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Tips for Using The Real Time Views Report in YouTube Analytics

December 26, 2019

You’ve uploaded a video. Congratulations! Now you want to know
how that video is doing, right? The real-time views report in YouTube Analytics
will help you track how many views you’ve gotten on your videos in the past 48 hours. I’m Hadas, a Partner Manager here at YouTube. This video will help you correctly
interpret the real-time views on your videos. You can use the real-time report
to see estimated views for the last 25 published videos. For channels, you can use this report to see total views for all videos
in the channel in the past 48 hours. This report can give you early insights into the performance of
your most recently published videos and might help you
change your promotion strategy for the better. Let’s check it out. We’re looking at the YouTube Help channel
to see what their real-time views look like. One of the amazing things
about this is, within a 48-hour period you can see exactly when your audience
is tuning in to watch your videos the most. As you scroll over the bar graph on the left each bar represents
one hour of time within the last 48 hours. On the bar graph on your right,
the views are broken down by the minute for the past 60 minutes. All of this data is refreshing every ten seconds
so you really are seeing it in real time. One thing you can use this information for
is adjusting when you upload content. For example, if you see that
for your past three video uploads 2pm on Mondays is when
your views per hour are at their peak publish your content in that window to
capitalise on viewers watching your channel. Also, we all know that engaging with your community
in the comments is incredibly important. Now you have an inside map
into exactly when you should tune in and talk to the largest amount
of viewers at the same time. Another feature you can take advantage of
is seeing where your views are coming from. If you click on Geography,
you can see your real-time views per country. For YouTube Help,
India has accounted for the most views in the past 48 hours,
followed by the U.S., Vietnam and Brazil. If you have
large viewership from other countries it could mean it’s worth devoting the time
to captioning your videos and metadata into one or all of those languages
to help with their viewing experience. Or possibly in a future video you could thank viewers
from those countries for watching. You never know how many of them
could turn into subscribers once they feel like they’re part of your community. One of the best features of real-time views is that you can see
this data for each individual video in addition to your overall channel views. So, you’ve selected a video that
you wanna take a closer look at and see a spike in views. What’s causing this strange phenomenon? Where’s it coming from? There are many reasons why
you may have a sharp increase from one hour to the next. Your video could be
hitting your subscribers’ feeds. Perhaps you posted on social media and
are driving viewers from those platforms. It could’ve been embedded
in a blog or website and starting to go viral. Or the first batch of people
who watched your video may have shared and now their
connections are watching your video. To help you dive further into your inquiry you can see the
geography data for this individual video. Wow!
Looks like India’s accounting for the spike. You can also check out the device type to see what viewers
are using to watch your videos. This video is being watched
overwhelmingly on mobile devices. You wanna make sure that you have
your end screens and info cards in place to drive them to watch additional videos
and also for future uploads. Keep in mind the smaller mobile screens when you’re composing your shots
and make sure everything is mobile friendly. Now that you’re armed with some tips
to interpret your video’s real-time views try using this information
to optimise your publishing schedule and communication with your fans. Thanks for watching. And make sure to subscribe
for more Analytics insights.

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    Well, knowing it on real time is pretty useless in my opinion and here's why: that means that I should be watching the views numbers every single hour to know when that is coming. Instead it would be better if YouTube would give us the statistics for the whole 24 hour period over the week over the months, because people watch videos differently according to their schedules. If we know what hour on what day we drive the most views, we creators can spend more time creating content that we will schedule on the exact same time.

    And this is what I'm doing with a spreadsheet: every day I write down what the estimated views have been on the previous day and I've learned that generally views are the most around 10 pm, however in the last few days I've seen a shift towards the early afternoon, since people here in Italy are taking vacations and they have the after-lunch hours to kill, so they watch YouTube.

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