Want Financial Freedom? Do These 4 Things Now!

February 27, 2020

– So, in this video, I’m gonna talk about how you
can actually retire early, you can save up, and live your dream life. Stick around. These tips are worthwhile. (energetic music) Hey, be sure to subscribe on my channel and click that little
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give you more of my wisdom. What’s up? Tim Sykes, millionaire
mentor and trader here with tips about retiring early. I hate thinking about people
working their entire lives for so little money, and
I know this is the dream. Everyone wants to retire early. Well, let me tell you. I’m living the dream. Several of my top students
are living the dream. We have, frankly, retired early. I have more money than
I know what to do with. I now donate millions to
charity because, frankly, after I took care of my family and got some nice things for myself, I don’t really need that much to live, and that is the situation
that I want you to be in. So, does that mean that you should be a full-time penny stock trader like me? I mean, it helps. I’ll teach you if you want. Rule number one for
retiring early is saving. Having a meticulous plan and just putting a little
aside every day, every week, every month whenever you can. It’s not exact, there’s no
one-size-fits-all for everybody. But just start thinking
about saving, okay? Put it under your bed, put
it in a savings account, do whatever you can to
just set some money aside for a rainy day. Too many people are living
paycheck-to-paycheck, they’re living like they
have no extra money, they don’t even know what to do. They’re working so damn hard, they’re falling asleep at work, they’re not seeing their families or their kids or their pets enough. There’s a lot of just
sadness and loneliness because people are not saving because they can’t do what they want. They’re not financially free, okay? Will having a lot of money
guarantee you happiness? No, okay? If you spend it all on useless
stuff like many millionaires, you’re probably still not gonna be happy. I know a lot of miserable rich people, but if you save up and you
partake in a lot of family events and you have your own
activities and your own hobbies, you have more time to spend with others, and that’s the beautiful
thing about being rich. That’s what I want. I don’t want you working
all your life away. Life is short. You have one life, so
you gotta maximize it. Start saving. Even if you can start saving,
let’s say a dollar per week, $50 per year. It doesn’t sound like much, but
after 10 years, that’s $500. You put it in some right
savings, it might be $600. Guess what? What if you save $10 per day? That’s $3,000 per year,
and that can really add up, especially over 10 years,
especially over 50 years. It’s different for everybody, but just start thinking
putting some money aside, and I’m not just talking about change too. You gotta be realistic. This is tip number two, okay? Don’t just save a quarter
here, a penny there. That’s gonna take you
forever, really will. That’s not worth it. If you’re clipping coupons. I’ve never really met
a happy coupon clipper. They’re trying to save
so little here or there and they’re like, well,
it adds up over time. Yeah, but in order to retire,
you usually need 100,000, $200,000, maybe a million
dollars to retire comfortably. If you’re saving a dollar,
$2, 50 cents on coupons, not to mention the time it
takes to cut out the coupons and you have to find the
right product for the coupon, time is your number one asset, okay? So, it’s not just about
how much money you save. It’s how can you save money
effectively and quickly so that it pays off in the long run but it doesn’t take your whole time, okay? If you spend two hours clipping coupons and you save $4 at your local grocery, and then you’re spending two
hours clipping the coupons and another hour trying to
find the right products, that’s three hours for $4. That’s not a good use of time, okay? That’s less than minimum
wage, so think about that. And my third tip is partake
in different strategies. Learn penny stock trading. I know that the whole world hates on it, I know it’s controversial, but it works, especially if you have a small account. Partake in strategies where you can grow your
money exponentially. I’m not saying this is gonna
be you, but my top student, Tim Grittani, has turned
1,500 into $9 million, but it’s not even just about him. Even Michael Goode who was
my first millionaire student, he thought I was full of BS. He’s made over $2 million. He’s comfortably retired and he has a strategy that
keeps making him more and more. This isn’t just playing
the lotto and winning once. This is learning strategies that you can use over and over again, and when the pattern is
right and it comes to us and we’re prepared with the knowledge and prepared with a brokerage account, we can make a quick 500, we can make a quick $5,000
sometimes in a day, so study up. I’m gonna include a bunch of links below. Learn niche strategies. It doesn’t matter if the
whole world hates on it. It doesn’t have to work
for the whole world. It has to work for you. And I have people who like
to hold stocks for a day, I have students who like
to hold stocks for an hour, I have students who like
to hold stocks for a month. Tim Lento might not be
my millionaire student but he’s made a quarter
of a million dollars just betting against pump and dumps, and he just finds the
pump and dump, shorts it, and holds on for a few months,
and more times than not, he wins, and he’s made a
