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Time to Be Happy 2. Russian Movie. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

December 4, 2019

STAR MEDIA presents Igor Kostolevsky Yelena Velikanova Vsevolod Boldin Ivan Nikolayev Vladimir Sterzhakov in TIME TO BE HAPPY – 2 Written by Aleksey Kolmogorov Directed by Dmitry Sorokin Director of photography:
Viacheslav Krasakov Aleksander Alksanderovich,
your palace’s been prepared. Aleksander Nikolayevich! Afternoon! What kept you so long, Nadia?
I’m being late to the airport. You know, I’ve traveled
trough a half of Moscow, buying things to the list. All right. Have you bought the main thing? Of course, I have.
Here’s a chamber-pot. A music one! Pampers. The last model, by the way. And the baby food’s there too.
And what do YOU mean? I mean the child’s car seat. Nadia… Aleksander Nikolayevich,
I didn’t forget it, my word. I just had no free hands to take it. When I return, we’ll discuss the number
of hands needed to perform simple tasks. What? I hope two hands will be enough for you
to cook the dinner in time, won’t it? They’ll be hungry after the flight.
Don’t fail me this time. – And what about the car seat?
– I’ll deduct it from your salary. – Why?
– It’s a joke. I’m off. Funny jokes indeed,
Aleksander Nikolayevich… Hallo? What is it with her? And the pressure? Okay. Prepare her for the surgery.
I’ll be there in a half an hour. Attention!
Flight Simferopol-Moscow has arrived. Passengers will leave the airport
through the Terminal B. The subscriber is not available now,
please call back later! Ania? Hi. What are you doing here? – Does it really matter?
– Hey, wait please… You don’t want to say “hello” to me,
do you? Ah! I see now. Aleksander Nikolayevich is
as always busy to come to meet you, right? You should get used
that it’ll always be with him like that. What are you doing? I just want to help you.
Let me take your cart. No. I’ll cope with it. Look, it was so long ago.
Isn’t it time to forget it? Forget? No way! Wait. I’m really glad to see you.
I mean it. Sanie, hey! Know who I am?
Did your mom tell you? Oleg! Leave me alone. All right. May I give you
a lift to your house? As a relative? I’ll do without you, thanks. – Hi!
– Here we are. Oh, man… You’re sleeping, as I see. Hi there. Oh! That’s great! It’s Nadia, our new housemaid,
who cooked it. She’s a very good and kind lady. By the way, she can babysit
while you’re having your college boards. Aleksander Nikolayevich,
I might rent an apartment. Why should we bother you? What apartment? What are you talking about?
There is a plenty of room here, and help. Nadia, and me,
at last, are ready to help you. And help — it can never be
an unnecessary thing. Thank you very much. Dad! Hi Oleg? – Hi.
– Hi. What do you want?
Be quick, I’m being late for work. Don’t be so nervous.
I’m your son, am I not? And, by the way, I was thinking about
our relations every single day. What are you babbling about? I’m not a babbler, dad. I’m your son.
And this boy’s father along with that. Yes, we met at the airport yesterday.
A beautiful boy. Resembles me. – What are you seeking?
– Nothing. I just want to be a father.
I admit I did lots of silly things… But I realized then… What did you realize?
That you wanted to kill him? Don’t be so pathetic.
I just want to raise my child. – I have all rights to.
– You’ve lost your rights long before. This is what I wanted to discuss with you. Bear in mind this: You will never be
a legal father to the boy. That’s it. – You’ve missed your boat.
– Each boat has its torpedo to hit. In this case, your torpedo
will miss the target. Is this a challenge? Look, Oleg, let us stop these stupid talks. Or is this all about the inheritance? Eh? What does it have to do with it?
You talk of nothing but inheritance! I don’t need your inheritance. I need to be a father to my own child!
That’s it! Then marry the next girl you meet
and — go ahead. Right. I’ve warned you. This was my last word. I’ve warned you! They fail to the right
and to the left… Awful! My goodness! If they do this to externals… Vladimir Ivanovich, I’m already here. – Good afternoon.
– Afternoon. Afternoon. Good afternoon. I’ve done what I promised. Excellent! –See you.
– Vladimir Ivanovich… Do me a personal favor, please. Draw your attention
to that young lady. Please… A blonde one? Beletskaya, come in, please. This way, please. – Good afternoon.
– Good afternoon. Ms. Anna Beletskaya, right? Let’s see what you have. Good afternoon. So, we’re all attention. – Good bye.
– Good bye. – Alksander Nikonayevich?
– Yes? Chief asked you to drop into his office. – What happened?
– I don’t know. Good afternoon. Alksander Nikonayevich, good afternoon!
Meet this lady. – She’s Darya.
– You can call me Dasha. I’m Beletsky. Alksander Nikonayevich,
Dasha needs your help. Sure. I’m at the clinic
from 10 am till 5 pm. Our assistant will help you
to make an appointment to see me at every time good for you. No. It’s not about your work.
