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Traits that Make Men Attractive to Women

October 3, 2019

What’s good this is Steve from the Dapper Aristocrat. Today’s topic we’re gonna talk about things that make men attractive imma Just be real with you guys. Okay. Now you’re not gonna just pull a woman based off your looks Jojo will! You gotta have some character and personality? So today I’m gonna give you ten characteristics that women love and find attractive if a man possesses them The first thing we’ll talk about is your integrity knowing. Who you are and what you stand for is something that women find attractive It also shows that you’re reliable honest and faithful. Now integrity isn’t something that can be taught It’s something that you have to develop over time So if you’re lacking in this department, what you need to do is figure out what you stand for What do you believe in and what? Principles do you live by the next characteristic that women find attractive? Your grooming habits women love a man that puts effort into their look and they really like the simple things I mean think about it. You really don’t realize how many men don’t take showers just The simple things matter making sure you keep your hair nice and trimmed take care of your hygiene making sure your clothes Smell good and on iron Hey Brad Smelters do last week breath smelled funky me smelling just picked up his clothes off the floor and kept him move Effort is key in this department the third thing that women find attractive in a man is that they’re able to fix things? Hey brah, got my toolbox right here Not today’s woman is very independent and a lot of things they can do things like cutting the grass changing the light bulb Even changing the tire but man we got to step up now. You don’t have to be an expert in this department I’m not saying you gotta know how to change a water tank or fix somebody’s carburetor or anything, but just not a face it’s not a fourth quality is Being an effective communicator one thing that us as men struggle with is being open We tend to hold things in even our emotions But these things are what women are attracted to stop being so macho Now when you first meet a woman you could probably get away with basic communication skills after a while They’re gonna want to talk about the more complicated things such as what shirt goes ten years from now. How was your day? Are you looking to have kids in the future? They’re gonna want to talk about how you feel about them and about other things That’s going around you This is what women love just open yourself up a little bit now being an effective communicator is the foundation of who you should be But you gotta have a sense of humor. Hey, Brooke I’ll keep the ladies giggling having fun and getting a couple of good laughs in can go a long way in a relationship as a matter of fact Laughter has been proven to increase your lifespan now You don’t have to be Kevin Hart or Jojo just be yourself and just try to have a little bit of fun You just got to make sure that you’re able to joke and also you got to make sure that you’re able to take jokes these Things are very important your relationships another important thing when we talk about communication Is you got to have some intelligence now? I know a lot of you diaper aristocrats out there. You guys are very brilliant guys Oh shucks dad. Thank you. But let’s be honest women don’t want to just talk about sports. They want to talk about European politics religion What’s going on with the environment? If you’re not we reversed in these topics Then do your research look some of this stuff up maybe even watch the news or do what I do I have the news stream on my phone and every time breaking news comes out. I’m aware of it And if I’m interested then I look more into it By the way, if you guys are new to the channel We give you tips on how to look good stand out and get compliments if that’s your goal. Hit that subscribe button Don’t forget to hit the notification bell so you don’t miss any new videos Now the next three things I will talk about you can lump them all into one thing they all work together The first thing is having a sense of purpose now if you meet the woman of your dreams Nine times out of ten. She has things that she’s involved in. She may be active on social media She may be in a sorority and she’s very active in that so you got to have a life of your own as well I barely got time for these females cuz beats is my life. Well part of it I mean, let’s be honest a woman doesn’t want to feel like she’s the only thing that you got going on in your life So just make sure you have a life of your own get involved with things that you’re passionate about You also have to have goals and dreams being a man with goals and dreams Shows a woman that you know what you want. I mean women don’t want to be your mother man They want a man that has vision. Hey Brad got vision. Why do you think I wear these glasses now? Your goals don’t have to be big major goals such as being the next president of the United States it could be something as simple as Finishing a book by the end of the month even starting a family It’s a good goal to have since we’re talking about goals and dreams having those goals and dreams Don’t mean anything if you don’t have any motivation being motivated to achieve your goals and your dreams It’s something that women find very attractive It also shows that if you ever have par times in your relationship that you’re gonna be all in As far as making those things right now women don’t just love a man that’s motivated to achieve their own goals They also love a man that motivates them. Sometimes they might get a little discouraged and they might need an extra push So if you’re that guy that can offer a push and that’s a plus for you now the last Characteristic that women find attractive is not being afraid to commit now women find that men that are interested in being in an exclusive relationship Is very sexy. Oh I mean, come on y’all. Let’s be honest a woman doesn’t want to chase after a man. That’s not interested in something serious They really want to feel secure and hopeful that there’s a possibility that you guys can become something moving forward So if you’re that guy that has commitment issues a woman is more than likely gonna run away from you so if you’re not ready for something serious just be honest with yourself and Don’t get involved with somebody that’s looking for something serious Have that conversation with her and just let her know that you’re not looking for something serious right now if you guys have other characteristics That women find attractive Leave that comment below so fellas do me a favor and give me a thumbs up on this video and also if you find this video valuable Make sure you share what other people you know, thanks for watching always remember to be a gentleman stay dapper I’ll see you guys next video

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