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Toggl Review: Time Tracker

August 11, 2019

Hello everyone, welcome back to the key productive YouTube channel, my name is Francesco D’Alessio and welcome back to another video so guys in today’s video what we’re doing is diving into Toggl now some of you may have heard of Toggl before Toggl as a time tracking resource now if you’re coming to this video curious about what toggle is and maybe some of the features and functions What we’re going to do in this video is we’re gonna do a full overview of the features we’re going to jump over to the Mac and it dives into the Web version of the tool as well as a little bit of the desktop version We’re also going to give you a good idea on the pricing and information around toggle So hopefully this video serves as a full overview of how you can use it in your everyday practice So guys just before we dive in I want to say a big big Thank you to our sponsor this week Setapp now for those who don’t know Setapp is an application allowing you to rent Mac apps now there’s a whole range of applications there over a hundred and twenty of them and You can basically rent them for a one month subscription. Now this gives you access to loads of really useful resources I personally use it and find new apps every day where I’m like wow I can use this for different areas of my Mac experience And the application does make it really easy to find them by Sort of pinning at the search bar at the top the menu bar and you can access all of the good stuff From Setapp there and they’re really easy to download So I’ve included a link in the description for you to go and check it out if you’re curious About Setapp and how it works of then a full review as well available Inscription below so guys without further ado. Let’s dive over to the laptop and review toggle the time tracking resource So we are here with Toggl. And for those who don’t know toggle is spelt EOG GL and It’s one of the most popular time tracking resources out there now It is a company that has been working on this resource for quite a while They also are the creators of another resource called team week and that has gained some popularity in the last couple of months so the application is fundamentally available on os Android Chrome and Firefox as well as the web browser which were using today and it’s also available on Mac Windows and Linux So you can access it as a desktop application from those resources now the great thing is and obviously this isn’t vital to understand is that toggle is a Team, that is remote They have I think 65 class employees over 20 time zones, which I always love to see I don’t know about anyone else So, um, let’s dive into a few of the features and functions first I want to sort of explain some of the core functions the core functions of toggle really revolve around sort of being able to track your time and Of course is sort of time is quite important when you’re going around your work day, you know You might be an employee You might be a boss wanting to see how your employees getting on in terms of what tasks they working on You might be a freelancer. That’s like, okay I actually need to log all of my specific time that I spend on certain clients And build them afterwards. So the resources inside Of toggle, I think are really pretty strong. So of course the toggle has a whole host of plans What I’ll be reviewing today is the free plan. So the free plan currently is you know free or up to five team members has unlimited projects, which will explain a bit later and Reliable reporting now the actual in terms of there’s sort of bones of the time tracking functions I want to just now sort of review some of the features that they do have so the first off Feature. They’ve gone inside time tracking is the ability to track time and through the web application then is super duper simple you can go up to the top and Enter anything you’d like. So for example in my case here, it’s you know recording YouTube and Once I tagged and in obviously that appears as this does down here I actually is determined so I’m actually gonna remove YouTube because that would be in this case a client here So you can find the client and you can even create a new client below which is pretty easy to do And once you do that, you can even add tags as well So for exam let’s say you’re doing this on mobile or out of the office, or I don’t know like you can just add whatever tank you want whether it’s an intense task or something like that and you can even associate money to It as well that is not available inside of the freemium the billing side of stuff But that could be quite helpful for those freelancers arm there So for example, they start, you know, write article and then have it from there so you can actually sort of start doing that So this is the actual manual mode that I’m in currently So for example, let’s say I worked on this earlier in today, you know, I could put 11 a.m. And As you can see it appears there and two now So I’m going to take this one and as you can see below what appears is this recording section? Now you may have just seen here that the desktop version updated as well which will explain in a minute and how that properly works In everyday activity so you can of course Manipulate this isn’t edit. You can change the actual client you’ve got You can actually go into more details like being able to duplicate it in case you did that twice in a day changing their times And you can even go to the project too But the real cool thing is if you want to restart it and get it going again. You can press that here so for example I can start that one there and as you can see It will appear at the top and all I had would have to do if I wanted to stop that time is Press stop and it another six seconds got added there, which is quite nice and as you can see this area Actually, you know was quite easy now for example this morning. I made it a little bit of an arrow. Sorry Friday I made a little bit of an error in adding three random items over 25 seconds of course, you can delete these any Kim time and that of course update the Reliable reporting that they have which is good And the other thing you can do is bulk editing and which is quite handy So for example, if I wanted to, you know, sorry bulk edit a full