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Which Mario Game is the Worst Mario Game? – Mario’s Time Machine

February 6, 2020

There are many many obscure and really weird
official Mario games out there. Games like Mario’s fundamentals (Go Fish!),
Hotel Mario, the virtual boy games, or that one time they abused the mario brand to teach
kids typing. So the thing is the following, even though
all of those games are really obscure in one way or another, they are still official mario
games licensed by nintendo, and thus part of Mario’s history. All of those games are super weird, some are
actually kind of fun, some are okay, and, to be honest most of them are among the worst
games nintendo ever released. But all those obscure Mario games also kind
of raise a question. Which of these really bad Mario Games is actually
the worst one? So I sat down and started to investigate this
question, I played dozens over dozens of hours of really weird mario games, taking notes,
researching their history and development process, all in the hopes to find out which
game featuring Mario is the worst one ever released. And I pretty quickly came to a realization. There is way too much going on in these games
to cover all of them in a single video. There are crazy development stories, unimaginable
broken ports, missing features, obscure minigames, voice acting that seriously had me double
check weather there is something wrong with my audio setup (touch my nose), and gameplay
ideas I wouldn’t have thought it possible to build a game around. Those games are truly amazing, so instead
of answering the eternal question which mario game is the absolute worst one, in a single
video, we are going to do this in a small mini series, where we take a closer look at
some of nintendo’s weirdest moment’s, starting today, with the fascinating game,
Mario’s time Machine. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay, so the first really strange game we
are going to take a look at is Mario’s time Machine, originally released on the MS-DOS. So Mario’s time Machine! was the long awaited
sequel to the equally obscure game mario is missing. Let’s read the games description on the
amazing mario maker wiki together, shall we? In the year 1993, Bowser uses a time machine,
traveling backwards to different points in human history and stealing significant artifacts
to place in his personal museum inside his castle. With his collection nearly completed, Bowser
gloats that not even Mario can stop him now. Mario realizes that history will change forever
if he does nothing, so it’s up to Mario to use Bowser’s own device against him by returning
the artifacts to their proper places in time. Wow, that sounds like fun, doesn’t it!? The game also starts really promising! The intro music is nothing short of amazing,
the pixel art looks really great for a 1993 game, the story is presented in a really cool
way. I can’t wait to find out what the gameplay
is actually like, so let’s jump right into it! So we find ourselves in this room. Alright, so what are we supposed to do? There are no, you know, instructions. So usually, I’m not a big fan of long tutorials
in games, but you know, mario’s time machine is really stretching it. Alright so we can’t walk to the left, we
neither can walk to the right, nor through this door. Wait, does the whole game take place in this
room? Okay so we can pick up this sheet of music. Excellent, I wonder what this is useful for. Alright so we are able to open up this interface,
what is this screen fo … uhm why are we playing a surfing minigame right now. I’ve got so many questions, why are we surfing
here, how did mario end up in this place, what is the objective of the game, why did
this happen after entering the time travelling interface, why do the mushrooms disappear
at random, and most importantly, uhm, how do we leave this game again? So as it turns out driving into a water stream
does the trick! We are back in the castle. So what we just witnessed was one half of
the game, the time travelling minigame. And yes, the time travelling minigame is a
surfing minigame, I have no idea either. The other half of the game is retrieving,
solving and returning the different artifacts bowser stole. We already picked up one of those. The note-sheet. So, uhm, spoiler warning, turns out the note-sheet
we picked up in the castle before is no ordinary note sheet. Actually it’s a quite important note sheet. It’s ludwig von beethoven’s 9th symphony,
and the only way to ensure this wonderful piece of music is not lost for eternity is
to return it to it’s rightful owner. Ludwig van Beethoven. But first, let’s solve a fill-in-the-blanks
text shall we. Apparently the greatest composer who ever
lived, ludwig van beethoven; (Great job game, we are only one sentence in and you already
made richard wagner mad) spent most of his life in the austrian musical capital of _____;
Vienna?? Born in … hm … 1770? Hooray! Ludwig gave his first .. hm that’s a though
one. Gas concert? Oh no, I made the smiley mad! Maybe he gave his first metal concert? Oh my god, that’s wrong as well, I could
