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What If You Didn’t Need To Sleep?

December 15, 2019

On average we spend about a third of our life
sleeping. That’s eight hours, every single day without fail where you are for all intents
and purposes dead to the world. The average worldwide life expectancy is about 71 years.
That means if you sleep 8 hours on each of those 25,915 days you’re alive you will
have slept a staggering 207,320 hours in your lifetime! But what if you didn’t need to
sleep and all of sudden had an extra couple hundred thousand hours? What could you do
with all that extra time? First of all, this is a purely hypothetical
show because if you’ve seen our other shows on the matter of sleep you’ll know that
we just can’t go without it for extended periods of time. The longest anyone has ever
stayed awake is 11 days, or 264 hours. We don’t know how long a person could last
without dying because no one can stay awake that long. But you all know that just going
one or two nights without sleep can make you a little crazy. Try three consecutive days
and you might just start seeing things and hearing things, and that could turn into full-blown
psychosis. We don’t suggest you try it. So you couldn’t just stay awake forever,
but let’s just pretend today that this is possible. You are not going to feel drowsy,
or irritable, and you are not going to start conversing with your favorite cartoon characters
over a glass of milk that doesn’t exist. Let’s imagine you just don’t need to sleep
at all and feel completely fine. According to researchers at the University
of Colorado at Boulder if we just lie awake in bed all night we burn about 135 more calories
than if we sleep. That’s not moving around, but just staying awake in bed. We guess you’ve
all had a terrible night like that before when dealing with stress.
In your sleepless life you are not going to spend the entire night just lying down, so
the first change in this new life of yours is that you might want to eat a bit more.
There would be at least one extra meal in the 24-hour day. You won’t actually be breaking
a fast, so we suppose we’d have to stop calling that first meal breakfast. Instead
you’ll have a morning meal, a midday meal, an evening meal and a night meal. We guess
you’ll be eating around 2 am and then again around 7am. You’ll need plenty of food in
the house because not many places are open at 2am- though we suppose if people didn’t
sleep anymore then business hours would certainly change. This will have consequences on your grocery
bill. It’s hard to say how much more money you will need. If you look at statistics it’s
said the average American household will have a food budget of about $280 to $500 a month.
The number changed significantly depending on the city. A recent report in the UK said
an average family will spend about 60 pounds ($77) on food a week. Again, the cost of groceries
in the UK will change dramatically from household to household. There are beans on toast washed
down with a three-liter bottle of “tried & trusted” Frosty Jack’s cider people,
and there are those who turn their noses up at Tesco.
We know that some people might spend $100 on one meal, especially if that’s washed
down with fine wine. You know your own lifestyle, but anyone who doesn’t sleep is going to
have to figure out a new budget with that extra meal in the day. Talking about fine
wine, you’ll never be able to sleep off a hangover again so getting drunk might be
hard work. You are also going to factor in that other
bills that will be different, such as the electricity you use. This bill will be bigger.
Do you watch a lot of TV or play games that ask you to buy in-game items? Not sleeping
is going to cost you, so it’s a good job you now have extra time to work.
But what can you do all night since most jobs are daytime jobs?
Well, you could work a nightshift, but let’s face it, working a day shift and a night shift
will be exhausting even if you don’t feel the need to sleep. We suggest you just add
a couple of hours to your normal job and do something online to earn money. You may have
seen in our show about online jobs that there’s a lot you can do from your computer. Some
of you might have day jobs that pay really well and we guess you lucky guys won’t need
the extra work. The question is, though, will you get bored?
Maybe you could educate yourself and start reading more.
The statistics differ depending on where you look, and you can find studies that tell you
one in four Americans didn’t read a single book in a year. But you can find other studies,
such as one conducted by Pew Research that said at least in 2012 74 percent of Americans
read at least one book in that year. We should say ‘consumed’ a book is a better verb
since more Americans are now doing the audio book thing. Pew Research seems to think the
average American will read about 12 books a year, so we think if you are not sleeping
all night and not working we can double that. No sleep=more knowledge=more informed people=a
better society…we think. Let’s just be positive and say that will happen, and we’ll
throw all the negatives at you later. You might also get a hobby or follow a creative
pursuit. You always said you wanted to write a book and now you have the time. J K Rowling
spent six years on “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, but then she had a kid
and a job. We might also add that some folks write fast. It only took Anthony Burgess three
weeks to write the cult classic “A Clockwork Orange.” However fast you write doesn’t
really matter, because with 8 more hours in the day you are going to be able to knock
at least one book out in a year. Or perhaps you want to create a YouTube channel.
There are a bazillion guides out there that will tell you how to do this, but we should
say that whatever they tell you it will take a lot of time and effort and of course you’ll
need a good idea. For most channels it will be a few years before a decent audience is
built up, but if you are familiar with such creative pursuits you’ll know the problem
for most people is how to build a channel and still hold down a day job. You are in
luck, because you now don’t have that problem. With eight extra hours in the day it is likely
you are going to find some success. You might also get lonely if you are the only
person who is not sleeping. Just imagine spending a third of your life alone. Well, maybe you
