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White Holes | Space Time

November 23, 2019

This episode is supported by LegalZoom. Lurking in the depths of the mathematics of Einstein’s general relativity is an object even stranger than the mysterious black hole. In fact, it’s the black hole’s mirror twin: the white hole. Some even think that these could be the origin of our universe. The astrophysical phenomenon of the black hole has captured the imagination of scientist and science enthusiast alike for many decades. When the idea first emerged from Einstein’s general theory of relativity, physicists wondered how seriously to take this mathematical description of an inescapable region of spacetime. Astronomers have since demonstrated that black holes are very real, with convincing evidence that quasars, x-ray binaries, even the center of our own Milky Way galaxy harbor these gravitational monstrosities. But the mathematics that predicts the existence of the black hole also describes entities that are even stranger. But whose relationship with reality is still unclear. One such entity is the white hole. A white hole is the “opposite” of a black hole, in a very literal, mathematical sense. In fact, it’s a time-reversed black hole. A black hole is defined as a region of inward-flowing space-time with a one-way boundary called the event horizon, from inside of which nothing can ever escape. That makes a white hole a region of outward-flowing space-time. It also has an event horizon, but that horizon prohibits entry, not exit. Nothing outside a white hole can ever enter, and everything inside must be ejected. Not even light can leave a black hole, hence the whole “black” thing. But light can only leave a white hole. So, these might be expected to radiate like crazy, and “white” would be an understatement. Now, before everyone gets too excited, white holes are probably a figment of mathematical imagination. But they’re a fascinating one. And the idea may help us understand the origin of the universe. White holes first emerged in the very earliest mathematical description of black holes. Only a few months after Einstein published his general theory of relativity, Carl Schwarzhild solved its equations for a very particular case. A single point of mass in an otherwise empty space-time. The resulting Schwarzschild Metric actually describes a black hole, the simplest black hole possible. One without spin, without charge, or without change. An eternal black hole, that doesn’t grow or shrink, and has always existed. We’ve talked quite a bit about the bizarre behavior of space, and especially time, at and below the event horizon of a black hole. Here’s a little playlist if you want a refresher. But here’s the low-down. The time that happens inside a black hole is not part of the past or future history of the outside universe. From the perspective of an outside observer, any events occurring at the event horizon, including falling into it, happen infinitely far in the future. Once you fall into the black hole, the Schwarzschild Metric tells us that space and time switch their roles. The singularity no longer occupies a central location it now occupies an inevitable future time. Now, a real black hole form from the gravitational collapse of a massive star’s core. After the collapse, the “future singularity” comes into being. And in the past, well, there’s just a star. But what does this idealized, eternal black hole look like in the past? If we followed the Schwarzschild Metric back in time, we find something very strange. We find the singularity again, lurking infinitely far in the past. From the point of view of the outside universe, the eternal black hole’s singularity exists in both the infinite future and infinite past. That may sound strange, but it gets stranger. To really understand what this eternal black hole looks like, we’re going to need to use a tool that we’ve already played with: the Penrose diagram. To refresh your memory: In a Penrose diagram, the x and y axes are redefined from space and time to merge space and time into new coordinates. They compactify space-time so that time bunches up towards the edges and the borders correspond to infinite past and future. Also, lines of constant distance and time curve, so that light paths always travel on 45 degree paths. We are hanging out here and now, at the center of the diagram. If we place an eternal black hole far to the left, then the future-left boundary represents the black hole’s event horizon. Any movement to the left brings you closer to that event horizon. The event horizon itself is a 45 degree line. In our weird Penrose coordinates, this represents a constant distance from the center of the black hole. Light traveling at that 45 degree angle takes infinite time to escape the event horizon. And the region beyond that line represents the interior of the black hole. There, the dimensions of space and time switch roles. The once-vertical contours of space are now time-like. And flow inexorably towards the future singularity. These two regions—our universe and the black hole interior—are just the Schwarzschild Metric mapped out using Penrose coordinates. But our map isn’t complete. Remember, this is an eternal black hole, so it must exist in the past Map into the past and we see a time-reflected version of our future black hole. Everything about it is time-reversed. The singularity is a past event. Space within is time-like, but instead of