day like last Monday I’m bulk edit certain items Maybe delete them Or even change the description of them or even the client or tarik or even the date of them that actually happened then I can Do so so it’s quite easy If you want to go back in time and actually add stuff to it and that makes it a whole lot easier Now the cool thing is well You’ve got this timeline function at top of the web version and you can see exactly What you spent your time on? So once you install the desktop version it will ask you to track stuff in the background And you can enable that once you’ve enabled it it will start to log some of the activities that you’ve been on during the day So for example, let’s say today you’d season that on a Mon I’ve been on Camtasia which is the editing software used for 13 minutes and apparently the toggle software and for 10 minutes and the reporting for 13 seconds So during that period of time it’s being able to log all that data and you can always go back in time And scrub all back and find some stuff, although I haven’t actually started reporting back here So over time it’ll start to analyze that you can also access You know what, it looks like this week And you can even add today as well But that’s quite handy and you can access all of that there now The great thing is that you’ve got access to this desktop version Edisto Vernon’s really easy to use You can access it on Mac Windows Linux. So it’s pretty much on most operating systems But it works in a very similar fashion to this so you can start adding what you’re working on right now in this case I will be working on The recording for YouTube so I’ve just hit play on that one And as you can see both of them update in real time Which is quite nice as something I’m quite honest about this Experience is actually being able to capture stuff And if I open this one, I’ll patch you can see the sessions of the amount of time I had on it Which is quite useful now this works in offline mode, which is quite nice So I noticed when I moved over to an activity it would keep tracking it and occasionally if I like for example shut my laptop opened it or Was working on a different task it would ask me Were you still working on the task in this period of time that you’ve moved away from this application? And that’s quite handy. It’s idle detection allows you to really report accurately on where you spent your time So I think I did now on some of the other pieces I did the last week I think I was a lead gen and asked me like oh, you know Francesca Did you move away from that during that period of time so it I believe it was quite handy when you’re getting started now, the good thing is it’s also got a Pomodoro timer so you can access the Settings up here the preferences and you can set a Pomodoro Believe it’s in here. Yeah, the Pomodoro timer you access it through here. You’d set it for 25 minutes on five minutes off and that’s really helpful because if you use a Pomodoro Technique After you twenty five minutes and you’ve had that rolling for 25 minutes It will give you it will know that you’re doing the Pomodoro timer and record the break Obviously from here you can access a lot of different stuff you want to start the timer or you know hide the log and Then you can do this out here and do all the more detailed stuff Like actually I have they record the timeline function and more of the specific edits about the menu bar There is a menu bar application And obviously there’s auto tracking functions and reminders. So if you want to be reminding of something, that’s really great So up here, you can access the recording functions. And of course you now it’ll bring this one up um But I find the web version to be really great Actually if you’ve got a tab open so you can pin this one and you can see it quite easily there It’s quite definable. If you had that there you can hover over and actually see the minutes that you’ve done so far Now, let’s move on to the reporting side of stuff. That’s quite easy to do. So you just go over to this area If you want to see the dashboard dashboard will allow you to see how much time you’ve worked on on certain areas So most tracked areas to date and it’ll give you an outline of how much time you spent on certain things so obviously it’s gonna give you for the week there, but I’ll just apply it to last week and you can see that it’s got a sort of Monday as Sort of a logged day for me and a breakdown of exactly where I spent my time there, too Which is quite helpful, and you can toggle between team members, too So if you had other people working on it Then you can and of course you have a profile each looks like I’m the most active in the team Which is and I obviously need to add team members But obviously you can add up to five in the free account now down here you get a summary of reporting and what I particularly liked about the experience is that you get a Report in your weekly email which is quite nice. So you’ll get the summary in the email I’ll show you in a second and you can basically see an Outline of where you actually spend your time a really really nice feature and something that you can even export on here if you want And actually see an outline So for example, if like, you know, and you’re an employer and you’re like, okay I want to see how all of my team are working on certain projects Which you can filter down to so you can be like, okay, how much time do they spend on lead gen this week? And apply it here okay this week I didn’t do any let’s go to the last week and Just take that off and there we go. Okay, I spent an hour 23 and you can maybe annoy them a little more into exactly where they spend their time and again, You can see this weekly view you can see detailed view if you want as well If you actually want to see the tags and all the activities that they’ve done now down here These are the areas that are shut off so you can get insights if you’re on a premium or Enterprise plan You can even save reports as well, which is quite handy now down here You can also access projects so you can modify where your projects could go on, you know? The specific activity that you’re doing you can even add Clients as well so for example I have a few clients and adhere to make it easier and you can even add access to other people from here and Even create your own