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What are the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards? (MEES)

February 22, 2020

What are the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, otherwise known as the MEES? Under the Energy Efficiency regulations 2015
for Private Rented Property in England and Wales, it will be unlawful to agree a new
lease for a domestic or commercial property with an EPC rating of F or G On the 1st April 2018 these standards apply
to landlords or property owners on all new lettings and lease renewals, and the property
owner will need to ensure that the property meets MEES before the lease is granted. However, on the 1st April 2023 MEES will apply
to ALL Commercial and Domestic privately rented properties Your property will be exempt from the new
standards, if you have… A) Already carried out any energy efficiency
improvements B) an independent surveyor has identified,
that the requirements are not cost effective. For example, changes to the property that
can devalue the property by 5% or more, or can potentially raise the EPC rating to above
F. C) Found it difficult to obtain third party
consent, despite reasonable effort, to make the required changes to comply with the MEES.
A third party could mean a tenant, landlord or planning authority. If you miss the deadline, after 3 months or
less from April 2018, you will be issued with a penalty to an equivalent of 10% of the property’s
rateable value. Beyond July 2018 this penalty will increase to 20%.

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