flowing towards the singularity, it flows away. And the event horizon is now a barrier to entry, not to exit. We could make some sense of the behavior of this strange region by using the Penrose diagram. Imagine: that something in our past was traveling at the speed of light and trying to reach the past event horizon. There’s no way it can get there, unless it goes faster than light. Oh, it’ll reach an event horizon, but only the event horizon of our future, where it plunges into a regular black hole. Remember, that all this is from our perspective, far from the event horizon. We can never see anything cross the horizon; the light rays from any crossing reach us infinitely far in the future. Even if the black hole plunge began far in the past. So, the past region of the eternal black hole has an event horizon that’s a barrier to entry. But also, light rays within that region must move up on the diagram. That suggests they must exit into the outside universe. Anything inside the past eternal black hole must be ejected. So far, this region fits perfectly the description of a white hole. The eternal black hole of the past technically is a white hole. However, it’s not one that we can ever observe. For two reasons: One: Light rays exiting that past white hole can never reach us. The past singularity and past event horizon are infinitely far in the past from our point of view. Light has to traverse infinite time to reach our location. And two: there’s no such thing as an eternal black hole. The universe hasn’t existed for eternity, and it didn’t even begin with black holes in place. Even though this type of white hole isn’t observable, some physicists have taken the description very seriously. The math describing the white hole is a perfectly good use of the Schwarzschild Metric. It obeys general relativity. It really is just a black hole, but if viewed backwards in time. Yet general relativity is time-reversal symmetric. Something that can happen forwards in time should also be able to happen in reverse. So, can new white holes actually form? Well, theoretically, yes, but to make one, you need to reverse entropy. See, although it’s possible to build a white hole in general relativity, there are other laws of physics the universe needs to obey, For example, the 2nd law of thermodynamics. It demands that entropy, a measure of disorder, always increase. This law defines the direction of the flow of time. To reverse time, you need to break the law. You need to decrease entropy. Now, this is technically possible because entropy is a statistical phenomenon. Very rare reductions in entropy do happen, as long as globally, entropy increases on average. It’s conceivable that an incredibly rare entropy dip could lead to an effective reversal in time and a white hole could form. However, it would immediately explode in a burst of energy as soon as entropy and time resumed their normal flow. Upwards and forwards. We actually did talk about a case where a random drop in entropy led to something very much like a white hole in this episode. It’s been speculated that the Big Bang itself came from such a profoundly improbable entropy dip. And as it happens, the Big Bang looks, mathematically at least, much like a white hole. It’s an expanding outpouring of space-time, containing a vast amount of energy, and the Bang itself can never be entered. After all, it’s in the past. The difference between the Big Bang and a white hole is that the former possesses no singularity. It happened everywhere at the same time. Still, that hasn’t stopped physicists from having fun with the idea. It’s been proposed that when a black hole forms, a white hole forms on the opposite… “side”. Energy entering the black hole exits the white hole. Physicist Lee Smolin takes it a step further to suggest that the resulting white hole is the Big Bang of a new, baby universe. And that, in fact, our universe formed that way. More on that another time. But speaking of other universes… It turns out that we haven’t finished building our Penrose diagram yet. The past white hole was revealed when we traced the eternal black hole backwards in time. In fact, what we did was to “maximally extend” space-time. We required that all paths be traceable through infinite past and future space, provided they don’t hit the singularity. But what about light rays entering or leaving our eternal black hole from the opposite side? The mathematics of the Schwarzschild Metric describes an entirely independent region of space-time parallel to our own. It looks like an identical alternate universe on the other side of the black hole. Accessible through what we call an Einstein-Rosen bridge – better known as a wormhole. In the not too distant future, we’ll investigate the reality of this mysterious parallel patch of space-time. Thanks to LegalZoom for sponsoring this episode. LegalZoom helps you take care of your legal needs. If you own a business, they can help you with the right formation, plus provide you with many of the tools and resources you need to run it. If you have a family, they can help you create your estate plan through their products and network of attorneys. You can also schedule an attorney consultation for business or personal legal advice through their independent network of attorneys. Without having to leave your home. Legalzoom is offering Space Time viewers 15% off their next purchase from Legalzoom. Go to or click on the link in the description to learn more.