It’s about your, so to say, hobby. You see, I came into fortune. A collection of pictures and drawings. And I’d like to sell it out
without fanfare. I need an advisor. A person who knows the market,
prices, people. In short, this delicate matter
requires an insider. And, you could pick
something up for you too. Of course, your advice will be paid
at the relevant rate. So, what do you think? Well, I’d say I’m interested.
Please not a word of money. As you’ve already heard, this is my hobby.
You know, I think I’ll help you. Thank you. I’m very pleased.
Here’s my card. Yes. Let’s get in touch and discuss the details. – We will. Darya Sergeyevna Kolomiytseva.
– That’s right. – We will.
– Good bye. Dasha, you can reach us on the phone. – What?
– What do they ask? Inspect all works? The board is okay.
And the questions are not difficult. Good luck. How was it? May I see? As far as I understand, this is Crimea. To be more precise — Simeiz. Yes… – The rock Cat.
– That’s right. Now I remember when I saw you.
You were sitting on a rock… Like a mermaid… and were drawing,
as I understand…this very picture… And you, of course, were passing by down
the seafront and saw me… No. I was here. Watching you through the binoculars. This yacht is called “Diadem”. – Are you sure?
– Aha. By the way, my name is Andrey. Did you see it? A successful lawyer
with several headline-making cases on the record. And a nice lady indeed…
Was it okay to recommend you? It’s okay. Thank you. How’s your doctor thesis? Progressing? Well, another half a year and it’s done. And then, I hope,
you’ll stay at our clinic, will you? Not sure. Seaside breeze suits me better, you know.
And folks there are simpler than here. – By the way, how are your ones?
– Arrived. Trying to fit in Moscow life. It’s only that I have less luck
to fit in theirs. Otherwise, it’s all right. I used to be here before, worrying too. Though… to be frank,
I had no reasons to worry. Why? I was backed by my dad. Vasily Pevchy. This name
tells you something, I believe. Of course It does. Yes. I’ve entered this college
through the back door. – And you speak of this so simple?
– I have enough confidence in my talent. And I don’t care at all of the way
I joined the college. Your father is a prominent artist.
I like his paintings greatly. He indeed is. You don’t have to worry. Excellent work. – Really?
– Of course. Even if they don’t appreciate you,
my dad will help. – I promise.
– You don’t have to. Thank you. So, tell your story. – I was much praised by the board.
– Aha. – They told I showed good taste.
– Aha. Sense of color, composition.
And I met a guy there. He’s an artist.
Son of artist Vasily Pevchy. – The famous one?
– Yep, the famous one… He graduated from Stroganov
School last year. I mean the son. He promised to help me if I have a need.
To turn on his father’s connections. Do you really need this?
Your works are very good. Just in case. No, you won’t need this. Thank you. And where did you meet
this benefactor artist, son of an artist? At the college.
He liked my works very much too. Of course he did. How are you doing? I’m in! I’m in!… Ouch, excuse me. It’s okay. I think expressing one’s
happiness like that is quite natural. It’s great indeed. You didn’t even
need my dad to help. You know, there’s a café hear here.
Want to pop in and celebrate? And tell me your story along the way? Well, perhaps, yes. For one cup of tea. – Good.
– Come on. So, when my first set of lectures is over, I’ll go back to Crimea. And what about your doctor? He’ll complete his thesis and,
probably, will come back too. Please, don’t call him “doctor”. Okay. I’m sorry. – You live a good life indeed.
– The sea, the sun… Well, of course I understand you do. But to my mind, it’s enough to have
this pleasure only once a year. – I like it living there.
– And what about Moscow? Moscow? It’s somewhat too big for me. You’ll get used. With time. Hardly. – It’s time I should leave.
– I‘ll give you a lift. See you. Beware of slipping. Aleksander Nikolayevich… I’m in! I had no doubt. – Sania, Mom’s in.
– I’m in! I’m in. Well, it’s a good occasion
for a celebration. I’m in, I’m in… Hallo? Yes… … and it is generally known
that before impressionists, none would show any interest
in inner beauty of life of a big city. Not to mention of noise
and fuss of human crowds bustling about its streets,
squares and markets. And it was only impressionists… Tea? Oh, no. This table doesn’t
suit much for tea. Ah, yes. Of course. A good collection indeed. I’m really happy to be
privileged to see it. – I’d even have some vine.
– Really? Me too. Actually, it’s not the full collection. Uncle bequeathed
the most valuable part of it, Russian painting of early 20th century, to the Tretyakov Gallery
and the Russian Museum. And he left these sketches to me. These are works
by Vasnetsov, Filonov, Bakst!… These are. And this one is from
uncle’s collection too. Oh!… A good vine indeed. Perfect vine. Perfect evening. Cheers, Dasha.
A magical night indeed. – George!
– Ah, Andrew! Hi! Good evening! – Ania, meet George.
– Nice to meet you. – And meet…
– Olia. – I’m Ania.
