Tony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method (RPM) – Software Hacks by Luke Faccini

September 28, 2019

hey Luke Faccini here and today I’m
going to share with you my system for RPM using digital tools paper-based
planning doesn’t work for me I carry my phone too with me everywhere and I use
my laptop for planning the week my goal is to share this methodology
with you with the view that as a group of a community we can improve it you can
help me find a better way to do it so that I can be operationally the best
that I can and vice versa so the tools that we are using our asana
which is an awesome planning tool I run a 12-person digital marketing
branding agency and it is perfect amount to assign tasks and project manage and
do all of that stuff and it’s free for up to 15 users so it’s totally for you
to use for your planning the second tool that we use is Google Calendar that
allows us to sync the calendar from asana into the Google Calendar for daily
planning and I’ll show you that in more detail shortly you’ve created your assignor account and
you’ve logged in so you’ve got a view similar to this this is my dashboard
what we’re going to do is create a new project I’ve got one in existing rule
which we’ll look at later my RPM planner but you’re going to create one from
scratch so you click on the plus sign and click project give it a name rpm
leave this stuff as default your create project okay so there’s a few things
you’ll need to look at in here you’ll need to keep in mind one is that you can
create a category which get rid of caps lock capture my name is capture put a
colon that there gives you a category then you can add your tasks in beneath
so my method here is an abbreviation for the client or personal side piece of
personal and then task description I also think about how long it’s going to
take and put in the time there which we’ll use later when we map the time
into our calendar it’s a good idea here to get into the result the purpose and
the actions the massive actions that you want to do in that so that the
description then carries through into the calendar as well now you can add
another one simply by copying pasting or adding a new line so let’s call this
client do the thing two hours all right now if you had another
category here which we’ll have a look at so this could be a major project title
or something you’ve created as a project based off your rpm planning you can then
just click and drag these into that project so you can drag these around
really easy way to organize stuff so when you get to the planning time you’ll
have that there so one things you want to look at also in this with each
project you can assign them so you can choose a staff member if you’ve got
staff added or at assign it to yourself and add a due date if you know the day
that you want to do it on so click add a you can add subtasks yeah so if you’re
managing a project and the project has multiple different tasks in it and you
can just do the same thing with the tasks here so sub tasks and then again
you know Maureen you can assign these and add dates for them so that’s
essentially what you need to know here you can add followers people in your
team or you can assign them science of people in their team or the other thing
too is if you use this as a project management tool which you have a look
here I’ve got my menu with a whole bunch of projects here so what you can do is
add these to a different project so internally sponge internal projects this
could be in there as well or you can just move it directly into
that way to leading the other one out of it so you can use this as a weight plan
for bigger projects and smaller lines so those are the essentials : for category
the task title and time assigning it and to yourself or somebody else in the
deadline and there’s a calendar view which you’ll see that in the moment
where it comes into effect so get out open up my RPM planner which
is populated and you’ll see here I have a whole bunch of tasks and what I
haven’t done is categorized using the projects that is something that is a bit
more time-consuming and you can get into a blog and show you what that looks like
so category a project the major results that are and the purpose so I could then
drag any of those tasks into this project list category and they’re there
for me to do my planning my prioritizing so let’s go back up and have a look at
these now I have planned this because I do it on Friday and I assign the days
and look at the times of the things that I need to get done I can use this
calendar view to ensure that I am budgeting the right amount of time so
these lines here while this is not the week that we’re in there’s I don’t don’t
do ten hours a day of work so there has to be manipulated to fit properly so
again you can drag and drop things within the days here which is kind of
cool you can double click them and you can edit them add more detail that kind
of thing so you get your call week planned in asana and the other beautiful
thing here is that you can sync this calendar to your Google Calendar so you
do that by jumping in here copying and pasting this link here and then going
into Google so let’s go into Google now so you can see here you can add a
calendar by URL now I’ve done that and that’s the green one here my tasks so
you see how they show up for this day sitting above the calendar and that’s
really cool that’s the that’s where we’re going to be doing the planning
from so I’ve got this one already in the
colander the team meeting over here the other ones I have to place so click it
click on copy to my calendar and then you click find the time and find the
time so this is a digital strategy going to do that at 2:30 for an hour safe done
you add guests to it whatever you need to do similarly the social media click
it once copy your calendar do that before my coaching meaning done I see
you there in the calendar and they’re there now their schedule that’s how you
do your big blocks and you’ll be able to see the other items that were through
the remainder of the week you can look at it in week view if you like you can
see them all there and then you can plan accordingly you can click on the event
and you’ll see the details that come across from asana so the more detailed
you are the less you actually have to actually have to go back to asana to get
the details so that’s pretty much it do your planning an asana on a Friday or a
Sunday depending on which one you work with and you have to keep in mind that
Google Calendar syncs about once every 24 hours it’s not an instantaneous thing
at the moment actually that change that so these will show up tomorrow if you
make changes so do your plan it’s a good idea to do your planning a day before
you’re going to plan your day right now I’m screwed and carrying my
iPhone so you can see how easy it is to capture in a sauna and why I’ve chose
that so let’s launch a sauna now and you can see here this is the task view you
can click on projects my RPM planner and now I can just start adding tasks so
let’s say client do that brand planning hit enter and it’s there or if it’s
personal by wife a bunch of flowers a personal test drive Tesla how are you do
that but anyway you see I’m going it’s pretty easy just to add in tasks here
and you can do it on the fly and then you can drag them around if you
need be so if you want to do your planning you can put that into a
category easy enough you can assign it to yourself put a due date easy
you can add subtasks here you can do whatever you want so there’s there’s a
lot of good stuff in this you can assign it to somebody else you can do you
pretty much your planning in this I like to capture everything here and do the do
the actual physical week planning on it on my laptop so much easier so the other
thing I showed in the on the desktop was how this appears in the daily calendar
so you will also get so we’ve got here the the yellow is the
they link the synched calendar so it shows up just as simply as it does on
the desktop and you can drill in and see if I click on the link and it will
launch asana so that’s the mobile and that’s why I love this let me know how
you go

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