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  • Reply VC YT October 5, 2019 at 12:03 am

    'White holes' — isnt that racist ?

  • Reply Bryan Becker October 5, 2019 at 9:06 am

    If there is a parallel universe on the other side of the black hole, better hope its not the one where Spock has a beard, or anyone visiting there is going to get to see the inside of an Agony Booth. Long Live The Empire!

  • Reply Joseph Malone October 5, 2019 at 9:32 am

    The math is very hard but the concept is simple. Space is dark. Let's think of it as dark water. It acts as a fluid. Take a needle and poke a hole in space. This creates a hole all the black water drains into. When water drains in a sink it creates a vortex, the water spins as it drain and it accelerates as it gets closer to the center of the drain hole. This is observable in a sink . Water spins creating a conical shape of striated ripply water. The striations resemble layers currents moving as different speeds and having ridges. This is a 3d shape not 2d. A 3d vortex is many circles in inside of each other with each inner circle lower than the circles outside it and higher than the circles inside it.

    It works like this: The biggest circle is the most outside circle. Let's call it c1.
    If there are 10 circles c1 has a diameter of 10 and a speed of 1. I am making up numbers for illustration, these are not actual.

    c= diameter,speed. Of ten circles:
    c1= 10,1
    c2= 9,2
    c3= 8,3
    c4= 7,4
    c5 = 6,5
    c6= 5,6
    c7= 4,7
    c8= 3,8
    c9= 2,9
    c10= 1,10

    This resembles ten rings stacked vertically. From the biggest ring you start at ring c1. going to c2 moves you down a level. Every time you go to a smaller ring you are going deeper into the hole.
    Water flowing down a drain behaves this way. The rings get smaller as you get closer to the drain, water speeds up as it reaches deeper rings, each ring is a level lower than the previous ring.

    A black hole acts like water going down a drain. Water down a drain has to empty somewhere, out of a spout somewhere. White holes are the exit of space flowing into a black hole and out the white hole. This is like water going down the drain, through a pipe, and out an exit spout.

    A tornado is a vortex that acts like a white hole, I think. At the bottom of a tornado the rings shrink to zero, as fluids are a continuous quantity (they have no fixed shape with clear separations(like time or air)). Let's say a tornado is a few feet off the ground and it is tall and slender, it has a tall height but a narrow ring at the highest point. If we approach it from the ground the spin factor is very weak. This means the small ring is moving slowly. As we go up rings they get bigger and their spin factor increases. At a certain spin factor the force of air moving is so strong it pulls us in and we can not escape. This is known as the point of no return. The highest ring in a tornado is it's strongest. It is moving the fastest because it has more mass (it is bigger). More mass means more volume and more volume means more pressure (relativity speaking).

    Space is a continuous quantity like water. It behaves and acts as a fluid. It follows certain principles of fluid mechanics. Fluid mechanics are used to describe phenomena of certain quantum mechanics. Fluids are things like light, waves, and optics of all kinds.

    A black hole is a hole in space that is layered in rings of decreasing size from the outermost to the innermost. Think of a black hole like it is shaped like capital V. The top big and weak, the bottom strong and squishing everything and accelerating time and mass.

    Black hole sucks everything in white hole spits everything out.
    Water drains into a drain creating a vortex weakest at it's furthest regions and strongest at its most singular point (a dimensionless dot at the center).
    Water exits some spout. In fluid mechanics the water is spraying 360 degrees in 3 dimensions,gravity and pressure notwithstanding. Bear with me. Without a vacuum this doesn't work.
    As water exits into a vacuum space it is pulled this way. It creates a vortex that is strongest at its outermost region and weakest at its singularity, also called zero point origin.