– Meet Ania. I’ve told you of her. I remember you did. George represents
a New York gallery here, in Moscow. He promotes conceptual art. And digs up for Russian talents. Keep in mind,
if George likes someone’s works, such a lucky one will be met
at the New York Academy of Arts, with all pleasures of life over the ocean. It’s good you’ve come,
Aleksander Nikolayevich. I need to leave for a supermarket,
and there is nobody to leave Sasha with. And where’s Ania? Ania’s called.
She’ll be detained at the college. I’ll be back… like winky, as they say. I need to leave you. To spend a penny. Thank you. Hey presto. Here I am. – What brought you here?
– None of your business. – I’m here with friends. Understood?
– No, I have not. Does my father know you are here now? Go ahead. Call him. Investigate. It’s no surprise. I’m even not sure
how to use this information. Well, in your case,
this can be used as blackmailing. No need to count me complete rogue. Are you different? – What made you so brave?
– Stop that. – Just look at her: she’s not afraid.
– Spreading wings and boasting… Dad did make a silk purse of you…
Out of a saw’s ear. Ania, where have you been? I’m Andrey. – Oleg. Nice to meet you.
– Me too. – Oleg is Aleksander Nikolayevich’s son.
– Ah, the doctor’s? Ania! Awesome! Ania, what’s it with you? I asked you not to call him like that,
didn’t I? He did much good for me. And… And let us stop talking about him.
It feels like he’s always among us. “Aleksander Nikolayevich did this,
Aleksander Nikolayevich did that…” Ania, what is it with you? Ania, forgive me, please.
I was wrong, excuse me. – Good evening.
– Evening. By the way, it’s 23 pm now. You know…
Excuse me, I had lectures till late… And then you went
to celebrate with your college friends. Ania, please… You’re no little girl. Why do you make me
scold at you, as if your father? You could have given me a phone call,
couldn’t you? – Excuse me.
– No excuses. Enough. You just must always remember of those
waiting you at home. It’s okay, sweetie. I’m okay) how are you? Thinking of you))) So. Sashie, we’re going to have breakfast. But we wash our face before and then go.
My honey. My sweetie… – Hallo?
– Hi. How are you? Hi. I’m okay. Can we visit my famous ancestor tomorrow? Why not? Deal. I’ll pick you up in the evening. Evening? What time? Five or six pm. – Look, it’s not the best time for me now.
– Oh, come on! Your lectures are scheduled
to finish at 8 pm only. How can I skip them? Believe me, meeting with my Dad is going
to be far cooler than any boring lecture. I’ll pick you up
at the college at 5.30 pm. Deal? Okay. Deal. See you. – Good afternoon, Dasha.
– Good afternoon, Alksander Nikolayevich. Meet Emil Genrikhovich
who I have so much told you of. Good afternoon. Maliavin is good. Good indeed. A very nice miniature… Yes. Seems to me interesting, this miniature… – Is he really a serious collector?
– One of the most serious in Russia. – Hi Dad! We’ve dropped for a short.
– Good evening. Meet Ania. she’s an admirer of your talent. I’m Vasily Pevchy. Well… And this is, so to say, for pleasure. Come to the next room. Look over there. This installation’s called
“Walking Down a Night Seafront”. It provoked a special interest in Montreal. How interesting. It’s unconventional, of course.
I like your paintings. Oh, no. I don’t deal with painting now.
The future belongs to Actual Art. Andrey told you drew too, do you? – Me? Draw?
– Of course, because poets, writers and, of course, very famous
artists are the ones who “paint”. You and me do nothing but “draw”.
It’s okay. This will pass too. Dad, enough.
Scared the young lady half to death. – Let’s better go and see her works.
– This way please, to the next room. Well, as they say, I’m very pleased.
I’ll think of it… Till Monday. – That’s the way.
– Good bye. – Good luck.
– Good luck. I can’t understand:
is he going to buy anything or not? He is. Surely. He went to collect money.
He will probably buy some more works. – Then, some vine, perhaps?
– Would be nice. But not tonight. I’ve got lots of works
to do tomorrow. Some other day for sure. Some other day? – All right.
– See you. Not bad. Not bad at all.
And this one is good too. And what?
Are you going to make it your lifework? Well… If I have enough talent… You have. But… believe me,
dear young lady, just quit this stuff. Marry a good man, deliver children and don’t torture yourself with this “art”. It’s vacuous. Sanya, hi. – Hi.
– Where is your mom? Ania called. She’ll come a little later. – She has some extra hours at the college.
– Did she? She did. On the home phone. Strange. Oh!…Damn… – Andrey…
– Tell him you were at the Underground. – I don’t think this is right.
– Then what’s right? Answering the phone call and saying “Excuse me, I and Pevchy’s son
are visiting Vasily Pevchy, feasting our eyes on his paintings,
and so on…?” What will honesty bring to you? I’ll tell you: Nothing except
suspicions and jealousy. – Jealousy?
