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Transition Tech Talk: Tips & Technology for Managing Time, Focus, & Sleep in College

October 12, 2019

[ Music ] Transition Tech Talk PACER Center’s National Center
on Transition and Employment, along with the Simon Technology Center, presents Tips and Technology for Managing Time, Focus, and Sleep in College The transition from high school to college
presents new opportunities and new challenges. You have more independence which also means more
responsibility for managing your study habits. Be smart about using technology to help you. There are three important factors to college
success:Time Management, Focus, and Sleep. Let’s start with Time Management. Make a plan for where, when, and how to study. Organize your activities and be intentional
about planning time for your homework. Use an electronic student planner with
reminders such as the MyHomework app. [ Music ] Focus Identify and understand what distracts
you as well as what helps you concentrate. Use a timer such as the 30-30 app to plan
work sessions followed by quick breaks. Schedule 25 minutes of work followed by a
five-minute break to help you feel refreshed. Use noise cancelling headphones
to block distracting noises. [ Music ] Sleep Good sleep is necessary to recharge
your brain so you can focus and learn. Wear a fitness bracelet such as a Fitbit
that tracks your sleep and fitness goals. Consider a 30-minute sleep routine before bed
that is free of electronics to help you unwind and transition into a restful sleep. College offers many opportunities to make
friends, have fun, and learn new things. To get the most out of your college
experience remember to plan your time and find the right tools to
help you reach your goals. To read more on these topics check
out these handouts on the Center on Technology and Disability website. With support from the Richard
M. Schulze Family Foundation. Brought to you by the PACER Center. Find us on the web at
or by phone at 952-838-9000.

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