What Kind of PRANKSTER Are You?! ­čś▓Personality Quiz | Nick

October 8, 2019

Everyone knows how to show
their friends they really care. You prank ’em! So, take this prank
personality test. Seems to be your clucky day! Question 1: who is
your favorite prankster? A) Luan Loud. Hahahaha, get it? B) Max Thunderman. Did you come up with
the best prank ever yet? C) I am my own prank hero. I’ve been working out,
excuse me a second. Question 2: While you prank people,
do you prefer to: A) See the look on their faces? Did you see the look on his face? B) Be a million miles away. Were you guys making
prank phone calls? C) Record their reaction
and win the internet. [screaming] [laughing] Got it! Question 3: Which response do you
most hope to get after a prank? A) Laughter. [laughing] B) Surprise. – That was amazing!
– I know! C) The creation of my own
personal fan club. Max: M: Mindlessly heed Max. A: Aspire to be Max.
X: Exactly like Max. Question 4: Which of these terms
best describes you? A) Casual joker. It’s just a harmless prank! B) Pro pranker. Rub the fish against your face. C) Royal Duke Prankster
of the Land of Prankonia. Oh, look! It’s a Pegasus herd! What a coincidence, and/or thing
I meticulously planned. It looks like a rainbow, but it smells like a rainbow’s butt! Question 5: Who do you like to
brag about your pranks to? A) My friends and family. Well done, family! B) I prank for no one but myself. Sigh. C: Literally every newspaper and
TV Station in the known universe. Hey, I know you, yeah!
From today’s paper! Local Nutcase Tries to Fly? Question 6: Where’s your favorite
place to prank? A) School. Oh, I am so getting you back for this! B) In my house. Anyone who sets foot
on our property is fair game. C) Wherever my friends are. Alright, it’s true! I tricked you
to get the Krabby Patty. But then you showed me friendship! Question 7: What prank do you see
when you look at this image? A) Fake vomit. – Ugh, excuse me.
-I’ll tell you how it ends! [retching] No I won’t! B) A whoopee cushion. Sounds like you guys
are having a blast in here! C) My younger sister being
convinced that she is invisible. Invisible spray. – Wow, invisible spray.
– But I can see it. Gee, Patrick, just think of the pranks
we could pull with this! Good choice. Now be careful with that
stuff boys, it stains clothes. Thanks, Frank. Question 8: What is the best day
to pull a prank? A) My birthday. Since I was a baby. B) April Fool’s Day. Pranksmas Eve. C) Today is always
the best day for a prank. First I was just pranking like
one or two people on the weekends. Pretty soon I was
doing it every day. Question 9: How does successfully
pranking someone make you feel? A) Gleeful. [laughing] B) Accomplished. Go Lincoln, choo choo! C) Like I just dunked on Lebron James. Feels good! Question 10: How long should it take
to plan and perform a prank? A) An afternoon. Twelve seconds later. B) A couple of days. Several bad puns later. C: So much later that the old
narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one. Let’s see where each squad stands
on their road to knighthood. If you chose mostly As, then you should try
a classic pie in the face. It wasn’t a pie! [splat] You’re an extroverted prankster, and like to throw yourself right
in the middle of a good joke. Oops, sorry! Wrong camera. Okay, we’re done. If you chose mostly Bs, then you should try hiding and dropping
something gross on your friends’ head at a pivotal moment. Clean it up. You like to take your time
with your pranks, and stand back
while your plot unfolds. If you chose mostly Cs, then congratulations,
you’re the pranking GOAT! The Joker! You’re a skilled trickster, and the perfect person to put
their siblings’ things in gelatin! Aww, look at the Loud family
getting’ jiggy with it! Because you define
yourself by your pranks, and aren’t satisfied by
the same old gags. So, go for the unexpected. We don’t have any hair! I guess that’s a wrap! [laughing] Let us know your test results
in the comments below.

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