– Yes, jealousy. Did you think any different? A man of any
age is always suspicious and jealous. It’s his nature. – Hold on.
– Thank you. – How do you find my dad?
– I’m happy to have met him. Only… I don’t understand
his experimentation in Actual Art but his early works
in painting are really excellent. Painting is no more topical for him. By the way, want to see my studio? I’m not sure… It’s already late now… Here we have again! Another hour
would change nothing. Do say “yes”. Will see how young artists live. Yes, Nadia, come in. Alksander Nikolayevich, I’ve put Shasha
to sleep. I’ll probably go home. Yes, of course, Nadia. – Anything else?
– Alksander Nikolayevich… Don’t worry. She’s young… Well, friends… and the stuff… What are you talking about, Nadia? Ania. You know she loves you, don’t you?
Yes, she does. I can see it. For God’s sake,
forgive my such an unscrupulous and, so to say, such a free and easy interfering
in your private life, but… Don’t worry of anything. We do all right. Hope to God you do. Good bye. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Come on in. Wow!… How nice it here! To you. A smart and charming lady. – To your talent.
– Thank you. I’m glad to have met you. So do I. Very much. The subscriber is not available now. Remember how we met first? At the college corridor. No. Back then… At the seaside.
That was the first time we met. I wish you knew how long I watched you. You seemed to me so remote.
So inaccessible. Like a creature from a different world. My friends even scoffed at me: “You’ll get acquainted
when we approach the shore.” – And what did you say?
– Me?… “No, never.
I don’t want to ruin a dream.” And then: bang!
The dream herself comes to me. It’s so romantic… Romantic? More than romantic. It’s destiny. Do you tell this to every girl you meet? About romance and dream? Andrey… I should be going now. Maybe, the last glass of vine? No, thanks. Or I’ll get totally drunk…
I should go. Ania… Don’t go.
You want to stay, don’t you? Impossible.
Don’t you understand it? I must go. “Impossible this, impossible that”… Leaving
like you do — this is what’s impossible. – It’s against nature.
– What is against nature? To live with your son’s grandfather. I wish I never told you this. It’s against nature to live with
a man old enough to be your father. Ania… Ania, it drives me mad. I don’t know… I think I have never felt things
like this In my life…Love at a first sight. I don’t know how to call this…
But I cannot oppose it. I’m thinking of you every day,
every hour, every minute. What can he give to you? What?! Eh? You’re young and beautiful.
Your whole life is before you. Just look how many things are there
around you! We live only once. Understand this!
Our lives ought to be full of colors because we’re creators! We’re different. I… I love him. Autosuggestion. Maybe, you just feel
nothing but gratitude toward him? I think you have already expressed
enough gratitude. It’s enough for him! – Stop it, will you?…
– I love you! Will you marry me? – Andrey, we know each other…
– Doesn’t matter! We’ll live here! And work here!
Selling pictures! I want you and your son to live with me! Then we go to New York. We’ll have support. Life’s different there.
Absolutely different! What’s impossible in this?
Ania, come to your senses! – Excuse me!
– Ania… – Good morning.
– Morning. Shall I make a sandwich for you? No, thank you. Alksander Nikolayevich, I…
Wanted to tell you that yesterday’s night… Yesterday, today, tomorrow…
it doesn’t matter. It’s your personal life. Ania, what is going on? – Nothing.
– What do you mean by “nothing”? Don’t shout at me, Alksander Nikolayevich. Do I really shout? That’s it. I appreciate what you did.
But I can’t do this anymore. – What? What is it you cannot do?
– I cannot be a burden for you anymore. I’m an independent person. And I have the right
to take care of my son and myself. Nothing of the sort, Ania. What burden? I really appreciate everything you did. Especially for Sasha. And one more thing… I’ve taken a decision. What decision? I want a different life. This is the thing I came to Moscow for. What is done cannot be undone.
But I still can change my future. I want my own life! My own private life! I thought before that
all collectors should be of your sort. – Like…
– Like what? – Like you.
– Thank you. Well, I pictured lawyers
to myself differently too. As for me, I’m… not a professional collector.
I’m nothing but an advanced amateur. I enjoy this greatly. And a professional should be
cool and reserved. You are a professional in medicine,
aren’t you? No doubt. Which means you feel
no compassion on your patients? Well, it’s a… complex matter. Alksander Nikolayevich,
you seem to be worrying of something and your mind is very far from here now. – Anything happened?
– Oh, no. Not at all… Tell me, Dasha… Have you ever felt… You live someone else’s life, not yours? What do you mean? Things happening to you should happen
to someone else. Your environment, your nearest and dearest… They all should belong
to some other person, not to you. And your real life still haven’t come as
it should have properly done. Well, I don’t know… I still cannot bridge a gulf
with this life. Not to mention some other. So, it’s for this reason
you’re still single, isn’t it? I haven’t met Him yet. I mean not a super-macho, of course,
or a Prince Charming. Not at all. Just an ordinary man. – I haven’t met such a one yet.
