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Top 5 Weirdest Horror Movies of All Time – Part 7

December 21, 2019

Welcome back to the wild world of weird horror
cinema. I know, I know, it’s been a little while
since one of these crawled out of the cellar to see the light of day. And I know that the host looks a little different
than last time too. But weirdness waits for noone! Treasure troves of the strangest, grossest,
ugliest, low-bugdetiest, most disturbing films await your hungry eyes, and I will deliver
them to you. Or am I delivering you to the movies? Either way, if oddball schlock and indecipherable
art house are your thing, then you’ve come to the right place. These are the films that populate independent
cinemas, eclectic media cabinets, and late night marathons, full of all the things that
could never be profitable in the eyes of a generic blockbuster producer. But who wants to watch generic movies anyways? Other people can do that for us! Hello horror heads, and welcome back to the
scariest channel on YouTube: Top5ScaryVideos. I’m your horror host, Keegan Hughes, and
today I have curated five flicks to flabbergast, frustrate, and thrill you for years to come. That’s right, it’s time for part SEVEN
of the Top 5 Weirdest Horror Movies of All Time. Before we begin, make sure to give this video
a big thumbs up, and subscribe for more strangeness than you could ever imagine. Alright, let’s get started. NUMBER FIVE: WOLF COP
What was the last movie you saw that was made in Saskatchewan? You know, Saskatchewan? Canada’s prairie? The Land of Living Skies? Honestly, I’d be surprised if you could
name any movie made in Saskatchewan. Get ready to check that off your bucket list,
though, because I have the perfect movie for you. Wolf Cop. This small-town creature feature was written
and directed by local legend Lowell Dean, and only came into being thanks to hard work,
determination, and the CineCoup Film Accelerator. Thank goodness too, because how else would
we get a flick like this? Fully committing to old-school practical effects
in the very modern year of 2014, Wolf Cop is a delight for the senses. Faces being torn off meth dealers, insane
wolf-penis transformations, a grocery store specializing in liquor and donuts called Liquor
Donuts: what else could you want? This flick follows the alcoholic and largely
useless small-time cop named Lou Garou. For all my non-francophones out there, Lou
Garoup is French for werewolf. Let that set your subtlety barometer for the
rest of this movie. Lou is, of course, cursed with werewolf powers. Surprisingly enough, Lou is able to retain
human intelligence while in lycanthopic form, and decides to continue his police work as
a WOLF COP. The premise on its own is cheesy in all the
best ways, and could probably land on any number of weird cult movie lists. But of course, I must hold these lists to
the high standards of my forebearers, and even when considering those high-level requirements,
Wolf Cop makes the grade. I mentioned a commitment to practical effects
before. At no point in this movie do the filmmakers
back down from that promise. We get multiple wolf transformation on par
with bonafide classics like The Howling, along with some incredibly cheesy gunplay, and more
wolf puns than you can shake a silver stick at. And if you think they’ll draw the line at
some point and reel it in, you’re gravely mistaken. We’re talking bloody projectile vomiting,
eyeball removal via knife, reptilian shapeshifters, a wolf-bartender sex scene, exploding meth
labs, a time-honoured event known as the drink-and-shoot, and the destruction-turned-pimping out of
a cop car to be more wolf-cop appropraite. And did I mention that we get a lovely closeup
of a wolf-member bursting forth from a regular man-member? Unforgettable stuff, really. This is one for you and a few friends to get
together and drink over. Maybe don’t warn them about the wang transformation
though. Let them experience it for themselves. NUMBER FOUR: DEAD RINGERS
Yeah that’s two twin brothers sexily slow-dancing with one woman. Wouldn’t be a weird movie list without at
least referencing Cronenberg, right? Plus I gotta make sure we get our Canadian
quota filled! Of course, we’ve discussed Naked Lunch in
the past, which is a supremely weird movie in its own right. But this one sees Cronenberg at his most restrained. The restraint is actually what makes it such
a weird watch, though. The events and characters are totally believable,
and at no point are we offered a sci-fi monster or flesh-rending disease to remove us from
the upsetting and tragic circumstances. No insane gross-out body horror to find here. Well, maybe one dream-sequence. But Dead Ringers presents a story loosely
