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Weird but efficient way to memorize English word [Happy Together/2020.03.12]

March 13, 2020

I never knew you two would be above me. You are at least… Of course, my score isn’t that high, so… People must wonder why I am sitting in the middle. We are actually sitting in the order of scores. – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. / – He’s 1st. I’m 2nd. I admit it. My score is lower. Jungmin is the one with the lowest score. Is he not coming? There is a reason why some people aren’t successful. (He’s the not successful one.) I apologize. We badmouthed you while you weren’t there. I am sorry, Jungmin. Jungmin couldn’t come that day because of another gig. I never knew they would include that in there. – It was because he had work. / – I apologize. Those two were so boastful. Let me remind you. I didn’t gain the weight back. (He clarifies that he didn’t gain the weight back.) (Chubby) Did he give up even before giving it a try? – This is why he isn’t successful. / – He is the bottom one. How can he do this? By the way, after the exam, he became so full of himself for scoring the highest. – I heard you two had a party. / – Yes. Why would you hold a party for scoring 300? I scored 255. But you scored 300. Did you rank first in the nation? It’s a festival for us. (The two who scored 300 are celebrating.) (My mom’s going to be so happy.) – I can’t believe it. / – The day after that day, I went and bought myself clothes. I got myself a gift. By the way, what are we doing here? We are going to memorize 100 English words in 2 hours? Learning vocabulary is very important. When you are a complete beginner, you don’t have the database. In language, the database is made up of words. They have to start by memorizing words. It’s best to say the words while listening to a recording. I memorize words, but I forget them right away. It’s bad. (This man will save them.) He’s here. (He’s the master of association technique) (who awakens your sleeping brain.) (Even his name sounds like a technique.) (He is Gyeong Sunsik.) – Hello. / – Hello. I heard you are preparing for the TOEIC exam. If your TOEIC exam score is low, you can significantly raise your score just by memorizing words. So, today, I will make you memorize 100 words in 2 hours. – 100 words in 2 hours? / – That wouldn’t be easy. You will put 100 words into our brains? Let’s start memorizing 100 English words that are often in the TOEIC exam. The first word is “admonish”. – “Admonish”. / – “Admonish”. (Admonish means to scold.) Why did you pee so much? (Why did you pee so much?) (He’s amazed.) (He’s shocked.) (This is a whole new way of memorizing a word.) This is it. I met my teacher. It’s just what I like. Honestly, I had my doubts. I wasn’t sure if his method was actually going to help me. Think of that. Mr. Gyeong. – “Why did you pee so much?” / – Sir. – Are you really a teacher? / – Yes. Perhaps you are a comedian we don’t know who is known for making English jokes. This may seem very childish, but it’s very effective. Right. – “Countermand”. / – Countermand. “Countermand”. (Biting his lip) “Tell the counter to cancel the dumpling order.” Right. Tell the counter that you will cancel the dumpling order. You are too full to eat more. – Countermand. To cancel. / – Countermand. Next is “domestic”. – “Domestic”. / – Domestic. The thief jumped over a wall and went where? – Went inside the house. / – Went inside the house. It can also mean something occurring in the nation. It means something is either relating to a home or to a nation. – Repeat after me. “Domestic”. / – Domestic. Next. “Scar”. – “Scar”. / – Scar. Your skin got peeled. And you got a scar. Your skin got peeled. And you got a scar. – Next. “Usher”. / – Usher. Usher sounds like “Welcome”. – Welcome. / – Welcome. I’ll show you the way. – “Souvenir”. / – Souvenir. This is a towel. Buy a souvenir. – “Souvenir”. / – Souvenir. – That’s a souvenir. / – This is fun. – Next. “Evidence”. / – Evidence. – Evidence. / – “Your husband spent this much.” – What? / – The mother-in-law… (The husband spent money?) It sounds like “evidence”. (Evidence is proof.) You will never forget it. The husband spent money. Can someone get up and try it? I think you’d do well. – Right. / – I will do it. Jaeseok will give it a try. Why did you pee so much? Admonish is to scold. Countermand is to cancel. Domestic is something occurring inside a nation. Scar is your skin getting peeled. Usher is someone who welcomes you. Souvenir is a memento. Costume is a set of clothes. The husband spent money on something. Evidence is proof. The husband spent money on something. Evidence is proof. (He perfectly memorized everything in no time.) This is nice. – I memorized eight words. / – He’s amazing. In such a short time… – How many did you memorize? / – I memorized eight. – Eight. / – That’s incredible. – “Frustrate”. / – Frustrate. (They will try to memorize 60 TOEIC words.) Jinkyung, – do you want to give it a try? / – Okay. “Frustrate”. Frustrate is to prevent someone from progressing. – To get in the way. / – That’s it. – To appoint. / – Yes. To take revenge. A vet. The spread of disease. The place you are going. Your goal. – “Vinegar”. / – Vinegar. You got everything. (She’s surprised too.) – This is fascinating. / – This is not me. You are a genius. You are truly amazing. How many words did we learn so far? 60. You memorized 60 words. Right? Actually, you were not used to the association technique, so we progressed very slowly. For the next 40 words, we will progress very fast. Borrow. “I will give it back right away.” – “So lend me some money.” / – Borrow. Euthanasia. After writing a will, you will get euthanized. Right? Disease. You die. Why did it die? It died of a disease. – Attach. / – Attach. “You detached it, didn’t you?” “Put it back.” Attach is to join. – Attach. / – Attach. To stick it on. Saeho will try as well. – All right. / – Let’s try. To borrow. I will return it right away. Curb is to restrain. Euthanasia is the painless killing. – Correct. / – Disease. You die if you get a disease. Attach. You detached it, didn’t you? To stick it on. (Attach is to stick it on.) – To stick it on. / – To join. Yes. That’s right. It’s a little embarrassing though. It’s embarrassing to explain. You shouldn’t say it out loud. (You shouldn’t say it out loud.) You shouldn’t say it anywhere else. Actually, there were a few that were a bit of a stretch. There were a few. They were not too natural. They were a bit… Some were too embarrassing. This test is not intended to torture you. When you review what you’ve learned from time to time, it will last in your memory longer. And it will be easier to remember. Right. When you do this, you think about what you learned. Right. I can remember the pictures. (Vocabulary Test 1) (How did the three do in the memorization test?) Who got a perfect score? Saeho got a perfect score. Jaeseok got a perfect score. Jinkyung got a perfect score too. Let’s give it up for each other. How many times are you getting a perfect score? So this must be how it feels to get a perfect score. This is why good students remain good students. – It makes you want to do well. / – I know. I can’t believe I got a perfect score. This is amazing. I got everything right. He’s such a great teacher. I experienced a miracle for a brief moment. Souvenir. “It’s a towel.” Countermand. I will never forget these words. This technique is clearly helpful.

