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What is the BEST JUST DANCE OF ALL TIME? – Tier List

February 17, 2020

Hi Dougretters! How are you? In today’s video, we will put together a list of the best for the worst Just Dance games This ranking format is very popular on youtube Virtually all gaming channels have already made a list like this But I never saw a specific list talking about Just Dance So this problem will be solved today and now! Before starting to assemble the list I want to warn you that I will leave the link for you to make your own list And share in Just Dance groups if you want Also notice that I will follow the order of launch of the games so as not to be messy and out of context I will do so with all games from 1 to 2020 The spin-off games I can do otherwise. I intend to record this video in a single take. Because of that I will stutter at some point or get nervous. Don’t mind that. Because I want to leave the video with a real experience One more thing before I start I changed some colors in the table to look like what we see in Just Dance, and added the “super” space I haven’t changed anything else that is relevant Now that I’m recording, let’s start. Let’s start with Just Dance 1 This one I’ll put in space … “GOOD” There is no way to demand much from 1. As much as many criticize, I like it. There is a lot of music in it that I listened to before I started playing Just Dance and that attracted me to play the game. Now it’s JD2 Without a doubt I’ll put it on … Oops, wrong space It’s in “YEAH” For me, 2 is one of the best Just Dances ever made. Impeccable music and very good choreography for the time. If it were released today, it would still be present Because the tracklist for this game is a perfect thing I wanted to say the same for 3 For me, of the first 3 games this was the worst I’ll put it in the same space as 1 Now the 4 The 4 is in the same place as the 2 There’s no way this game could be in another place Flawless choreography, perfect tracklist, memorable costumes, I don’t even know what to say about extreme routines Good Feeling… Wild Wild West… Now 2014 Many say that 2014 is the best Just Dance But he is just “PERFECT” 2014 is an excellent game but he used many formulas that 4 already had It only improves some aspects of 4 If this game had somehow been more innovative, it would also be in “YEAH” But I see 2014 as “Just Dance 4: Part 2” 2015… here… He’s worse than 2014 and better than 1 and 3 I would put 2015 alongside 1 and 3. But unlike these two, 2015 has aged very well I remember that at the time of the release I got really sick of the game I played for a month and couldn’t bear to return to the game So I went back to playing 2014 and 4 Until the time that launched 2016 And now, in 2020, I played it again like never before 2015 has Bad Romance official choreography. The best game routine for me! Now 2016… here… Where can I put 2016? It was a very innovative game, as it was the first with Unlimited. But he without Unlimited is a very weak game Perhaps because Unlimited was new at the time and they needed to focus on the service. I think… “OK” isn’t a good place for 2016 So it will be next to 1 and 3 Later you will know why 2017 It fixes the main problem of 2016. It is very good as a game alone, without the need for Unlimited In 2017 they were more careful in choosing the songs and greatly improved the costumes that in 2016 were not so good In the game there is unlimited, but you can play perfectly without the subscription. I’ll leave 2017 at “PERFECT” next to 2014 2017 is very good I play a lot today. Now we come to a delicate game … 2018… How to explain 2018? I’m looking for the right words So, 2018 The game was coming from a growing evolution. 2017 was better than 2016, so everyone bet that 2018 would be better than 2017. But that’s not what happened … But 2018 was released with a lot of criticism about it for not delivering what fans asked for And the content that came in the game did not please me. So besides the game not having anything I expected from him, he disappointed me. So… 2018 will be the first to go… to “X”, sorry There is no other possible place But 2019 … They saw they were wrong in 2018. In this they finally delivered everything that the fans were asking for. It looks like they were in Just Dance groups And, man, 2019 is really good He brought everything 2018 should have brought and did not And still brought more things He’s just not better because over time he gets sick If he had been the real 2018, he would have been on “YEAH” as the best Just Dance But as he arrived late, he will stay on “GOOD” Now… 2020 He’s almost the same as 2018 But the difference between them is that the content of 2020 is good, even though there is not much that the fans asked for It will be a game that in the future I will be happy to revisit. This desire to revisit does not appear in 2018. Since 2019 launched I see no reason to return to 2018 So 2020… It will be “OK” It’s a pretty average game. So “OK” is the perfect place for him The extreme routines of this game that people like, I’m not so attracted… Then the Main series ended Let’s start the spin-offs First the ones that have some relation to the main series First Summer Party Summer Party is made up of almost all Just Dance 2 DLCs He’s a piece of one of the best Just Dances, so there’s no way he can be bad. But because it is a piece … It will stay on “PERFECT” Greatest Hits His idea is very good. Even Ubisoft, you could do a Greatest Hits 2 Not that I’m charging, but it would be nice to see But the selection of songs in the game is not very satisfactory to me. Many songs on JD1 were not part of that game. The choice of songs could have been better. I understand the importance of the game. They ported almost two games at once to a new video game: the Xbox 360 I miss “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Can’t Get You Out Of My head” and several others from 1 1 was the main loser in the choice of songs. 