quarter of a million dollars. Not necessarily enough to retire off of, but he doesn’t really do that
much in life so he can retire. He’s has kind of a normal life. That’s fine. Very low-risk strategy because
pump and dumps do collapse. It’s not a question of if,
it’s a question of when. But let’s say you don’t even wanna
learn penny stocks, right? That’s fine. There’s other categories,
there’s other strategies. Go learn online, go look at You can learn different hobbies, okay? Get into social media, start promoting different
brands on social media. It’s not just any one strategy. You just have to open your mind to learning different
things, so if you save, if you’re realistic about your
goals and you recognize time, you want to really invest in education. That I think is the best tip. That’s the overarching lesson here. Invest in education and knowledge. How can you retire quicker? Learn all you can about finance, okay? Google around. I know so many people
say, oh, get outside more, stop looking on the internet. But you can use the internet
to be helpful to you. Look around on YouTube channels. Not just my channel, but
just click all around. Learn how to balance a checking book, learn how to save money on cars, learn how to flip real
estate, whatever it is. Understand that it’s tough. Everybody wants to be a millionaire, everybody wants to retire early, so you have to put in the time learning. But you have an opportunity
right now with education. You’re watching this video right now so you obviously have internet access. You know how to click on YouTube. That’s a start. Now keep clicking around, keep learning. Instead of spending two hours
clipping coupons to save $4, use those two hours to learn a skill. Watch two hours-worth of my video lessons. I guarantee you that you’re
gonna have more to use, more to learn after two hours
watching my video lessons than $4 in clipping coupons. I guarantee it. There is no bad time learning, and I’m not saying that you’re
gonna make money right away with my strategy. Tim Grattani who’s made $9 million made nothing his first nine months. So, if you wanna retire early, don’t just think about what
can you make right now, this week, this month, this year. What can you make, what can
you save, what you can earn, what will your life look like in five, 10, 20 years from now? And if you start investing
in your education and learning now and
thinking about money now, it really adds up exponentially over time. Click some links below. I’m gonna include a bunch of links so that you have video lessons. Join my Millionaire Challenge. I’m gonna include a link. You have to apply, you
have to talk with my team. We don’t just accept anybody because all my millionaire students have come from my Millionaire Challenge, but they’ve dedicated
themselves to studying. They wanna retire early too, and it might not happen all in six months or a year or two years or even five years. But if you invest your
time now into studying, into knowledge, into education, it pays off big over the long run. And if you do wanna learn
penny stock trading, I’ll teach you. I will be glad to. I want more millionaire students. This is my business, okay? So, I have these free YouTube videos, but if you click that link
for my Millionaire Challenge and the other links below,
you can read books, okay? It’s in my own best interest to create the most
successful students possible. I want more testimonials. I’ll be honest with you. You have to be honest
with yourself though too. What do you want to do in life? Do you wanna work for
somebody else your whole life? Do you wanna build somebody else’s dream or do you wanna build your own dream life? And I’m not saying that
it’s gonna be easy, I’m not saying that it’s guaranteed, but you might as well start today. The sooner you begin your
journey, the more you can learn. The quicker you can learn,
the quicker you can earn. And like I said, it adds up over time. If you’re studying right now, today, this strategy, my strategy,
you’re gonna learn. Whether it takes you a month
or a year or three years to really master it, your life will be infinitely better five, 10 years from now with a strategy of
knowing how to make money rather than having to work
for a job of somebody else. That’s what it comes down to. You leave a comment below. Say, you have two choices. Choice number one says I
will build my own dream life or choice number two, I wanna build somebody else’s dream life. Because if you’re working for a boss, if you’re working at a job that you hate and you’re just trying to pay bills, you’re not really gonna
grow it exponentially. You might get a 10% raise over the course of a year or two max, but if you wanna build your
own dream life, guess what? You can grow your earnings, you can grow your savings
exponentially over time. So, choice number one,
leave a comment below. I wanna build my own dream life. Or choice number two, I wanna build somebody else’s life and I wanna be paid very little
and live a miserable life. You choose. Choice one or two? I’ll make it easy. Just type in one or two
in the comments below or type it out. Tell me why you wanna
build your own dream life. What are you gonna do
with your dream life, if that’s what you want? Or tell me about the miserable life that you’ll have working for somebody else and getting paid very little and not getting any time with
your friends or your family and really just sucking at life. Which one do you choose?

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