Understanding OOP with 10 real time scenarios

January 15, 2020

Hello, welcome friends to one more great and interesting session from and this time its my turn and i am go to speak on a very interesting webinar that is understanding oop with 10 real time scenerios Now this session is going to be conducted on 18th December 2011 from Sunday afternoon time 2:00 pm to 3:00pm Now let me just give a brief about this session what i am go to speak and how this session will flow Now the topic is very simple object oriented programming as a junior you must visit 100 times and if you are a senior you must visited 1000 times but you know still even after so many discussion so much reading and so much thinks on the net people still today get confused that basically when to use Abstract class when to use a interface when should I use polymorphism what exactly is a difference between Abstraction and Encapsulation and still the question keep coming up So what we thought you know probably the best way to make understand any topic is to talk about the scenarios If you talk about the scenarios and then you propose the solution then thinks so what we do is where we go demonstrate a scenario here seeing this is the scenario and how do you solve it In other word which can of object oriented programming principle will fit in for example you can see over here there is one scenario you can see like third scenario The cluttercode class scenario So the way this session will move is basically we will first open the code here and say this is the clutter class scenario so here we have a simple customer class and this customer class has very nice public variable here called of type of customer In other words depending of type of the customer This class actually calculate the discount so if it is a gold customer it calculate the discount as 15% and if it is silver customer it calculate as 10% Now let say tomorrow if you want to go and add a Bronze customer then you will go and add one more if condition here and then you will return what ever is the discount Now this is not really a good idea why because your customer class is doing two many work its acting like a gold customer it is acting like a silver customer and second very important point is that your going and modifying the same code again and again in other words you have to go through the complete testing cycle So one code which is working going in changing that code is not a good idea So the question here is that what kind of principal is this code violating and which kind of object into principal we can fit here so that this code works well and it is add a new customer type we have it not go and change all over the place so in this webinar will first talk about the scenario and then will talk about the solution so with this approach we will understand objective programming in a batter manner as compare to just talking definition saying that ok Abstraction is showing only what is necessary encapsulation means hight complexity inheritance means parent child so rather than talking about definition we talk about scenarios here So i hope that you know this session would be useful so to mark your calenders its 18th September 2011 sunday from 2 to 3 pm Now In order to attend this session what you have to do is very important is basically you have to register for this event Click here on the register yourself link you can either click on the register yourself link or what can do is basically you can go ti /register.aspx and you will come with the user registration form here you can start feeling your name your first name and password and then we will notified with the appropriate credential by which you can come and attend this session So see you on Sunday 18th December 2011 from 2 to 3 pm and will talk about 10 important scenario and the solution and while doing so we will try to understand how exactly objective programming is implemented in real word Thank you so much….

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