have sworn he gave metal concerts, now there are two sad smileys! I start to feel the pressure. (heartbeat ..). He gave his, his, uhm, his
first … his first second concert! Oh no, that’s been wrong too. I’m so sorry beethoven. Luckily the only penalty for entering something
wrong is it that the screen closes. I’m not kidding, we even keep the right
answers saved for later. That’s really nice of you game! So let me quickly brute force this! (an unknown
amount of time later) So turns out the answer is his first piano concert. Who could have known? Okay it’s probably time to talk about the
actual gameplay loop of this wonderful strange game. So the core idea is the following. Our hero in a jumpsuit first has to pick up
one of the artifacts, which grants him access to one of many legendary and different fill
in the blank texts. Assuming our plumber isn’t able to solve
them by using logic and luck, which he is, but let’s pretend for a second he isn’t. He is supposed to enter the corresponding
time on top of the fill in text into the timulator (i’m not making this name up). Once entered successfully, which is easier
said than done thanks to the horrific and unbeeeelieeevably slow interface, we find
ourselves. Yup that’s right, we find ourselves in the
surfing minigame. The goal here is it to travel through time,
but how does one travel through time? Well by picking up ten mushrooms, and then
committing suicide via whirlpool. If we enter a whirlpool with less than 10
delicious shrooms we are sent back to the single room in the castle. If we entered a wrong time or place previously,
we end up in the castle as well, but if we did everything correctly we successfully surfe
back in time. Hooray! In this case we find ourselves in the beautiful
austrian musical capital vienna, the year is 1824. There is a lot to discover and to experience
in vienna. We can go for a walk on the streets, we can
visit a hotel and talk to the locals, take a peak at a concert room and talk to the locals,
or we talk to other locals. Yeah that’s pretty much it. So the idea here is that mario has to interrogate
all the locals, until he gathered enough knowledge about beethoven, and is able to fill in the
legendary fill in the blanks text. Once the text is solved we can hand it to
the beethoven himself, summon a creepy gigantic hand and return to the present. That’s the game in a nutshell. Rinse and repeat, the next fill in the blanks
text might be about newton, or about cleopatra, or mozart or whatever, but that’s the basic
game loop. Pick up artifact. Surf with style through time, solve fill in
the blank text, repeat. Okay so is this obscure educational gameplay
loop any fun? Well, let me be honest here. No. Actually the idea is kind of cute, I kind
of like the concept of travelling through various time periods, learn about the people
there, and then to apply this newly learned knowledge, but sadly it just doesn’t work. First, uhm, such a game isn’t the perfect
fit for a mario setting, second everything is unbelievably boring, if it is not just
flat out broken, the game lacks any introductions on what to do, and worst of all. Everything. Takes. Forever. The surf game is slow, entering the texts
is slow, the timulator is unbearably slow, talking to people is slow. Everything is just slow. It’s so slow that I doubt anyone would ever
be silly enough to do a speedrun of this ga.. uhm, nevermind. Anyway, so if the gameplay isn’t fun, does
the game at least succeed at teaching kids history. Well, uhm that can be debated. So first, the way the game is structured just
isn’t a good way to teach anyone anything, like seriously mario’s time machine, if
you want to teach kids history then do it like the civilization series. That’s like the more effective approach. But that is actually the smaller problem,
the bigger problem is that the game constantly gets history facts wrong. Cleopatra talks about having 3 sons, when
in fact one son is a daughter, the game states that mozart’s wife calls mozart wolfie, which
never ever happened once, they got this from the movie amadeus, they state that mozart
became a concertmaster at the age of 13, when he was actually 17, Mario receives a tea bag
in 1455, even though tea bags were not commercially available until the 1920s, the game implies
that benjamin franklin is responsible for cobblestone roads, which, uhm, he is definitely
not, the game even gets the date wrong on which america’s declaration of independence
was signed. And that’s just a couple of the errors,
here’s the full list taken from the amazing mario wiki. So the SNES version of Mario’s time machine
is an educational game about history, that fails as a game, and, well in history. Is there anything that safes the game? Well, the pixel art is sometimes really really
good, especially for a 1993 game, and parts of the soundtrack are really good! One of the tracks for example, finally answers
an eternal question, that I often found myself wondering about, while laying awake in bed
late at night. What would a Mario remix of beethoven’s Ode
to Joy sound like. Wem der große wurf gelungen
eines Freundes Freunds zu sein, Wer ein holdes Weib errungen
Mische seinen Jubel ein! I always thought that would sound, … you