– I believe it’s still before you. We’ll see. Are YOU married? Was. And seems to me twice already. Ania? Ania? The subscriber is not available now. I want different life. I want my own life! My own private life! The subscriber is not available now. The subscriber is not available now.
Please call back later. The subscriber is not available now. Who authorized you
to take decisions for other people? Have you ever asked her what she wants?
You don’t care. – Good afternoon. May I?
– Come in. The subscriber is not available now,
please call back later. Can’t you do it in a decent way? Take a plate, a knife and a fork…
Cut it up… Hallo? Good evening, Alksander Nikolayevich.
How’s our business? Dasha, Emil Genrikhovich
is ready to conclude a deal. And he decided to buy several more
works along with those two. – Very good.
– I’ll get in touch with you. Good bye. Good bye. – Hallo?
– It’s me. – Ania, where are you?
– It doesn’t matter. How’s Sasha? He’s all right. Don’t worry.
We’re all right. What do you mean: “All right”?
Where do you live? Don’t worry, please.
I’m able of taking care of him. Look, Ania. You’re making a mistake… Let it be a mistake.
But it’s my own mistake. And it’s me who’ll be responsible for it. – Look, Ania…
– We’re all right. Don’t worry. Ania, just listen
to what you’re saying now. You should Think about the boy. I should know what conditions he lives in. Alksander Nikilayevich… Not now please… And I met a guy yesterday. He’s an artist.
Son of artist Vasily Pevchy. Good morning, Alksander Nikolayevich. Morning. – Nadia,…
– Yes? Don’t buy children’s food any more. How? And prepare the dinner for one person.
You see? Yes, I do, Alksander Nikolayevich. No, Emil Genrikhovich. It still holds good.
Yes. I dare ask you of a small favor. Do you know artist Vasily Pevchy? – Good afternoon.
– Afternoon. I’d like to talk to your son. He doesn’t live here.
May I know who I’m talking to? I’m Beletsky. A collector.
Would like to purchase his works. His works? Come in. So, you’re interested
in the works by my son, right? – Tell me, how did you know about them?
– He is said to be a worthy artist. Ah! There’s a rumor spread among the Moscow
collectors about a young talent? Yes, they say so. My good mister, you’re a gentleman,
as I see. Tell me this. What do you wand from my son? The point is that my son has not created anything worthy for now. And, regret it to say, will never do. He owes you money? – No.
– Then what is it? Ah… Contracted to decorate
your apartment and disappeared? Know what? You’d better settle the issue
with me. No use doing it with him. Well, I’d say, a friend of mine
went to live with him. Oh… Your mistress? Well. I’ve dealt
with the issues of this sort too. No, thanks. I will not drink.
I need to know his address. No. It’s not so simple. He’s a dolt, no doubt. But he’s my son. No. We need to settle this. Oh, no. Thank you. I don’t drink vodka. – Anie, take this.
– What? –Hi.
– Hi. – What’s this?
– Toys. – Meet Igor.
– Hi. Nice to meet you. You drank, didn’t you? Just a little. With friends.
A sort of a stag party. Girls! Where are you? Come on in. A stag party with girls? Can there be any stag party
without girls? No way. Meet Lialia and Katia.
It’s Ania, my fiancée. – Nice to meet you.
– Hi. They are nothing but friends. Lialia’s
Igor’s girlfriend. And Katia’s her friend. We’ve brought some stuff here.
Let’s scratch some dinner, will you? – How’s our kid?
– He’s okay. Sasha… Hi. Meet my son. – Nice boy.
– Hi, man. Yours? Resembles you. He will be. I will have a real family now. Well, dinner’s ready. Are you really a collector?
Or it’s a kind of… a disguise password? – I’ve got a small collection.
– You do? Then you might… eh…
buy something from me. There… There are “Russians Seasons” in the corner. Ah… No, thanks. I have no place for it. Will you give me the address? I cannot. He forbad me to give his telephone numbers,
and addresses to anybody. It’s his way to hide from
his creditors and abandoned gals… It’s a bad news. But there’s a good one too.
He’s going to visit me tonight. You can talk to him when he comes. Only… No one knows when he’ll come. – What if he will not?
– He will. He will come for money. No, no. Enough for me. Guys, I’m really happy. At last I’ve met a kindred spirit. Consider we’re having
an engagement tonight. – And when are you going to marry?
– We’ll decide it. – Now a kiss!
– Now a kiss! Now a kiss! I’ll go to have a smoke. – You can smoke in.
– What about the boy? Ah, yes. I forgot.
I’ll go to have a smoke too. – How many wives do you have?
– Two. Only two? Well, for a gentleman of your sort
it’s not a count at all. My Andie, for instance… Now I have… The sixth one… But, to speak frankly, she will hardly
keep this status until my funeral. – How old is she?
– 25. She was 19 when we got married.
