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Urban studies and planning at Wayne State

January 7, 2020

My name is Alexis Brown. I am a sophomore here at Wayne State University and I’m a double major in sociology and urban studies. So I’ve always loved the city I always loved like had a love for Detroit like
the way my grandparents talked about it just really made me fall in love with it. Currently that likes a lot of like rebuilding of Detroit and things like
that and I want to be a part of that so I was like what better option than urban
studies which is the study of cities and then do that in Detroit so it was just
like it was just perfect. With sociology you have the study of humans like human
behavior within a society in the urban studies you have the study of cities and
when I put both those together it allows me to not only help rebuild the city but
help rebuild the people within the city so that says that’s what I want to do is
like really help the people or not just the city. What I really want to focus on
working with the youth within the city especially like in the education realm
like really helping the youth of Detroit realize that they have the power to be
just as great as anyone else outside of the city. I chose Wayne State because one
the location was primarily like the primary thing because it’s within the
city which is exactly what I want to do is work with in Detroit. Um, then on top of
that I also run track here so that was another thing being able to come here and run track as well like do that passion as well especially right now I’m taking
a social sociology inequality class and it’s perfect with being in Detroit
because we get to look at inequalities that have happened in Detroit
through history like racial inequalities was like housing inequalities and things
like that and then that ties in with urban studies as well because being like
having a class, an urban studies class within the city we are able to like
really look at the city like okay like we’re talking about like housing
discrimination how has that affected people in Detroit. And we can actually look
at how is affecting people around us so the classes really help further like my
understanding of the majors. Looking at urban studies going into it I just I
really didn’t know a lot about urban studies coming in I just simply thought
okay is the study of cities like how complicated can that be? Obviously your
error because when I walked in I’m like wow this is way more complicated and I
thought it would be in it it’s a lot like a lot of politics that I go that
goes into Euler right now I’m in political science class for urban
studies and it’s like a lot of policies and things like that that I wasn’t
expecting but I still know I still want to be within the major but it kinda I
was like whoa okay this is a lot more than what I expected. Looking back I think that my first year living on campus I still live on campus
but living on campus on first year really solidified me wanting to be here. Coming in like I was I wasn’t sceptic up but I was still like okay like do I want
to be here at Wayne State? But coming and living on the dorms was
probably the best decision I made because it allowed me to really take
advantage of all the activities and opportunities that were happening on
campus. I remember literally every single night I was out with my friends either
at the late-night grill or we were at some campus activity that they put
together and it really helped me to meet a lot of different people, people I still
talk to today I see on campus like hey how you doing? And just makes it feel
more homey in a way because I’m able to walk through campus and I see people I
know I’m not just walking this all on familiar faces. So I think that really
like really made it solidified me want to be here. I had an English professor in
my freshman year and he really helped me with the transition from high school to
college, um, and it really made me feel like I wasn’t just a number here at the
school because he really cared and he still checks up to me checks up with me
today and he really just kind of really hope with the transition because it can
be really hard going from high school to college with like the work and just like
everything like everything that college entails. My advice to incoming students
wanting to be sociology urban studies major would be to really take advantage
of the advisors because they know way more than you do and they really can
help you with scheduling your classes and they now also say to make sure to
take advantage of the intro classes because those classes will help you
determine if this is really what you want to do.

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