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Vocabulary – Learn 30 adjectives in English to describe your personality

October 10, 2019

Hello. Good afternoon, good evening, good
morning. I hope you’re having a great day, wherever in the world you are. Today, we are
doing a lesson on adjectives to describe people; maybe yourself, maybe people you know. And the
way we are doing this today is by looking at the horoscope. Okay? That kind of old thing
of saying: “You were born in this month, so you are like this.” I don’t really care if
you agree or disagree with the horoscope. Irrelevant. Throw it out the window. We are
here to learn some great English. Yeah? So, we’re going to go through them. And first we start with a positive trait. So,
a “trait” is a characteristic, something that you do. Okay? So positive traits of people
who are Aries, and then negative traits. Okay? So positive and then negative. Okay? Makes
sense? Brilliant. If you are Aries, you were born… So, just before we get started, today
is also going to be useful for looking about how we talk about dates as well. It’s a
little bit of revision on dates as well. So, Aries people are… Were born… Past
tense. Were born between the 21st of March and the 20th of April. So if that’s you, positive
trait: you are adventurous. You like doing things. You like exploring and seeing new
lands. Okay? You’re quite courageous. But the negative trait is that you may be impulsive.
Your friend says to you: “Hey, should we go and cross the road?” And you’re like: “Yeah,
yeah, I’ll cross the road,” and a bus comes and “ughl”. Okay? So
that’s being impulsive. Taurus, that’s me, the bull. Okay? Taurus…
Taurines were born between the 21st of April and the 20th of May. We are persistent. I
will carry on until my lesson finishes. Okay? I carry on. I carry on. But I may be a little
inflexible. I’m carrying on with my lesson, and someone comes and says, you know: -“The
building is on fire.” -“No, no, no, no, no. I’m sorry. I am inflexible”. “Flexible” means,
you know, I am bendy. I cannot bend because I am doing my lesson; this is what I am doing.
Okay? So if you do lots of yoga, you would be a flexible person. I am inflexible.
[Laughs] Gemini. If you’re Gemini, you were born between
the 21st of May and 20th of June. Now, Gemini people, they are eloquent and they speak very
good English, so probably Gemini people, they’re not here, because you know, they’re already
good. So they’re eloquent speakers. Maybe they’re… Okay, so we can talk about eloquent
speech, and we can talk about maybe eloquent clothes. So you can say: “He was dressed very
eloquently.” Formal use of language. So they’re eloquent, but they’re superficial. Okay? Maybe
all they care about is their clothes, and they don’t want to think about meditation and
prayer, and world peace. Okay? So they’re just thinking about:
“My Gucci top.” Cancer, those guys were born between the 20th of
June and the 22nd of July. They are cautious. “Is it safe to come in the room now? Is it
safe? Do I have time to go into the room? I’m not sure if I have time.” Okay? I’m cautious.
Sometime… Maybe you’ve seen this word: “caution”. You might see it on a road sign. “Caution:
ferrets crossing the road.” I have to pay attention. These people are always paying
attention. And on… So that… That’s meant to be a positive trait, they’re cautious.
Maybe it’s negative. I don’t know. A negative trait is that they are hypersensitive. This
means… “Hyper” means more than sensitive. So “sensitive” is I am really aware of your
feelings. All right? “Oh, no. No. Are you upset? Are you angry? Oh no. No, no, no. He’s
angry. Oh, no. I’ve made him angry.” Okay? I am more than sensitive.
Okay? Good. Leo, the lion. Roar. 23rd of July to the 22nd
of August. Expansive. Now, if you’ve studied your Latin, you’ll know that “ex” means out
of. “Expand”, yeah? We talk about science. Expand, it means to grow bigger. If my stomach
is expanding, it’s getting bigger. If I’m an expansive person, my horizons are getting
bigger. Okay? Maybe I think about going to America, to India, to the Philippines. I have
so many ideas. I’m expansive. But maybe I’m intolerant. Okay? This is quite a good little
word: “tolerant”. If I am tolerant of my boss, it’s okay if he walks in five minutes late.
I’m being tolerant. “It’s okay. Don’t worry. You know, I’m here. Don’t worry about it.”
But if I’m intolerant: “So you’re late! Aw. It started five minutes ago. Where are you?” Yeah?
That is not being tolerant, not being kind. Virgo, 23rd of August to the 21st of September.
Virgis, I don’t know how you call them. They are meticulous. “Meticulous”, this is a great,
juicy English adjective. If I’m meticulous, maybe I’m in the army and I’m very good at planning.
