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What happened to me?? UPDATE and PLANS for 2020.

January 27, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video on my channel. It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted a video here and it’s about time that I provide some sort of update to tell you where I have been and what the future plans for this channel are. So yeah without anything else I’m just gonna get right on into it, um gonna give you a little bit of an overview of from like day 1 to where we are now. If you… If this is your first video if you’re tuning in for the first time, which I highly doubt, but yeah So I originally started my channel I want to say Spring of 2017 and that’s where things got serious. I was uploading daily content and I, was, growing fairly quickly. Um, and my channel kind of just like blew up at the time it was really mind-blowing to me that this many people were actually interested to see my point of view of, um you know a role play game and then alongside that you know some of the other content that I would produce. So it grew really quickly I never thought it would, it was just really really fun because it was gaming and YouTube was always a hobby it never really expected it to be anything and then when it grew so quickly and I realized that it was real and it wasn’t fake, I knew that I had something but I didn’t know what to do because I knew that very shortly after towards the summer of 2017, I would need to take some sort of break because I was planning on attending college after high school and you know if anyone knows what college is about it’s you know it’s fairly busy (and I do apologize for my phone going off in the background), but Um, yeah, so I started college my life got really busy I took a break and My plan was to come back in like mid-2018. Which it kind of did I want to say I was back like around March. I was there for a few months and then I realized that it just wasn’t… Not gonna happen. Like I was just ridiculously busy and you know, Two and a half months maybe went by and it just wasn’t working out. Yeah, so I went on a full-blown hiatus Disappeared from YouTube. Disappeared from the DOJ community. I pretty much just left, I you know didn’t have the time for it and I essentially needed to isolate myself away from gaming so I could focus on school and still go to work, and you know, just make everything work out for me and not have any major distractions so that point in 2018 to now is pretty much my term of my hiatus that I had and Yeah, that’s where I went nothing bad happened to me. I just was really busy and I had a cut a hobby out of my life temporarily That way I could succeed in another department of life that makes any sense whatsoever Doesn’t in my head at the moment, but it might later or it might not Now many will ask if I’m still in the DOJ community and my answer to that is currently I’m not in any community obviously I left the DOJ when I began my hiatus, so it’s not like I can just You know walk right in the doors. Hey, I’m back, you know flash an ID card that was dated 2017 and expect to just everything go back to normal, so For those that are wondering if I will return to the DOJ. I have no idea kind of just Go as if I’m allowed to I will I love to return there and play with some of the people that I used to play with before and you know create content for my YouTube page, but we’ll see what happens definitely going to Create content on this channel. I do want to get back into doing GTA RP it you know, I really enjoy it you guys enjoy watching it. So it’s a win-win situation Alongside that I want to create LSP it for our content because I freaking love that game. It’s just truly truly awesome to play But I also want to continue to branch out to other games such as American Truck Simulator because that’s a cool Way to pass time and just really any other simulator games I really like so lots of new things are come here and I can’t wait for that. Really and yeah, I mean, this is really it I mean Other than that my just being busy is what caused me to go on this hiatus And I totally have been keeping up with my youtube channel during that hiatus I mean the fact that it was still growing even though I wasn’t posting any videos was really mind-blowing to me and Were just over 50,000 subscribers which is Absolutely amazing. And I you know think each and every one of you that have liked commented subscribed, you know if you’re watching this, you’re not it’s just truly amazing to me that that many people cared enough to press a little red button because they thought my content was interesting and It’s really really awesome So I do apologize for going on my hiatus unannounced Looking back at it. I should have made some sort of announcement video saying hey, I’m leaving but I’ll be back but I didn’t and I guess really the most important news here is that I’m back and my Goal is to you know, push out the best and you know Coolest content I guess for 2020 it’s a new year new decade and I I just can’t wait to get back into the games and start recording stuff and Having fun and then posting it to YouTube to share with all of you So I really appreciate you guys taking the time to watch this video I don’t remember if I said it earlier but whatever’s playing on the screen right now is pre-recorded Probably a year ago if not more so that’s just something off my computer. I can’t wait to be back and Thanks again everyone for the amazing support and I’ll see you guys all very soon

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    welcome back solo we miss you

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