[WGM4] Gong Myung♥Hyesung – Checking the Test Results, Hyesung Got Angry 20170311

November 9, 2019

As for the wife… she’s very stylish, creative and artistic You want to differentiate yourself from others She’s right She likes to place lamps in her place The result showed that I prefer to be a unique person That was quite unexpected! I’ve never thought I am different from others I thought I was an ordinary person That’s weird. She is peculiar Those who are peculiar don’t know that they are peculiar That’s right. They don’t As for the husband, he has a strong desire for success A strong desire for success? You’re such an ambitious guy One of your life goals is to be recognised and praised by others – That means a lot to you – That’s why he makes mistakes He made mistakes when he played bowling although he tried his best (His strong passion to be perfect…) (…caused him to make mistakes often) I think you should be careful not to hurt your wife’s feelings by caring what others think Oh, it happened in the market and Hye Sung is very emotional She’s right Don’t think too much on your own It’s important to have more conversations with your husband so that you won’t get him wrong in any way Here, you wrote your mother and husband as your favourite people What about her father? She forgot her father? I used to love my parents the most but it’s been changed since I got married Darn it Oh no, her father He’ll cry if he watches this However, Gong Myung said that… …he loves himself most (He’s embarrassed) Next to this clinic, I think there must be a divorce lawyer’s office Do you think so? But your father… This isn’t right at all! Ah, this is serious I even gave up writing my dad to write my husband and my mom And what? He loves himself most? This is ridiculous… There’s no food for you!!! That’s the scariest thing She must have been so sad (However, fortunately…) You both have a strong desire for joy They get excited easily You both have a similar level of desire for love (They’re an affectionate and straightforward couple) We’re meant to be together ♥

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