And how old is yours? 22. It’s always hard with young ones. So, she abandoned you for Andie? Fool indeed. Never mind. She’ll come back. Because no one can stay more
than three months with him. So, you can go home without worrying. – And… wait for three months to pass.
– I cannot wait. She has a child. – A son?
– A grandson. Wait, wait… I cannot get it.
How did it come to be… You sure take the cake. Is it so serious? You cannot imagine to what extent!
I’m really happy! You do? I don’t remember you having
so high spirits when dating with me. What is it she has and I don’t, I wonder. Katia, just stop it, will you? – Do you remember she’s having a child?
– This is great indeed! No. You don’t realize what
a burden you’re taking on. That’s okay. I’ll survive. I need to visit my dad tonight.
Want to go with me? We might call on some place after.
Not for long. You sure take the cake.
A young father indeed. They are mostly “ex”. Ten kids officially recognized only!
Imagine how much art I create? Wow- wow-wow This is art! And the toilet…
is down the corridor and to the left. Many visitors confuse them when drunk.
It is called “Invitation to Execution.” Buy it. I’ll give it next to nothing. Pevchy, stop doing bullshit.
You were a good artist before. And now a plumber. I’d be going. Are you Andrey? I am. Why? The point is that Ania
and Sasha are with you now. I have to see them. Now. The address? Ah. You are the doctor. – Where’s she?
– It doesn’t matter where she is. She doesn’t want to see you.
So leave her alone. I’ll take care of them. Is there anybody you’re able to care of? You came to your father for money. I won’t let you off
until you give me the address. Just call her. She’ll tell you. She doesn’t respond my calls. You can use my phone.
Don’t see any problem. Here you go. – Hallo?
– Andie, where are you? – It’s me.
– Alksander Noklayevich, you… Come back home. We’ll settle the things. No. I’ve already made my mind. Look, your father said you owe
to many people. How much do you need to leave them alone? What is it with you, doctor?
I don’t sell love. She’s young and attractive,
A heavenly coquette, A star of pop-shows And red carpets. On every billboard, Her face that’s
in fashion With her immense eyes… When she comes near, We fell like triads
emerging from hell To fight. War of daggers, We cut our strings —
That’s what our love is… Take my hand,
Hold it tight And never let go… That’s okay. I’ll open. Come in. Hi. Man, change your place. What are you doing here? Came to see Sasha. And you. Look, why he’s still not in bed?
It’s pretty late now. You came to see him?
Or to make me put him asleep? You’re blooming. Probably, I would have never recognized you
if I haven’t known that you are you. I’ve never heard compliments
from you before. – It’s because you changed greatly, Ania.
– So what? You came to see Sasha, didn’t you? – It’s not only about him.
– What else? Try to guess. It’s really late and Sasha
needs to be put asleep. Here you go. – Good luck.
– See you. – Bye.
– Bye-bye. – Went asleep?
– Seems so. – Shall I help you?
– No, thanks. – You like such a life of fun, as I see.
– I do. – You mean you’ve find your way, don’t you?
– Perhaps I do. You don’t even draw now, do you? Children in the kindergarten “draw”.
Artists “paint”. Oh, excuse me. I’m not good
at your professional slang. When you grow interested in this? Not long ago. Mind if we go somewhere
to dine out? I invite you. Oleg, what is it with you? Well, perhaps, I understood I lost much. You do? There was something
between us, wasn’t there? Yes, Probably there was. Not probably. Surely. And when I see you now, Sasha… Look, Oleg, what do you want, eh?… This will take you to nowhere.
I’m, actually, married… Who to? This dolt? Or my elderly daddy? Here. At last I recognize you. I wouldn’t mind If you want to see Sasha.
But do stop molesting me. – What is on you agenda for Thursday?
– Not sure yet. Okay. – I’ll give you a call.
– Do, when you decide. Come on, my honey, go. We’re going for a walk. Take this. Have we got any money? Had something.
Check up the jacket’s pocket. I see. I’ll go to my dad tonight.
If he has some… – Perhaps you should visit your doctor too?
– What? He promised to support you, didn’t he? – No. I won’t go to ask him.
– Of course you won’t. And If you completed the order you have… Okay, enough… Don’t tell it to me now… Dad, don’t you mind me having
a minute of your time? I do. Why? – I need to talk to you.
– Speak up. I visited Ania the other day.
I come to see Sasha from time to time. Of course, she asked me not to tell to you. And? How’s Sasha? Sasha is okay. Ania isn’t… What? All in all, she drinks. Dinks? She’s become a heavy drinker. They were having a party
each time I popped in there. I tried to talk to her about this,
but it was useless. – I don’t know what to do.
– Her address? Excuse me. Heel. Heel, I say. – How are you?
– Fine. – And Sasha?
– He’s fine too. And at the college? Nothing. I didn’t pass the exams. Failed? Don’t have enough time.
Why did you come? Ania, leave this place. I’ll rent an apartment for you.
Settle things at the college. I cannot sponge on you. – Why?