know … better. Anyway, so that’s the SNES version of the
game. The DOS version of the game is very similar
to the SNES version, I’d argue the game is slightly better, it features a couple more
time periods, and most importantly, the surfing minigame is by far less worse. Also there is this minigame. That’s the Dino mini-game. It happens if we try to travel to a wrong
time period. So I know what at least one of you is currently
thinking. A dino mini-game, how exciting, I wonder how
this mini game works!? To such a person I would answer, yeah I wonder
too how this minigame works. Like, I have honestly no idea. I’m not kidding by the way. When I first got to this minigame I was stuck
here for over 15 minutes. I tried to google how to leave it again, but
apparently, no one in the whole world wide web knows the answer either. It’s really super weird, there are those
blasters at the bottom, which don’t kill us, but fly towards us in endless waves, until
they randomly stop to spawn after about ten minutes. And then there is this bird that, you, know,
drops eggs. To our right is a hole in the ground, which
we are can click, but clicking it does nothing, except for the one time after 15 minutes,
when clicking it suddenly, randomly revealed a yoshi, which took us back in time. Hooray? If anyone knows how this minigame is supposed
to work, please tell me in a comment, I’m honestly super curious. So anyway, other than that the SNES and the
DOS version of the game are very similar. But we aren’t done with this obscure little
treasure of a game yet, because as it turns out that’s not the final port of Mario’s
time Machine. Because as it turns out
there is actually a third port of this game. And this is where stuff gets really really
obscure, because as it turns out, mario’s time machine got ported to the NES. In 1994, almost four years after the release
of the Super Nintendo, which makes it one of the very last games ever, to be released
on the NES. Mario’s time Machine got ported onto the
original Nintendo Entertainment system, only two years before the nintendo 64 got released. So obviously getting this game somehow onto
the NES was really important to someone, but what does the NES port play like? Well, nothing like the other two ports, that’s
for sure. It’s a completely different game. Like completely completely completely different. So check this out! This time Mario’s time machine starts by
Mario and yoshi happily riding together towards a museum. But what is this! As soon as they arrive at the museum a textbox
informs them that Bowser and his koopas built the biggest museum in history, but to do so
they have stolen many important items from the past. So this information is obviously not enough
to get mario to act immediately, all it does is slightly confuse him, so the game has to
pull another trick to finally get mario to behave as if he cared! Bowser’s turns up, does an evil turtle dance,
and kidnaps yoshi. Mario obviously likes yoshi, and as the game
tells us, retrieving the stolen artifacts is the only way to rescue yoshi, for reasons
unknown. So retrieving the artifacts it is. But how does one single plumber retrieve those
artifacts? Well, definitely not like in the DOS version. So first we find ourselves in the middle of
bowser’s museum, which is a far more exciting place then in the other versions, if we ignore
the lack of color for a moment. We are able to explore this place freely,
there are cool statues, several doors we can enter, even the camera learned how to scroll
when getting ported to older hardware. Behind the doors the artifact retrieval mini-game
takes place. You see, in the other versions of the game
the artifacts just lay around, and can be picked up whenever we want. But not in the NES version, because in the
NES version we first have to play the second worst version of the original Mario Bros ever
released. So I’m not going to go into detail why this
version is so bad, just know that it’s impossible to fail, the hitboxes are wrong all the time,
mario’s jump feels horrible, and the only way to lose this game is it by exiting it
by accident, which, happens surprisingly easy. Anyway after defeating three koopas the koopas
drop one of the artifacts, here newton’s apple for example. That’s the first half of the game, obtaining
the lost artifacts by playing something that visually resembles Mario Bros. The second part is it to travel to the correct
time period and to return the artifact to the right spot. So here is where the port really becomes different
to its predecessors on superior hardware. Because there are no legendary fill in the
blanks texts anymore. Yup, instead the game plays like super mario
bros, but with a unique twist. So The different time periods are like mario
bros stages, but the unique thing about them is it that each time period contains cool
educational blocks that tell us about the time we are in, and about the place where
the item has to be brought to. So, the torch for example has to be used at
this spot in the ancient greek timeline. If we use it anywhere else an evil bird appears