    You get a hourglass shape similar to a double tornado. This is a hyperbola. In the hourglass shape you have a V on top of an inverted V, making an X if you like.
    At the center you have the singularity named for its single point or dot origin.
    If it is two funnels together then the singularity has zero dimensions as everything is squished into zero dimension space. This contradicts above statements. Maybe Pascal was wrong about certain things.

    The pressure of exiting water at the exit or white hole would have to be stronger near the singularity and weaker from it. This poses some questions.
    If velocity increases near the singularity then we speed up as we enter deeper into the black hole. Exiting through a white hole starts AT the singularity and moves away from it.
    You decelerate as you move away from the white hole.

    More fake numbers:

    A black hole has three rings (circle 1,2,3) each 6 miles long from each boundary. The center ring has diameter 12. It's boundary is 6 miles from the center dot (singularity).
    Point of no escape = 0. 0+6+6+6 = center of black hole.
    If we consider a black hole having an average acceleration for each ring it would look something like:
    We cross the point of no return. We suddenly accelerate from c1 to c2. The trip took 10 minutes and we traveled 6 miles. We say we traveled 60mph.
    As we cross the boundary separating c1 from c2 we are suddenly accelerated faster as we are caught in a stronger gravitational current. This holds true for tornadoes and sinkholes (fluid mechanics).
    From c2 to c3 we traveled another 6 miles but the faster speed made us finish in only 1 minute. We we going on average 600mph because we were travelling 10 times faster.
    We cross the boundary of c2,c3 and accelerate again. To the singularity we travel 6 miles and it takes 1 second. This means that we were travelling 36,000mph.

    In terms of diameter:
    c1= 12 miles
    c2= 24 miles. 2c1= (2·12) = 24
    c3= 48 miles. 4 c1 and 2c2= (4·12) = 48 and (2·24)= 48

    Our boundaries are:

    c1 to singularity: 6 miles. This is the radius of circle 1.
    c2 to c1 = 6 miles. To the singularity it 6+6=12
    c3 to c2 = 6 miles. To the singularity is 6+6+6= 18

    Speed is:

    c1= 60mph over 6 miles= 10 minutes.
    c2= 600mph over 6 miles= 1 minutes.
    c3= 36,000mph over 6 miles= 1 second.

    If I am going 60 miles per hour for 10 minutes then: 60mph/ 1/6 of an hour = 10 minutes. Likewise 60mph / 6 miles = 10 minutes. There is interesting cancelling of the variables.
    Using this scale we can figure that: 1 minute is 1/10 of 10 minutes so we are going ten times faster because we are finishing in 1/10 the time. 60mph·10= 600mph.
    If 600mph finishes in 1 minute finishing in 1 second is= 1 minute is 60 times 1 second, so 60 times faster is 60·600mph= 36,000.

    I like the double funnel example. skinny middle big ends. The universe started at two atoms smashing and causing the big bang. The big bang was created by a white hole. The white hole is at the center of our universe. Our universe is forever expanding at the sped of light. We can never travel faster than the speed of light so we can never reach the center of the universe. Because it is expanding there is a boundary ring called the observable universe. Outside this boundary we can not see this part of the universe because the light it gives off travels towards us as fast as we are moving away from us. As such the light we never reach us and we will never see it. We will never see that light. There can only be one white hole (God sic creator sicsic) for our universe with infinite black holes (demons destroyers) creating infinite white hole singularities creating infinite universes. Religion and Illuminati is why you either are stupid and don't get it or think being woke or 5th dimensional is a replacement for math. All the lies and deceit. I blame PBS because they deliberately lied in the last videos and owe me a cookbook.

