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UW-W TechQuest: Time Planning Tools

September 29, 2019

ELENA: My name is Elena
and I’m with the LTC. And today I’m here to talk
to you about your time planning tools. One of the most important
aspects of being a college student is learning how
to manage your time. Here a few tools to
give you a hand– your personal calendar, the
University Events Calendar, and the Integrated
Course Listing. Outlook Web Access, or OWA, has
a personal calendar that goes through your email account
with the school. To log in, use the email link
on the university’s website. To log in from there,
you will need to use your Net-ID and password. OWA is a calendar that
can keep track of your entire schedule. You can use it to keep track
of such things as personal appointments, reoccurring
events, and even to find time for meeting. Only members of the University
of Wisconsin Whitewater community can see these blocks
as free or busy. It’s a great way to keep
yourself organized. The University Events Calendar
is a great tool to see what’s happening on campus. It can be found at It brings together many
departmental calendars and also lists general
events on campus. Some examples of things that are
on the University Events Calendar are dates when you can
still add or drop classes, concerts, performances,
art exhibits, sports events, and much more. The Integrated Course Listing
let’s you see any class that you might be interested
in, along with the times that is available. Prerequisites, grading criteria,
office hours, and more can be found using the
Integrated Course Listing. That’s all I have for now. I’m Elena and those were your
time planning tools. Remember, if you have any other
questions, contact the help desk by emailing
[email protected] Thanks.

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