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Timedrop LED clock | a very unique clock – where the time drops down

November 20, 2019

This is the unique LED clock Timedrop The time is represented by180 LEDs in three rows. The seconds, minutes and hours
are dropping down as the time goes by. You can either hang it on the wall or
put it anywhere you want Therefore it comes with two blocks made
of oak wood where you can put the clock in Very unique and timeless The clock is very thin. It measures only
six millimetres. The clocks case is made of an full aluminum block. It is black
anodized and on the back the font is engraved Furthermore it has one of the best quartz
a clock can have with only 1 ppm inaccuracy A brightness sensor makes sure you can
always read the time easily. You can have the clock on at night in your bedroom
but you can also read the clock in bright sunlight. Through the buttons on the back you can choose if it should use the brightness sensor or if you want to set the brightness yourself Use the buttons also to set a time and to change the mode. There are five modes for the clock: The time segments can either drop down slowly… …or fast with the real acceleration of gravity or not at all another mode is to show the time not as bars but as hands and the last mode is with incoming and falling hands which is a very special effect The clock is available in red, green, blue and yellow

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