have online friends in other countries, but it’s not the same as spending time with
someone. Still, it’s likely if you’re an American non-sleeper you are going to make
a lot of new friends on the other side of the world. Oliver meet Reyansh, Reyansh, this
is Oliver, your new buddy who is sleepless in Seattle.
If you have a partner perhaps there are going to be many hours you are just waiting for
them to wake. The fact is, if you do not sleep again we think you really are going to have
to start being hardworking or creative. If you don’t you are likely going to overthink
things and get bored and stressed. Not sleeping might be harder than you think if you don’t
know how to fill the time. Don’t let sleeplessness be a prison.
Another thing is taking care of your body. Your muscles repair themselves when you sleep,
so we suggest you don’t overdo it when you are awake. We suggest you do exercise such
as yoga, and generally just try and stay healthy. There will be other negative things that will
happen. Let’s say someone asks you to do something and you don’t do it. You feel
lazy, but they will say something like, “C’mon, you have 24 hours a day, unlike us poor folks.”
Not sleeping means you are basically on the clock all the time. You wouldn’t even be
able to say you didn’t pick up the phone because you were sleeping. You might even
get exploited by your boss who now demands more work. There will be no excuse for not
seeing a message in Facebook Messenger. What if you and your partner didn’t sleep?
We might think this would be great because you could spend more time together, but one
expert talking to Live Science said couples need their downtime. Being awake with one
another all the time he said would put stress on the relationship. He said you’d either
argue more or just get really bored of each other. Maybe a sleepless life would turn into
a single life. You’d have to update your Tinder profile to say, “I don’t sleep.”
You might be richer, but unhappier. If you were a whole family of non-sleepers
we can imagine a total nightmare. It’s this thing called sleep that can give us a break
from others. Sleep can settle arguments; it irons out disputes. Imagine 24 hours with
your brother, mother, father, children. Do you think you could cope with that?
While we have talked about a lot of positive things such as being creative or productive,
we imagine not sleeping will become a kind of living nightmare for many people. Even
if in our hypothetical situation your mental faculties were ok, we think your emotional
well-being would suffer. Your world might become something like the
play “No Exit” written by French philosopher Jean-Paul Satre. In that play people go to
hell, but hell is just being locked in a room with certain folks for eternity. Things don’t
go too well, and the famous quote from that play is “Hell is other people.” If you
never slept again we think you might agree. Even the Walton family couldn’t survive
not sleeping. In the non-sleeping version of that show John-Boy ends up doing hard time
for trying to strangle Grandpa Walton for talking badly about his cow. They just needed
some distance. Scientists have actually talked about what
might happen if we “cured” sleep. Today we have used a hypothetical and said we wouldn’t
be too affected mentally by this lack of sleep, but in real life even if we took just 4 hours
from our eight hours scientists don’t think it would make us more productive or creative.
Live Science interviewed experts about this and they seemed to think we need our eight
hours, or thereabouts. One scientist said, “It’s really seductive to think we would
all become smarter and more productive, but that’s not necessarily the case.”
So, in conclusion, not sleeping would have some initial benefits if indeed the scenario
played out so that your brain and body could take it; if we cured sleep, so to speak. But
the emotional stress of having to cope with other people 24-7 would in the end destroy
your relationships; well, it would destroy most people’s relationships. You might have
more money in the bank and you might write the next great American novel, but hell is
other people would become your reality. Productivity in the bedroom might go up only
because there’s a lot of downtime, and we know more babies are made in the winter months.
But in the end having those babies around you all the time would create a perfect storm
and we think you’d soon start to resent even the most cherished people in your life.
We don’t just need sleep to rest our brains and fix our bodies, but we need that break
in the land of Nod just to get away from people. We went online and tried to find if there
are or were any people that just never slept. We found one case of a Vietnemese man who
claimed he didn’t sleep for 46 years. Yes, you heard that right. We should say that some
people might doubt whether this is true, but it seems his case was investigated in Vietnam
and he had his believers. He once said, “I feel like a plant without water.” So, if
you never slept, that’s how you might feel. We also found a man called Al Herpin, and
he got the epithet, “The man who never slept.” The New York Times said this about him in
1903: “Albert Herpin, born in France in 1862 and
for fifteen years a hostler in the employ of Freeholder Walter Phares of this city,
declares that he has not slept a wink during the past ten years. Notwithstanding this,
he is in perfect health, and does not seem to suffer any discomfort from his remarkable
condition.” Later his obituary appeared in the New York
Times and this is what it said: “Alfred E. Herpin, a recluse who lived on
the outskirts of the city and insisted that he never slept. He was 94 years old and, when
questioned concerning his claim of ‘sleeplessnes’, maintained that he never actually dozed but
merely ‘rested’. No other person with total insomnia has lived
for such a long period of time. It was likely that he died for other reasons, not sleep
deprivation, as his insomnia did not seem to have any effect on his health.”
Medical professionals will tell you that no man can just not sleep, but it seems Al was
believed by many. If you could wave a magic wand and make it
possible to never sleep again would you? Tell us in the comments. And since you will have
to sleep eventually, go watch “How To Lucid Dream in Your Sleep In 3 Minutes.” Thanks
for watching, and as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next

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