So my board will look like too-too-too-too-too. Meticulous. Every “t” is perfectly formed
with a little cross. If I’m meticulous, my shoes are perfect. My hair is perfect. I’m
very neat. Okay? You have the top button done up. Meticulous. Meticulous. But maybe a bit
too fussy. “It’s a red pen. But I wanted a blue pen. I don’t like red pens. Sorry, I
only like blue pens.” Okay? If I’m fussy, I am too choosy, too picky. Okay? Picky. That’s
kind of slang; this is a proper word. Still with me? Still understanding? Still remembering?
Yeah? Got some great words up here. Libra, September 23rd to October the 22nd.
Sociable. We had that word in another video I did earlier. Flat mates wanting you to be
sociable, to be able to talk to people. But indecisive. What word can you see there? Can
you see…? Can you see…? What other word do you think might be a bit similar, there? That’s
it, “decision”. Okay? So if I’m indecisive, I can’t make a decision. “Umm, umm should I
go by car or by bicycle? By car or by…? I don’t know.” I can’t make a choice. Okay?
Obviously, the answer’s bicycle. Indecisive, can’t make decision. So, again we’re looking
at positive traits here; negative traits here. Scorpio, the man with a killer bite. Or woman.
October the 23rd to November the 21st. Forceful. Okay? I’m at a party. I go: “Here’s my business
card.” I am forceful. Okay? But maybe they can be a bit too forceful. Okay? If I’m an
actor and I meet a film producer, I say: “Put me in your film.” And the guy’s like: -“No.
I’m sorry. I’m looking for a two-foot mole, and you are a six-foot funny looking person.”
-“But no. I need to be in your film.” Obstinate. I am being obstinate. I
am forcing too much. Sagittarius, November 22nd to December the
21st. Jovial. If I’m jovial, I have fun, I speak nicely. I share. I am fun. My conversations
are enjoyable. Okay? I’m smiling. Yeah? But maybe I have no tact. Now, “tact”, this is I
know what to say. So I don’t tell my boss: “I slept with your mom last night”, because
that would be no tact; that would be tactless. “Tact”, if I’m tactful-okay?-I
choose what words I say. Capricorn, December the 22nd to January the
19th. Disciplined. At 6:00am I get up. For my breakfast, I eat porridge with a glass of
blueberry juice. And then I go and do swimming in the gym. But whilst they have a good routine…
Okay? Discipline goes with routine. They may be too miserly. Okay? -“No. You can’t have
any money. No.” -“Can I have 10P?” -“No. No, you certainly well can’t. Go away.” Okay?
I don’t want to give any money away. Keep it in my pocket. I could do
with being a bit more miserly. Aquarius, January the 22nd to February the
18th. Humanitarian. You have to think Mother Theresa, think sort of Gandhi, Martin Luther
King. They care about the world, about people, the environment. Okay? People who are working
for charities have a humanitarian aspect to their personality. “Aspect” means part. Okay?
“Aspect”, I’ll write it down. A part of you, an aspect of you. A humanitarian part. But maybe
they are unpredictable. So my wife thinks I am going home to have some dinner, but I
decide to go to Heathrow and get on a plane to Finland. That would be being not predictable.
Okay? So you can predict Benjamin will go home and eat his dinner. If I am not being
predictable, then I do something completely different. Okay. Pisces, the fish. Pisces, February the
19th to March the 28th… 20th. That’s my dad. So, compassionate. “Compassion”. Let’s
just look at this part of the word. So “com” means with. “Passion”, the heart. Yeah? I
care for people. My… My heart is with the people. But maybe I can be a bit vague. It’s
like: -“Benjamin, would you like a salad or a burger?” -“A salad, a burger, hmm, I don’t
know. A salad, burger.” Yeah? I don’t… I don’t really give an answer.
Okay? That’s vague. So, there we have it. Hope you’ve got some words
in here. Adventurous, to go out. Impulsive, woo, I’m doing this now. Yeah? Impulsive. So,
there are some quite similar words, here. So impulsive is kind of similar to unpredictable.
Yeah? Adventurous kind of goes with expansive. Meticulous kind of goes with cautious. So
there are… There are kind of similar ones, here. Compassionate is quite similar to humanitarian.
Yeah? Forceful is… Well, what is forceful like? You know what forceful means.
I charge ahead. Folks, we’ve reached the end of today’s lesson.
I want you to go to and get 10 out of 10 on your quiz. But more than that,
I want you to use these words in your speech. So, you know, write them down, remember them,
and then tell me: “Benjamin, you are the most eloquent English teacher I’ve ever had.”
And I will say: “Thank you very much.” Subscribe to my YouTube channel and
check out Well done. Use these words.
Be good. Good bye.

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