    Every black hole creates a white hole. Every white hole is a big bang. Every bi bang it two quantum particles doing something I can not explain. It is like a rip in space time but in reverse. It is not something ripped but something made in empty space like drawing on a blank paper. It either is coming together to pull apart. The difference between fission and fusion. So probably fission is a black hole that exits a white hole as fusion. God is nothing more than a white hole at the center of our universe that exists outside the observable universe because the universe it ever expanding at a rate that what ever is happening at a given second out side the boundary will never reach us.

    The devil is simply a black hole that destroys stars and planets literally entire world's. Since there are countless black holes there are countless demons. This ties in with the world religions that were created to destroy scince and math so that peole were stupid. College is just masonry keeping the faggots and prison is just murdering the straights.

  • Reply Eric Epperson October 5, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    It's the exit of a black hole

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    Due to the effect I have on women, I identify as a white hole

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    Time travel: enter the black hole and exit the white whole in the past ?

  • Reply Brian Kunz October 7, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    So what this is saying is that once a black hole has begun to devour a planet or star then it should never lose it’s accretion disk. Because once the planet or star appears to have crossed the event horizon we permanently see it as it will take infinity for it to disappear. Thus the only naked black hole: I.e. one without an accretion disk, is a black hole that has never “eaten”.

  • Reply Geoffreygeefresh95 October 7, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    A white hole?

  • Reply Geoffreygeefresh95 October 7, 2019 at 8:45 pm

    Just get Dave "Cinzano Bianco" Lister in to sort them out.

  • Reply Mr_shnibble Gaming October 8, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    Black holes and white holes just sound so wrong

  • Reply Tom Tom October 8, 2019 at 4:35 pm

    This was a great presentation. Time is not infinite.

  • Reply Abhinav Singh October 8, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    So what about time near the white hole?

  • Reply Hjthegreat2 October 9, 2019 at 6:12 am

    I am just here to prove my teacher wrong

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    this is great ASMR. i really enjoyed your voice. Make more videos. You can also eat or comb someones hair while talking. That would be nice too. Thank you so much.

  • Reply patrick quinn October 10, 2019 at 1:15 am

    Hold up – White holes give life to the universe while the black holes destroy everything around them!? This does not seem a bit racist at all.

  • Reply DJ cam October 11, 2019 at 3:18 am

    Time isn't a tool you can control like Jesus Christ.

  • Reply Jon Woodson October 11, 2019 at 7:33 pm

    If all of this was true, wouldn’t that juts mean a white hole is a star?

  • Reply Gavin Rowley October 12, 2019 at 1:23 am

    Ok, dude, you just summed up things about black holes that are not true of Hawking radiation. Not one of those applied. Perhaps, Hawking radiation is a consequence of matter being torn apart just before going in, and being drawn to the poles by magnetic field of it's rotation. I'm still guessing. Maybe you'll cover it here any minute.

  • Reply Gavin Rowley October 12, 2019 at 1:25 am

    Dude, there are plenty of examples that defy entropy. The formation of crystals, for one. Thus entropy is no law. The universe began in chaos, now matter has collected into spheres, the simplest of shapes, defined by a single number, it's radius cubed.

  • Reply Waffle z October 13, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    I believe that when you go through a black hole or you get crushed, but maybe if you survive you come out the white hole?

  • Reply solitarymaninblack October 14, 2019 at 4:12 pm

    No need for the dumb racist comment.

  • Reply Brett_Kendrick October 15, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    Black Holes, White Holes, ButtHoles? I mean who really knows.

  • Reply Raezores October 16, 2019 at 5:07 am

    higgs boson is meta stable.

  • Reply Abby Leonard October 17, 2019 at 7:35 am

    I think he doesn’t understand what he is talking about…because he can’t explain it in a way anyone can understand it.