2 too but as 2 has a lot of songs, some would be missing anyway. That’s why Greatest Hits will stay at “SUPER” For not being better than he already I’ve done Greatest Hits and Summer Party … Now the Japanese series JDWii 1 is not memorable, “OK” Now JDWii 2 … It is very good! It has a mechanic that should be in the main series: The mechanic that allows you to train just one step without having to play the whole song This game has PonPonPon An japanese anthem Will stay at “SUPER” Now it’s time for the perfection of Japanese games This is the Japanese JD that I like the most and that I played the most “Fantastic Baby”, Hatsune Miku’s first appearance … Perfection The place of this game is in “PERFECT” Let me see… The chinese ones I am not familiar with Chinese games. They are exactly the same as the global ones, but with one or two more songs and without the presence of unlimited. Because of that, 2015 and 2017 will be together in “OK” They will not stay with the original versions because they are not the same game Best Of is the same as Greatest Hits with one or two more songs. So I’m going to put them in the same category Yokai Watch This one from Yokai Watch I don’t like. It’s a very small game and I’m not a fan of the franchise He will stay at “X” because I have no affection Now Vitality School It had everything to be a very cool game, but it didn’t work out and almost everything went beta Most of the game consists of Just Dances routines from the main series and… I think he deserves to be on “OK” Now the Kids series JD Kids 1… Where’s Just Dance Kids? Forgot to list So there is no JD Kids 1 If he were here, I would put him on “OK” The only thing that saves the game are the songs of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez The game’s choreographies are not so good Different from Kids 2! Kids 2 is perfect Whip My Hair… Gummy Bear… best song Why isn’t Gummy Bear on Unlimited? It would be successful! JD Kids 2014 too It was a awesome game It’s the JDKids I like the most He just won’t be on “PERFECT” because he doesn’t compare to those in that place He will share a place in “SUPER” with Kids 2. Super fair because I also really like Kids 2 Kids 2014 is a little better because it does not cover most songs. The game has Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Bridgit Mendler … JD Kids 2014 LEGEND The Smurfs Dance Party Direct to “X” I’ve played all the games on that list at least once. Except Just Sing. But I don’t even consider it as a Just Dance game Because of that, I’m going to put it in X, because I haven’t played Just Dance Disney Party 1 1 is extremely better than 2. It is extremely legendary, but not so legendary as to go to “PERFECT”. Then he will be in “SUPER” And Disney Party 2 As for Disney Party 2, it is inferior to 1, maybe because 1 has more Disney songs of my generation. Of the 2 I only know Austin & Ally and Descendants. I would put it on “OK” Hey, where’s Disney party 2? Whoever made this list is too lazy I have to remember to put Disney Party 2 and Kids 1 in the edition Now we have… Dance On Broadway X HIPHOP Dance Experience It is a very well done game, very well worked. I would put it on “YEAH” but as I don’t like all the songs that are in the game, “PERFECT” will be a better place Michael Jackson The Experience LEGEND There is no place but “YEAAH!” 10/10 ABBA You Can Dance “SUPER” I just like to play Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia Only these two The last one: The Black Eyed Peas Experience Don’t know where to put I’ve played all the routines for this game countless times I played more than Michael’s That was the last Experience As much as the game has some defects, I will put it in “PERFECT” This place is super just because it sickens faster than Michael Jackson In “YEAH” I only played legendary and timeless games. Anyone can play these games that will have fun for sure And that’s it! This is my list I wouldn’t change a thing I think it was well done So that’s it Dougretters! I hope you enjoyed. Like the video if you didn’t like it, make yours and share Or comment on something you would change on my list Subscribe to the channel if you are not subscribed See you in the next video!

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  • Reply Cauã Rodrigo February 16, 2020 at 1:35 am

    Se o melhor Just dance não for o Just dance 2014. Eu vou ficar bravo kk

  • Reply Tsunami 29 February 16, 2020 at 1:56 am

    I will be at the premiere

  • Reply Skeiotone Skeis February 16, 2020 at 5:54 am

    #JustDance2015 is the best imo.

  • Reply Diana Irimia February 16, 2020 at 11:19 am

    I will be there 😀

  • Reply 100K Subs No Videos February 16, 2020 at 3:05 pm

    awesome video

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    Fantastic video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

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    Amazing video Doug

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    16:25 franceses vc quiz dizer

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    Just Dance 2014
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    Os melhores foda se ❤❤😍😻

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    JUST DANCE 4-2016!

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    O 4 Realmente foi o melhor Just Dance. Insuperável. O que te decepcionou tanto no 2020? Eu realmente considero ele um dos melhores.

  • Reply Rabbony Santos February 17, 2020 at 11:33 am

    Gostei dos "meus amores", o jeito despojado, a barba bem feita, Melhor classificação, melhor lista.

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    Just Dance 2014 was innovative. It introduced World Dance Floor.

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