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  • Reply yuta's smile heals me March 12, 2020 at 8:57 pm

    lol this is the first time i heard countermand in my life

  • Reply C March 12, 2020 at 9:47 pm

    I am a native speaker with a high level of education and I have never heard or used the word countermand in my life. Why are they teaching them these words? Also, I think the teacher should teach them the proper pronunciation rather than the konglish. Some of the words I could barely understand. I had to look at the slide behind him. All of this work is just purely to pass a test, not to actually learn the language which is a shame because test scores don't always reflect actual ability. Knowing a lot of random big words in English isn't particularly useful when communicating with most people. But to each their own I suppose.

  • Reply Blixblix 02 March 12, 2020 at 10:09 pm

    i really hope they can start talking lesson too.. not just want to pass the exam.. and not underestimate the spelling.. 🙁 hope they can at least make a short story smth like that.. not just for the exam only..

  • Reply Kei Alexander March 12, 2020 at 11:10 pm

    I have seen his ad on youtube where he teaches English and well English is not my first language but i am pretty sure that he pronounce those words like how korean would. Basically just konglish

  • Reply Nausicaa March 12, 2020 at 11:37 pm

    That's some high level words there.
    That's a weird pronunciation for admonish, though.

  • Reply Miya Nadz March 12, 2020 at 11:47 pm

    He might be good in english but his pronunciation is bad…I am not a native speaker but its kinda irritating to hear the Konglish..Its better to have a native speaker to teach them this…

  • Reply DeeLeila Y March 13, 2020 at 1:24 am

    Omfg, im starting to speak kon-lish and Im not even korean… What the heck

  • Reply Pleeka Blue March 13, 2020 at 2:07 am

    Memorizing words is a great way to begin to learn a new language but who uses admonish, countermand or euthanasia in every day conversation?

