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Volvo Trucks – How fuel efficiency can keep you moving and help you keep in touch

December 6, 2019

For almost all transport companies, fuel accounts
for more than a third of costs, so how the fuel efficiency
is handled, of course, plays an important role
for the bottom line. It is often the easy things
that matters – the way the driver
handles the vehicle, that it is serviced correctly
and equipped for the operation. Sometimes it is simply the matter
of using the right truck for the job. Fuel efficiency turns
into longer driving time, more money in the pocket
and even a better environment. In Korea, fuel efficiency is
a really hot topic at the truck stop. Let’s meet Kim Young and listen to how he makes the most
out of every drop of fuel and what he does
with the money he saves. Volvo has the best fuel efficiency. It has been in the past and present. The cost of fuel matters and I chose Volvo because of its fuel efficiency. Every time
when I start the engine from home the first thing I do
is set the fuel dashboard. I set the fuel dashboard
and the fuel. Because the information
is so easy to understand, people who drive the same trucks
talk about this info – “I used this much fuel today.
How about you?” We talk about this sort of thing. We sometimes compare other similar trucks with ours. Calculating the monthly
fuel efficiency of the Volvo compared to other trucks, I think there’s about a minimum
of half-a-million to a maximum of one million
won difference. The saved money
can be used in other areas. In my case, I like to decorate the
vehicle and make it more bling-bling. So that’s mostly
what I invest my money in. Also, since my vehicle
stands out among other cars, people who know me
can identify my vehicle right away. If my friend sees me on the highway,
he’ll ring me and we’ll meet up at a service
station for a cup of coffee. I find these stories most memorable. Saving fuel. Feed your passion. What’s your story?

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