workspaces, but I believe there’s only one workspace when you’re getting started as well as modify tags down here, too So you can add more down there Now also you can access your billing and information here as well as how to get it on desktop and things like that So I think it’s quite a good tool so as I was mentioning you get unlimited projects need a limited clients you get project colors so you can separate them out little there are Integrations for the likes of asana Basecamp FreshBooks github team week and there are so many different ones So you’d have to check that one out individually one that I use particularly is the todoist well And I’m going to be start using it very soon To make it a lot easier. So for example, let’s say I’m like Recording YouTube right now or actually, I’m gonna say I’m going to start the reviews of Newton alternatives if you hit the start timer using the Integration that they have so this is available in Chrome You can see it pop up here as you can see is started up in the top right hand corner I can add it to a certain project In this case, it’d be youtube and i’m gonna click mobile there And as you can see, it’s started the timer. So it’s very easy to do you can even add it to the project and You can get a very specific bit of information. So for example, let’s say I enter the time and now And you can see actually the title of the task come on there so if you’re plowing through your tasks and you want You know to start timers on all of these it’s it’s really easy to do and actually one of the best ways to access it Now, let’s just jump back to here I want to overview some of the app functions as I said There’s a mobile application for iOS and Android really easy to use There’s desktop for Windows Mac and Linux all downloadable for the website and also a toggle chrome button And you also get this one for Firefox but the button assembly sit essentially allows you to access all the stuff you can find on the Chrome Web Store and It will help you to integrate it with all of the services that you use so It has apparently hundreds of integrations You can even use it for the likes of Trello But it’s a good way to get started and just simply get the ball rolling with your toggle account So guys you’re probably wondering one is included in the pro Above the likes at a free account. Now if you want to looking at programs, there are premium There’s even a starter one, which is a little bit sort of cheaper and I’ll sort of overview them in a second They’ve got different prices set on them, but the sort of pro functions include tracking Reminders being able to schedule reports to email time audit locking time entries exports as XLS Rounding up saved reports company logo project time estimates s alerts for estimates Tasks sub projects essentially project dashboard editing team member profiles adding time for team members Required fields on time entry I can Feed and priority support now all of the accounts if you wanted to get strong to put them have a 30 day free trial So for example, this is the first of the accounts. This is the Starter pack let’s just get this open here and the spunk two packs. Here is an annual fee if you paid it It’s nine dollars per user per month and that’s billed annually, if it’s if it’s if you want to just go monthly it’s an extra dollar so it’s ten dollars per Essentially the starter pack allows you to see all of your sort of revenue earn So for example, you can get the obviously the time tracking functions We explained as well as the ability to to add the money in revenue You can also increase client satisfaction with their transparent reporting functions deeper dashboard functions And you can also see how well you’re probably hitting project timelines and budgets Of course that has a free trial there’s also premium at Enterprise which are more the advanced functions So you get everything in the starter pack that I just explained as well as toggle insights Which gives you idea of per employee profitability and project profitability? I’ve asked great for marketing agencies or sales companies as well as the special features for better tool management as well as another special function obviously and there’s a Huge list so you can go into the compare plans in detail Including one description where you can outline all of the functions features as I said All of them are explained in the pro roundup that I just mentioned But again, it’s worth going down and working out which one your company needs to go on But if you’re looking for a general time tracking resource that allows you to track simply Using either the desktop version or this version and even the iowa’s and handling apps. I think this is your resource It’s really reliable from the period of time. I’ve used it over the last two weeks, and I’m pretty impressed with it I will be sort of tracking a bit more efficiently using todoist And that obviously will grow over time. There is a sort of dummy application as well So, of course you can access this all for free, which is great But there is any iOS application called super day, which automatically logs your productivity across your iPhone So if you’re looking for like a little dummy version of it, it’s called super day included a link inscription But again a very useful resource, so guys, hopefully I’ll give you a nice overview Let’s just jump back and down it into a little bit of a roundup there So guys hopefully that was a nice review of toggle. Thank you so much for stopping by today Hopefully it gives you all the insights Let me know in the comments below what your opinions are in it, whether you’re using a competitive or alternative service We would love to hear here on the community. Just before we go guys a big Thank you to Setapp for sponsoring this full week here on the Keep Productive YouTube channel for those You know know what said I have Setapp is you can check out the link in description You basically can rent hundreds of Mac apps under one subscription So you avoid paying all those download fees and out front payments so you can check that one out below And enjoy all the good stuff there and other guys a big big. Thank you for stopping by today Make sure to have a great week keep productive and we’ll see you guys very very soon Cheers

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