– Who am I to you? You never thought, eh? Who? It’s about love. Love! You feel pity for me
but don’t love me. Pity! I’m 22, and I want to enjoy life. And let’s drop it, sir, shall we? Ania, why so sulky. – Another leg helps me.
– Come on! Push, push! You win. – It’s unbuttoned.
– Let’s button it up. Come and be with us, will you? I don’t want. Yeah. You’ll stay here
pressing on my conscience. Meaning, you’re so profound
while I am an idler. Please… I need some privacy with Sasha. Okay, okay. But it’s indecent to avoid guests. But they are YOUR guests, aren’t they?
Then go entertain them. Hallo? Yes, Oleg. She called me drunken, shouting at me.
She forbad me to visit them. Why on Earth you told her
I gave you her address? Why? I said nothing to her.
It was easy to guess. She went absolutely mad.
We need to do something. We need to take the child from her. Take the child? If you were there, dad, you would have
understood something needs to be done! Take the child and give him! To you? What if to me? I’m his father. Look, forget it. Ania… Wait. – We need to talk.
– There’s nothing we have to talk of! – Am I any worse that your damned artist?
– It’s not the point! – Come on! I remember you chasing after me.
– Yes, I did. But it was too long ago. Okay, okay!
Let’s start from the very beginning! – I want to be with you.
– Let us be a family. Please. Leave me alone! Okay! Go! I will not chase you anymore.
You will seek to meet me! So, when I first met him
about ten years ago. And when he came… I looked at what he was wearing… – Good evening.
– This way, please. It was a real surprise to me… The menu. Excuse me. I’ll be back in a minute. Andrey, may I see you in private?
Excuse me please. Excuse me. Where’s Ania? – Home? Drinking?
– What? Drinking? She’s become a drinker.
And it is you who has driven her to this! Nobody drives her to anything!
Who told you this? Look, let her go. Why do you need her?
You have one over there. You have one too. What are you doing? Don’t you understand? Look, mister doctor,
we’ll sort it out ourselves. – Who is he?
– A bastard Ania left for. You look nervous. Did you have a fight? Forgive me. I didn’t know
this is still topical for you. My grandson. This is what’s topical for me. Moreover, Oleg says she’s become a drinker
and doesn’t care of the child now. Of course, I cannot believe this.
But that she lives with this one… Is surely not good for the boy. Look…Ania is a grown up girl.
I believe she’ll sort it out. And why you interfere
in her making her own life… – Is quite a different issue.
– I wouldn’t if he was really making it… Tell me, can her parental rights
be terminated because of her life style? It can. If you report to child protection
bodies and they acknowledge that his mother’s lifestyle
is bad for her child. Do you want to terminate
Ania’s parental rights? Me? No. Oleg does. And I cannot let him do this. Okay. Excuse me. Don’t say so. We’re close friends. – Good afternoon.
– Good afternoon.I’m Lieutenant Kopylov. – Are we too noisy?
– We need to talk to your cohabitant. This is an inspection
from the Child Protection Board. What board? We didn’t call any boards.
Wait, do you mean this to be a search? Not a search. It’s just an inspection from
the Child Protection Board that came to check what conditions
the child lives in. Good afternoon. – Ah. Here’s the mommy.
– Yes. Why? Good afternoon. We represent
the Child Protection Board. Please, show us where you boy sleeps. – This way.
– Thank you. So, why is the boy sitting on the floor? – He’s playing.
– The floor is cold for him. – He has warm pants on.
– I don’t want. What is it you don’t want? The boy is scared. Of course he is.
So many strange people at once. The boy is cowed with your merrymakings. O Jesus! What are you talking about? We have received a report claiming
your parental rights need to be terminated. My rights? Why? Because of your alcoholism. O my God, what alcoholism?! – Where are the boy’s things?
– Here. Let’s see… Here! – You’ve got what you sought?
– What? Give me my child back. Sasha? What’s with him? I swear it wasn’t me! How could you fancy such a thing of me? Oleg. Then it’s Oleg. What a bastard indeed! He told me of such things,
but I could never imagine he would do this. He separated Sasha from me to have me back. He did many approaches to me recently. Don’t worry. I’ll have your son back to you.
Stay here for now. Hi, dad. – What have you done?
– What do you mean? You know. Dad, I’ve done what I had to.
Sasha couldn’t have lived there anymore. But he can live in an orphanage, can’t he? It’s not for long. The papers are being
completed now and they’ll give Sasha to me. I’m his father. And no one
will forbid me to take care of the child. – I AM his father! Officially.
– Dad, you’d better stay away from this. Official papers can be
easily amended, for money. No. This is not your child!
Know what I’ll do? I’ll take you off from my last will. And you will get nothing —
neither the house, nor the apartment, nor my collection. No-thing! – What?
– Think about it. You have time till tomorrow morning.
And I shall consult my lawyer meanwhile. Don’t you think it a bit weird? Excuse me,
but I don’t want to deal with it. I have no other person to turn to. There’s a plenty of lawyers in Moscow. It’s a delicate case.
