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Time to Be Awesome

February 27, 2020

(crickets chirping) (footsteps)
(upbeat violin music) – My name is Sam Holness. I’m 26 years old, and I live in London in the UK. (upbeat violin music) My nickname is “Super-Sam.” (upbeat violin music) I am a triathlete who just
happens to have autism. And I’m going to be awesome. (upbeat violin music)
(splashing water) (upbeat violin music) (bicycle wheels spin) Sometimes when I go to an event I am the only black triathlete and maybe the only one with autism. (upbeat violin music) Autism is an advantage. I am very focused and I’m not easily distracted. (water splashes)
I train hard and I want to be successful. (upbeat violin music) I just never give up. (upbeat violin music) If other athletes pass
me I want to catch them and get back in front. Like, “Come on legs!” “Go faster!” “Get to the front!” (upbeat violin music) Most people don understand autism. If I can show people
that someone with autism can be a successful triathlete
then it will motivate people. (intense violin music) I enjoy doing triathlons
because it gives me confidence and improves my self esteem. I want to go to the Triathlon World Championships. Or maybe Kona one day. (upbeat violin music) I want to show that people with autism can participate in sport. In fact, autism is a strength and athletes from any background
can be great triathletes. (upbeat violin music) all yo need to do is get
out there and get active. Don’t let your disability be
a reason for not doing sport. (upbeat violin music)

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