game is an open world doesn’t mean that there’s
gonna be more to do. Gearbox does a great job at filling in the world with stuff to do. You never get bored and
you never feel trapped. While you may run into an
invisible barrier here and there, you don’t feel like they’re in your way. They very rarely come up and it just feels like
you have full control, even though looking down on
things, you really don’t. I just love the way this game is designed because you never really get bored with the small amount of things that there are to do on the map, it’s just that the way the map is designed allows you to have fun
while doing those things, but at the same time,
you don’t get distracted. You’re not gonna run
off, fight five outposts, and then decide to go
back to the missions. It’s just that the way the
world is designed is lovely. I don’t have another word
for it, it is just perfect, and honestly, I never
get tired of Pandora. So, to recap, starting from
the very start of the game, the player gets a good feel for what’s going on in the story. The game does a great
job at helping the player really feel like they’re
involved with what’s going on. The story then follows
a great logical path and the quests make sense. Throughout these quests you’re met with memorable, unique
and diverse characters, all of which are introduced with humorous, flashy intro scenes. As you play the game, you begin
to feel like you’re a master and you know what you’re doing, but then the game switches it up on you and absolutely destroys you. The game looks amazing and
the replayability is great, and these are just a few of the things that make this game so amazing. But now for my final point on why I feel as if Borderlands 2 is
such a great game is this. The game is simple. There are no complicated mechanics. No crafting, no loot boxes, none of the stuff that ruins modern games, and that’s just something
that I really love. It seems like these days Triple-A titles end up being ruined by cosmetics and other pointless garbage that just gets on my nerves. It is honestly just super refreshing to go back to a game where
none of this stuff was around. I really don’t know when all
of this started happening, but it seems to be getting worse. Anyways, let’s take a look at
how Borderlands 2 is played. In the game you run around,
kill enemies and grab loot. You can use special
abilities here and there which go away after a
short duration of time, but everything else involving
gunplay is pretty basic. You shoot, throw grenades, and fight, that’s pretty much it. The premise is simple and there’s no special movements, such as lunging and rolling and dodging. Simply run, jump and shoot, like I said. There’s no overly complex and
unnecessary weapon crafting. No pointless race missions, and none of the stuff that just takes you away from the game to do other things. Like I said, it’s simple, and the game is meant
to be enjoyed as it is, and the fact that his game has brought so much enjoyment to it’s players without the use of these fancy
and unnecessary mechanics goes to show that a game doesn’t need to be overloaded with features in order to be fun to play. A game is defined by its gameplay and what the player is doing, and the mechanics are always the most important feature of a game. More isn’t always better. You can have a simple
game with few mechanics and it can be much better than
an overly complicated game. More developers need to do what
Gearbox did with this title and remove everything that’s unnecessary and make games simple again. In conclusion, I’m sure
you probably get the memo, but I love Borderlands 2. I’ll be replaying it over and over again, and I’ll probably never get tired of it, but I want to know what you guys think. Let me know in the comments below if you love or hate this game, of if you agree or disagree
with me in this video. I love seeing your feedback and I honestly really enjoy
making videos like this. A lot of people are gonna say, “Robo, your channel’s just becoming “one of these game review channels,” and I apologize if that’s a bad thing, but it’s just that this is
something that I really enjoy. I love voicing my opinions on games, whether they’re good or bad, and seeing what other people
think about it, as well. So, once again, please let
me know in the comments because I’m super curious
as to what you guys think. I’ll see you guys next time and if you have any recommendations for games you want me to talk about, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll see you guys next time, and peace.

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