based on real-life events, and as we all know, the truth is often stranger than fiction. We follow twin gynecologists, Beverly and
Elliot, as they operate a successful clinical practice in Toronto. Both are played by Jeremy Irons in an absolute
tour de force performance. Somehow, Irons manages to present both characters
as totally unique individuals, while still portraying them as entirely inseparable. You see, the twins share every single aspect
of their life; their practice, their living space, their women. And while they might like to think of themselves
as separate identities, it becomes apparent as the film goes on that they are totally
reliant on each other. When the meeker of the two, Beverly, falls
for an actress after Elliot passes her on to him, their relationship becomes strained. Add in unfettered access to prescription drugs,
and the line between reality and fantasy is blurred. The brothers begin experiencing delusions,
and Beverly starts seeing all healthy women as mutant. You can imagine what might happen next. Dark, cerebral, and entirely uncomfortable,
this movie is like a slow cinema body horror. It acquaints the audience with bodily terror
from a sterile, medical perspective, as opposed to the spreading diseases and basement lobotomies
we’ve come to know and love. NUMBER THREE: SPOOKIES Yeah that just happened. I’ve watched this one a few times, and still
can’t quite figure out what’s going on. It seems like two movies stitched together
and marketed as a haunted house extravaganza. Like, a lot of the actors don’t ever seem
to interact with each other at all, and the film grain looks different in some scenes. Oh, wait, I see now. That’s because Spookies actually is two
movies stitched together! Yup, this 1986 masterclass in schlock-shock
is a funhouse filled to the brim with unrelated monsters, maniacs, and screaming teens. Originally titled Twisted Souls, two first-time
filmmakers, Brendan Faulkner and Thomas Doran, took the helm on what they were told was going
to be a haunted house flick with lots of cool creatures. Higher-ups wanted an insane amount of monsters
and effects, leaving the two young directors to figure out how to squeeze it all in under
budget. Unfortunately, when the film was ninety percent
done, the financier decided that they weren’t cutting it, and handed the film over to a
brand new team. This team made a bunch of odd decisions, like
going back and shooting an insane amount of new footage, working with pornographers, and
hiring documentary videographers. They decided that Twisted Souls wasn’t gonna
work as a title, and thus Spookies was born. The footage the first directors shot involved
a spider woman sucking a mustachioed puppeteer dry, muck monsters in the basement, and a
rubbery grim reaper chasing people around the top floor. The Spookies squad added in werecats with
hook hands, sorcerers, ghost birthdays, and zombie children. This all cut together makes for a very disorienting
ride through two totally different ideas presented as one. None of the events from either side really
correlate with the others, leaving you scratching your head, but enjoying it nonetheless. Every moment is an adventure, and there is
absolutely zero way to predict what is about to happen on a first watch. It’s a mess, but I am sure glad it got made. NUMBER TWO: DEMON WIND Spookies had a troubled production to blame
on its general incoherence, but Demon Wind can claim no such excuse. Directed by Charles Phillip Moore in 1990,
this shameless ripoff of “The Fog” meets “Evil Dead” had no business being this
strange. But hey, I’m not complaining. The premise goes a little something like this:
a strapping young lad named Cory meets his estranged alcoholic father and decides to
figure out what happened to his grandparents so many years in the past. He invites literally every single one of his
friends to trek out to the remote farm, and scavenge through the wreck for an answer. I guess they do find out in the end what really
happens, but it’s presented in such a way that each new character that appears is a
brand new mystery. Naturally, all the cars break down and a demon
fog, I mean wind, keeps them tied down at the old farmhouse. Our protagonists are then accosted by possessed
girls, talking bloody dolls, flying kitchen implements, drawn-on neon lightning bolts,
pus-puking zombies, an evil bull skull, and a KY-JELLY-covered flesh devil. The genre and rules keep changing too, switching
from haunted house to zombie to kung-fu to sci-fi without offering up any explanation
as to why any of this is happening. Characters will die in gruesome fashion, only
to have the rest of their friends totally ignore what just happened and talk calmly