  • Reply Kassy Aquino March 13, 2020 at 2:25 am

    I say the teacher's method of teaching English is weird and I never used or heard the words like admonish like eodi moni shi. My reaction would be like Yoo Jae Seok. But I guess it really depends on the learning method on a person on which he/she could absorb the information.

  • Reply Alie's Life March 13, 2020 at 2:45 am

    The teacher’s method is great… but his pronunciation is really bad. If they practice saying and hearing “a-do-mo-ni-shi”, it will be difficult to pick it up during listening tests or actual conversations with native speakers.

  • Reply john paul dela cruz March 13, 2020 at 3:05 am

    In my opinion the most important words to learn are those basic ones that a kid would only need for the rest of the day to communicate.

    If you can master it. Only then it would be the right time to add more words that are somewhat significant to improve your basic communication skills.

    Activities and situations to consider learning:

    1. Travelling
    2. Buying/Eating
    3. Playing/Exercising.

    Dont't start with too many words and also don't try to learn the grammars. You can study the alphabets but as a beginner, this is still not necessary.

  • Reply Chris Darwin Lucero March 13, 2020 at 3:20 am

    If the sole purpose is just to memorize words, this will do. But if they want to learn vocabulary to prepare for the exan this technique wouldnt be so helpful especially in the listening test. They will never hear these words pronounced this way and they will never get it.

  • Reply sabrinabatrisyia March 13, 2020 at 3:31 am

    I've seen his ad tho on youtube

  • Reply BlackSpyda1000 March 13, 2020 at 3:35 am

    If people put more effort in teaching in a unique, fun or easy way like this. Alot more student would enjoy learning, instead most of the teacher in school just follow a book to do the teaching.

  • Reply Katima Mulilo March 13, 2020 at 4:00 am

    If you want to build the English database, wouldn't you start with Latin roots?

  • Reply Wheepup's dimple March 13, 2020 at 4:33 am

    Admonish is pronounced 아드먼느쉬

  • Reply Mara Jade March 13, 2020 at 7:49 am

    The pronunciation is not how a native speaker would speak. So if you want to speak the words properly it would be much better to learn from a native speaker who does not have an accent. Plus all the extra syllables.

  • Reply Kazmyrr Alcon March 13, 2020 at 9:11 am

    First off I don’t think people understand that the toeic test is usually for professionals who wish to work in an English speaking country. So yes some people will use the word admonish, countermand, and euthanasia because they could be in a work situation in which they encounter that word. They know the more basic words already because they were required to learn it in school and just by being a non-English speaking country you have to know some basic English in order to get through this English-dominated world.

    Second, I’ve also lived by the motto the weirder the mnemonic the better you remember it as I’ve learned multiple languages. Really like the way this teacher is using both visual aid and these mnemonics to learn new vocabulary. However I sure hope they keep reviewing the material and are not just relying on short term memory for these . Like Jaesuk said, learning a language is something one must do continuously.

    Third, I’m a little irritated by the comments that are picking at their pronunciation. Do you know how hard it is to speak a foreign language as it is spoken by a native speaker. Unless you’ve started speaking it as a child our mouths strengthen different muscles depending on the language that we grew up speaking. You can say admonish perfectly but you probably can’t even say these people’s names correctly. Rather than expecting non-native English speakers to speak English as a native speaker would maybe we should get out of our western-centric world and take the effort to understand what others are trying to say? If somebody came up to you trying to communicate in English, trying their best to pronounce the words correctly (knowing full well they probably aren’t pronouncing it well) the least you can do is to try and understand. Get off your high horse and acknowledge that there are other languages other than English.

  • Reply vonzilla March 13, 2020 at 9:12 am

    Association method is always good, but the problem is some of the words were pronounced incorrectly. But they'll definitely remember them.

  • Reply Hisan Yusuff March 13, 2020 at 10:24 am

    Hell even native English speakers dont use words like 'admonish' or 'countermand'. I feel bad for the show hosts at this point because they are obviously very busy peopoe and this is such a waste of time because these methods wont get them very far in terms of communicating in English.

  • Leave a Reply