  • Reply Jazzman3121 October 17, 2019 at 10:36 am

    Ok so how come the Black Hole has to be black??? I guess even science is racist :-/

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    So a black hole, a white hole and an asshole walk into a bar…

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    Only once you know all the mechanisms of this realm can you extrapolate the mechanism of it creation. For all we know, we can only see the most minuscule amt. of the universe. Let’s not say that we could extrapolate anything from that. Determinations from small samples are very scientific. They Are quite driven by hubris, though.

  • Reply ATMOSK1234 October 18, 2019 at 11:57 pm

    Black holes are just time reversed white holes.

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    IF white hole ejects light then it will have ejected all the light and therefore be black.

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    -Feminism 2019

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    My Theory is Black Holes Eats Matter And Radiation But What White holes Eat Dark matter? Dark Energy ? How they gonna survive without eating c_C [ or maybe ]

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    Don't get stuck in an eternal black hole. LOL

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    Well, that was simple. If my science teacher had just put it THAT way, there'd have been no problem! Jeez.

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    What if our universe is a black hole absorbing matter of another universe?

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    its no a mirror black hole ya dick its opposite!

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    Is it possible for white holes to shield earth from black holes I wonder

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    I understand the individual words but not a single sentence.

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    I couldnt focus because every time he moved his arms away from his body and back it made a noice

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    If a black hole slows down spacetime, white holes would speed up spacetime. At the event horizon of a white hole, time for you would move normally, but everything else from your perspective would grind to a screeching halt.

  • Reply Gadrri October 30, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    So the eternal recurrence theory potentially holds true? ? ? ? I’ll be here again writing this exact YouTube comment if time continues to infinity ?

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    ahhh great more made up theories that will never be proven facts…

  • Reply Mystic Angel October 31, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    Your missing a key point. Your right, it does create a barrier but it doesn't launch you back into the past, its creates a timeloop. You experience some events in the past but also exist in the present. You change the past by changing your present which in turn changes your future. Time loops in the core but not all events are looped because time is all meshed together. The time loop only loops certain past events and its not always continuous. Like a monthly cycle. You have 10 days in the past while still existing in the present but during the past events cycle, you can't get out from past events. The second cycle is present and then future. Its like a doorway of time that only opens during a certain amount of time. If your spaceship got that close to the barrier, it would launch them into a time loop. Eventually they might be able to pass through if the can get past the mirror reflection. And they do this by changing the energy which creates a door and can only be done through the present cycle because this is how the past is changed.

  • Reply Miles Jackson November 1, 2019 at 12:21 am

    Twin Peaks Season 3 is starting to make more sense.

  • Reply Jason Pason November 1, 2019 at 7:28 am

    A white supremacists hole found!

  • Reply YASH Boss biggest fan Prajwal November 1, 2019 at 9:32 am

    Every dirty 3rd class JEW einstine theory is lifted from Vedanta…..Entire world knows it .

  • Reply Andrew Carniato November 1, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    I doubt it

  • Reply Daniel Reed November 1, 2019 at 8:42 pm

    So many issues & problems & further ideas with this, too much to list & explain in a comment. I would need to discuss with expert physicists or mathematicians. Like appears all black hole event horizons are effectively infinitely far in space & time, whatever the distance to the black hole; conforms correctly to time dilation & space contraction, & space-time invariance?

    I appreciate the use of the Penrose Diagrams ( hyperbolic conformal coordinate system), to help understand the concepts & principles. Allows visualising the whole, even for universes without limits of space (size) or time (eternal) (which have no boundary limits for the space & time, yet an apparent boundary shows on the conformal hyperbolic coordinate system).

    These specific Penrose Diagrams are interesting in that they include faster than light areas (faster than light, or better stated & explained, faster than max allowed speeds in the space-time). I'm chuckling, yet amused by the what if possibilities. What if objects can/are traveling faster than speed of light? Slowing down takes increasingly more energy to slow to speed of light? Less energy to go faster (up to some other limit or asymptotic limit)? Effectively appears like time or entropy or mass or energy principle reversal, compared to slower than light? Basically, that the limits are still around speed of light.