amongst themselves. And speaking of characters, they barely exist. Like, the actors are there, but the characters
are thinly written and often unintentionally hilarious. Intonation? Emotion? Maybe a second take? Don’t worry about it, we’ll fix it in
ADR. I actually thought this movie was Italian
the first time I saw it because they way it’s dubbed makes the characters look like they’re
speaking another language. Incredible stuff really. My two favourite characters are karate-fighting
magicians who ride in atop a convertible while Ride of the Valkyries plays. Apparently they’re Cory’s best friends,
but we never learn much about that. This movie is a disjointed slapstick piece
of insanity, and I would watch it one hundred times if I could. Maybe a double-feature of Spookies and Demon
Wind is in order. Who wants to rent a projector? NUMBER ONE: KUSO Topping off our list is the gross-out anthology
to end all gross-out anthologies. I don’t know how better to describe how
this movie makes people feel than by telling you that 20 people walked out of the initial
screening. KUSO is a ridiculously obscene movie. Directed by Steve Ellison, or as he’s better
known: the legendary musical mastermind Flying Lotus, this is a self-funded work of pure,
unbridled auteurship. No studio interference, we’re getting a
mainline of FlyLo weirdness pumped directly into our arteries. Ellison enlisted Salad Fingers writer David
Firth and comedian/rapper/icon Zack Fox to lend a hand in writing this oddball, so YOU
KNOW IT’S GONNA BE WEIRD. KUSO, or SHIT in Japanese, consists of four
vignettes detailing the lives of mutated survivors after an Earthquake destroyed LA. And when I say mutated, I mean MUTATED mutated. Like pus-filled sentient boils, salad-fingers-style
deformities, open weeping sores, and more. This is a body horror of the filthiest calibre. We don’t just see a few character transform,
we see every character already transformed into the most vile humans imaginable. It’s not pleasant. And there’s not too much to explain beyond
this, it’s just that consistently gross and strange and repugnant throughout. It’s really hard to recommend this to anyone
but the most serious of midnight-movie fans. But, hey, that’s what you’re here for,
right? Some of the highlights, or lowlights, are:
characters watching snuff films, a cockroach doctor living in someone’s butt, Tim Heidecker
appearing through a toilet, a small goblin man feeding a sucker-creature his feces, a
pregnant mother eating concrete, and plenty of psychadelic animated intermissions with
sex-line advertisements. Beyond the sordid subject matter, the movie
is very well put together. It presents a fully fleshed-out universe,
and while it is very uncomfortable to watch, if you can grit your teeth and take a Pepto,
you might find some enjoyment in the presentation itself. The animation is phenomenal, and the pacing
and rhythm are excellent, likely thanks to the multitude of musicians working on the
project. Speaking of music, the soundtrack might be
the best part of all. Featuring music by Flying Lotus, Thundercat,
Kamasi Washington, Aphex Twin, Busdriver, and Akira Yamaoka of the Silent Hill series,
you might consider just closing your eyes and giving it a listen instead of a watch. If you consider yourself a person of sturdy
constitution, give it a go. OUTRO
Weird enough for you? I hope my humble offering of five strange
flicks to watch in the dead of night brings a little bit of joy into your life. What’s the weirdest of the five? What other weird horror movies should we discuss? Let me know down in the comments. Speaking of comments, lets see if there are
any weird ones to revel in: Ross Munro asks: “How can something ask
for help to find its head when it does not have any means to talk?” I dunno man, maybe take a trip to the tracks
and ask them yourself? Guibox3 says “Hmm… All on this list but Amityville are -legends-,
not ghost -hauntings-. Hauntings are what you find in the asylums
and prisons and what you said about Amityville.” I mean, hauntings can become legends over
time, right? Haunted train track, bus stations, and family
homes still count! Radical Rainbow says “This put the ghoulies
up me” I’m gonna assume that means it creeped you
out and ask no further questions… Jjmcb 777 says “Love your commentary man. You bring such a chill, laid-back nature to
this great channel! Keep it up! Thank you! Always appreciate positive feedback! FaultyGear says “Keegan, you have an amazing
collection of shirts!” Flattery will get you everywhere. I bet your shirt collection is amazing, too. And that’s all the time we have for today
folks, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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