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What Watson Sees In Your Personality

September 12, 2019

personality insights technology is cognitive because it’s not just guessing at the personality of the individual. We’re planning on taking personality insights to pace university in order for them to test it out. People describe me as funny A little bit self centered I�m not going to lie. They say like I�m cold I�m not so open I brought a blog post from my blog now I�m going to copy and paste it into the computer system Click Analyze. you’re empathetic you feel what other feel and are compassionate towards them. I�m kind of happy that they picked up on that because that’s very true. You are wary of other people’s intentions and do not trust easily. That’s pretty accurate. Oh yeah, it that’s definitely accurate As a retailer , knowing something about the individuals that youre marketing and selling to becomes very important. and you have a hard time sticking with a difficult tasks for long periods of time that’s actually really creepy like accurate. these are all things that I kind of knew deep down inside I just hope that other people feel the same way about me I guess it’s actually using a test group of individuals whose personalities have been established of the way that they wrote the words that they used in the Sentence structures that they used and then using that based on machine learning to determine what the personalities of what the test group are. I would definitely use it before going on a date. It�s quiet hard to see person not just from face value but also from a deeper deeper level so you know how to use better manage them. One of the keys to understanding personality insights is to know that it’s used only to augment the capabilities of a particular organization personality insights can help a company market to me better but they’re not going to replace the marketing department that company

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