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Try these apps to improve your time management

August 10, 2019

staying focused can be a challenge especially these days whether you’re distracted by summer plans getting ready for the school year even too much news we have some apps that can help you stay squirrel stay on track as evridge shows us it’s called forest and includes virtual seeds the less you use your device the lusher your trees will become it might seem silly at first but it’s clearly an effective tool to see just how much time you spend on or off your smartphone the app is a dollar ninety-nine for ios and android a more straightforward approach to staying on track is from the app called focus to do use the apps timer while performing a task scheduled break times and more results are compiled in a custom report making it easy to see just how much time is spent on specific tasks so adjustments can be made the app is $0.99 for iOS the focus me app is for Android users it takes a different approach by actually giving users the ability to block websites and applications for specific times and days such as on the weekend or during the work day focus me also shows how much time you spend on certain websites and using different applications the app is free for Android users but does require a subscription starting at 2 dollars and 50 cents a month

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