    Invariants are so useful. Like how they remain invariant on these diagrams or coordinate system also, like the speed of light ("cone"). One of the most useful "universals", & then finding what & how things covary within the invariance. Invariance, equivalence, & universals are my favorites (also concepts, abstractions, understanding).

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    Feel so dumb

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    Dang bro this sucks being so hard right now I'm so damn confused??? "when you thought you was ready to learn with enthusiasm"

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    Could black holes in the center of galaxies have started as white holes, spewed out material that formed the early galaxies but then collapsed into black holes?

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    composed by the wisdom of man made in the image of God we are mandated by the creator to create the new creation, which is the old creation recovered. In so much that men are Gods Recovered by God.

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    64 dimensions in vedas
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    Why does that sound so wrong?

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    White holes are the core of stars, until there's nothing to get out of it and the respective supernova… Leaving a black hole, the empty white hole.

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    So Outer Wilds is wrong about it’s black hole. They can never transport you to another part of the same universe at the same time.

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    If you understand the video, it's saying that wormholes exist in this universe mathematically. It's just a matter how how we find it when the universe is constantly expanding. Technically, you can find the wormholes if we use the larger black holes for guidance. The largest black holes would lead us to the largest observable worm holes no? Nevertheless, it is very cool to know that wormholes exist if our math up to now has been right.

  • Reply Infinite Ocho November 9, 2019 at 7:31 am

    Dude, a "white hole" is the sun.

  • Reply Average Alien November 10, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    As someone said before, if you're ever feeling too smart, humble yourself with one of these videos.

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    if black holes are caused due to gracitational pull then can white holes be due to dark energies outward push???

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    Making a crazy idea real quick, in the same way that light is a duality, maybe a black hole is a duality as well, maybe that's where hawking radiation comes from?

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    But what is it?

  • Reply NebulahV1 November 12, 2019 at 6:52 am

    What if the Big Bang was just a black hole being formed and we and everything else in the universe is inside of it. The reason our universe is expanding is because it’s sucking matter from another one. Black holes are new universes being formed. Woah

  • Reply foscor sohil November 14, 2019 at 5:10 am

    Arrow of time says the universe will become stale when all the energy would be consumed and there will be nothing left except photons. Could it be possible the entropy reverse would take place at that time?

  • Reply Justin S November 14, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    I've seen quite a few white and black holes in my day

  • Reply Mythical Rose November 15, 2019 at 5:29 am

    So what I got from this video is we ain’t shit compared to the universe that is forever being killed and reborn

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    My mind is dirty af

  • Reply DieFoe November 15, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    I have a feeling different light types are merely a varying form of information carrier and have nothing to do with the actual energy of a mass. More of a byproduct that can assert the visual evidence that a process has occurred. I tend to side on the ideal of an ethereal universe with magnetism and mass creating energy while light is a sort of cable telling a story about the nature of different interactions within.

  • Reply Tea Ruth November 15, 2019 at 10:25 pm

    It can all be explained and shown with magnets and magnatism

  • Reply Tea Ruth November 15, 2019 at 10:31 pm

    Would this kind of explain BC and AD?

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    tell me what is the MASS of a white hole

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    Is it possible that anything that enters a black hole leaves through a white hole

  • Reply Lord Seander November 18, 2019 at 11:48 am

    I like to think that whatever goes in a black hole comes out in an alternate universe's white hole, and anything that goes in the alternate's black hole comes out in this universe's white hole. 1 way portals to other universes. and i like to think that nothing actually gets torn apart by the gravity while going through the process.

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    Maybe a white hole is a black holes end point? Like how a drain sucks water in and shoots it out into the sewer (prob bs but I like the possibility of ftl travel)

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    All black holes have spin I've never seen a star not spinning . a black hole is just like a star except it has much much more gravity. Things don't disappear into a black hole gravity is so immense that matter gets laid down in layers an atom thick. When something comes smashing into the earth it becomes part of the earth . One matter does smashing into a black hole it becomes part of the black hole about an Atom thick

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