and unrightfully steals our stolen artifact, if we use it here however, then we, well then
we save the olympics! Hooray! But learning about the different time periods
is quite a dangerous task because of all the evil enemies that spawn in literally endless
waves. There are brave koopas traing to stop us,
evil hammer swinging bros, trying to hammer us down, and worst of all, those guys, which
name I sadly wasn’t able to find out. So uhm, let’s call them walking turnips,
which, uhm, also try to stop us. So that’s the core gameplay loop. Play Mario Bros to gain an artifact, travel
to time periods where we play super mario bros, while also getting educated about different
times in the past until we finally learned where to bring the artifact to, while dodging
all the horrific threads along the path. Doesn’t sound like a bad game, does it? And, to be honest Mario’s time Machine on
the NES is almost an okay game. Almost, there are just three things, that
are really holding it back. Three things that prevent the game from being
an okay experience. Namely: First, we can’t fail the game. Remember the awesome enemies from before,
the dangerous hammer bros, the, … uhm creative walking turnips and so on? Well does are basically decoration. They don’t hurt us. We can stand there, getting hammered down
by this hammer bros for as long as we want to. Nothing is ever going to happen. Defeating them is pointless too, since they
respawn immediately. The Mario Bros mini game can’t be failed
either. The whole game just can’t be lost. But that’s by far not the biggest problem
of the game, the far bigger problem are marios horrible, terrible and beyond awful jumping
physics in this game. The basic problem is the following: Mario’s
jump height is always the maximum jump height. As soon as we press jump, even if it’s just
a super duper quick mini jump press, mario does a huge max height jump. Jumping just is a button that always accelerates
mario into the air for the exact same distance. Couple this with the absolute lack of any
momentum, and really weird in air controls and we got ourselves a platforming game, where
platforming feels awful. But not even this is the biggest problem of
the game. The biggest problem is the level design. So calling the level design in the NES port
uninspired would be an insult to the word uninspired. All the levels are just built in such an unbelievably
random way. There are random enemies somewhere, random
blocks somewhere and the educational blocks are placed at some random spots too. I’m honestly not sure if I ever played a
serious Mario Maker stage with level design that bad. It’s just, it’s, it’s like they didn’t
even put the slightest thought into how to set up the different time periods and it really
really shows. Those three things really hold the game back,
and are the main reason why playing it is sadly a rather unpleasant experience in my
opinion. Alright so those are Mario’s time Machine
on the NES, and on the SNES in a nutshell. But before we end this little video we still
have to answer one final question. How horrible are those games in relation to
the other, really obscure Mario games. Since the NES version is so different from
the DOS and SNES version we are going to rate it separately, so let’s pull out our …
horrific scale of horrible hammers, and let’s rate the snes and the dos version first. So Mario’s time machine … on the SNES and
DOS … scores a total of four horrific hammers. The game is really awful. Not only is it filled with historical inaccuracies,
broken minigames, unbearably slow interfaces, and a lack of instructions that make it almost
impossible to understand what to do in the first place, but worst of all, even if all
those things would work, the game would still be an uninspired weird hybrid between a history
test and a walking simulator. The whole idea for the game is just broken
in the first place. The only thing that prevents the game from
getting the full amount of horrible hammers is the fact that the presentation is kind
of nice, and parts of the soundtrack are really well done. Which leads us to the NES version of the game. So dearest NES port, that’s three hammers
for you, great job, that’s one awful hammer less than your predecessors on better hardware. The NES port is in a really weird position,
because behind all the awful level design, the horrible jumping physics, and the lack
of, you know, challenging gameplay, the game is almost a bit of fun. Like almost. It’s really a pity, because if the team
just tried a bit more Mario’s time Machine on the NES could have been an okay game. So here we have it. A quick overview over Mario’s time Machine,
one of the weirder adventures in our plumbers adventurous career. I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you
did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up, and maybe you feel especially like porting
something onto the NES for no reason at all, and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day,
and to see you soon! Goodbye.

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    Und jetzt frag ich mich wieso ich eigentlich auf englisch schreibe 😂

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