I cannot turn to strangers. Do you realize the situation you put me in? I’d helped you gladly, but why do I have to
deal with your wife’s affairs? We’ll just do a good thing. – You mean a work of charity?
– I’ll pay to you. It’s not about the money. Okay. Suppose I’ll try. But if the case has been already launched
and the boy is in the orphanage now, it’s going to be very difficult
to change something, even if Oleg resigns his rights
to be the child’s father. Sasha is my son officially.
I don’t see where Oleg comes in here. I don’t see any reason to give him to Oleg. What if he uses money? Big money?! The case will be protracted
even if the laws are against him. This is why I ask you,
not some lawyer on the side. Okay. I’ll try, but, most probably, we’ll be having some expenses. My lawyer will be dealing with your case. You can stay here meanwhile. Why? Why are you doing this? Don’t worry… – Hallo?
– Hi, Dad. It’s me. – I’m listening, Oleg?
– I’ve been thinking… Wait a moment. I may abdicate Sasha.
I need to know on what conditions. The Crimean house.
I say: the Crimean house. And you leave Ania
and Sasha alone for ever. No. The Crimean house on the last will…
That’s it. No more words. Understood? That’s the way. Alksander Nikolayevech,
you should understand me. You left, I remained alone. What am I? Who am I? It seems to me
If it were not for your grandson… If I hadn’t felt to you pregnant…
You wouldn’t have noticed me at all… And now you’ve done your duty. Thank you. Now I’m alone. Ania, believe me, you’re mot alone. Stay at home. All’s going to be all right. – Hi.
– Hi. How are you? I don’t like you look, Beletsky.
Tired and exhausted. You don’t look well. I’ve settled the things. Please, don’t. Thank God, good people
still live in the world. You can tell her the issue has been solved.
The case has been closed. You sure? Yes. Thank you, Dasha. You seem to wish
to tell me something, don’t you? You know, I seem to have mistaken when
I was saying I live someone else’s life. This cannot be at all. Our life is what we do it. It is why it cannot be someone else’s.
Forgive me. Your own or someone else’s…
Does it really matter? Love — this is what drives people! You know this perfectly well. As well as that you loved, love and will love no one but her. Probably, I wandered
occasionally in your life. But it’s okay. I’ll make it. May I see you for a moment? I’ll take my stuff? Yes, of course. I mean,
if this is your decision… Yes. It’s my decision. Okay… Forgive me. It was a sort of absurd… No words. Yes… I see. Forgive me. By the way… As far as I remember…
the yacht had a different name. “Sirius” or “Spiritus”. It doesn’t matter now. Go.
Another mermaid is waiting for you. There was a phone call
from the Child Protection Board. – Why?
– I don’t know. They wanted to talk to you. They made up a case.
To terminate your parental rights. What does your doctor say? He says it’s all right. He’s lying. The Inspectors say differently. – Dad?
– Yes, Oleg? She kidnapped Sasha. – What?
– I had a call from the Board. She came to the orphanage
and took him off the yard during a walk. She just called me, shouting.
And saying we’re bustards who tricked her. –That the termination case is under way.
– Where’s she? She didn’t tell. She told not to seek her. Dasha, it’s me. What’s happening?
Why court will be held? Who told you this? They called from the Board
and told court would be held. This cannot be! Bureaucrats!
I’ll check it up and call you back. Please, check this up. Ah! Beloved son-in-law… A happening indeed. What brought you here? Good afternoon. May I come in? – You alone? Where’s your family?
– May I come in? Well… Of course. Do come in.
Haven’t seen you pretty long. You called on some three years ago.
How’s my grandson? He must have grown up since
I saw him in Crimea, haven’t he? I thought they live with you now,
don’t they? No. They don’t. How can they be here? You don’t know where your family is,
do you? Come on. They are here. Arrived yesterday. Good God, no! Nobody arrived.
Neither yesterday nor today. She escaped from you, hasn’t she?
You did bring her to the push… Where’s my girl? Tell me! Escaped! She escaped from him!
From such a good husband! A professor! Drop some… Not all that glitters is gold! Thanks. I entrusted him my child,
an artist, a beauty. And what now?… Damned professor… Here, Shasha, it’s for you. – Did he tell anything else?
– No. Nothing. Just left. How’s he? I mean in general? Who can tell it from his mug?
A stone monument. How could you live with him for so long? Okay. What are you going to do? I don’t know. How “you don’t know”? You’ve got a child
to raise, and you say “I don’t know”. I don’t know, Mom. Stay here for some time.
Then will find a job. As you wish. What shall
I tell him when he calls? We didn’t come to you.
And you don’t know were we are. Okay… It’s only… – He was upset. Very much.
– Mom… Okay, okay. See you, honey. See you. These inspector bags didn’t know. They acted at their own discretion. There will be no court held. Let’s go home. It’s my fault. I’ll change. I love you.

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