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Water Efficiency | Cedars-Sinai

December 4, 2019

Anything that’s attached to the building
we are responsible. We may not be clinicians in a hospital
but indirectly we’re responsible partially for patient care. The aquifer that we
have underneath the main building we have to pump out because the building
would float and we didn’t. So a few years ago we decided let’s see if we can
really utilize or harness this groundwater. We’re supplementing our
water that we use for the cooling towers with the groundwater and whatever we
don’t use we’re actually sending it out to the sewer. Which goes back to DWP. Let me put that into perspective, that’s
enough water each day for 267 single-family homes and just with this
one project. So imagine what is possible if other large commercial properties
stepped up and did the same. That’s why I’m announcing today an incentive
program to help us capture, recycle, and conserve even more ground water. To
follow Cedars lead and to see how far we can go.

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