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Time management tips for busy Mums

August 14, 2019

Hello its Kelly from Daily Orders here
and I just wanted to pop by with some time management tools to get you out of
the house on time! So when I used to be in the Navy I did 13 years in the Navy
An old adage we lived by was that if you’re five minutes early you’re on time
and if you’re on time you’re late. I like to call this contingency planning.
Without a doubt as a parent there are always things that are going to go wrong
there’s going to be missing hats, missing socks, forgot the water bottle, forgot the
food, there’s wee on the bed.. Having that extra five minutes up your sleeve
without a doubt gives you that contingency planning that you need. Just
factor in a little bit of time to get you out of the door on time. Often
too it’s hard to manage kids concept of time. If your child is one who struggles
with the mornings the first thing I’d be doing is hiding the remote.If
they’re old enough shut off the Wi-Fi The TV you for all its good points is
the king of distraction when you’re trying to get out of the door. It stalls
breakfast it stalls getting dressed it stalls
everything. If your child is old enough to read the clock give them a time frame
maybe put on the coloured sections so you colour from 7:30 to 8:00 is when you’re
allowed to watch the TV or for my kids 5:30 they get up or 6 o’clock they
get up it’s lots of fun in our house but what I’ve actually started to do is
not put the TV on, on weekdays so we have the TV allowed on, on a Saturday
and Sunday morning when the kids get up but otherwise it’s not allowed on in the
mornings on weekdays at all. It can go on at 4 o’clock while I’m preparing dinner
but other than that it stays off and we found that that’s really helpful in
getting out of the door on time because the kids aren’t distracted they can
focus on what they need to do. So one of the other things that we do in our house
is try and give the kids warnings so pre prepare them say “In five minutes we
need to get going” so that they’re not going yeah what what’s happening
it would be like saying to you when you’re you know you’re cozying up in your bed
“Yeah right gotta go now” yeah well I wasn’t ready for that! So it’s important
to give your kids warnings or cues that things are about to change and that’s
really important especially for the little ones so you don’t
just pull them out of the activity that you’re doing because that can cause
chaos as well. I can assure you when everyone knows what they need to be
doing things will run a lot smoother and look to be honest without being a sales
pitch that’s why I created Daily Orders because I didn’t know what was going on
my husband was always out of town and I had two young kids and I couldn’t keep
track of him so when we bought our first board home it was it was a game changer
because I knew exactly where he was. I knew where I needed to be and it calmed
my anxiety quite a lot and I was really grateful for that. And it’s also been
really pleasing to see that a lot of customers have found the same thing, that
this has helped calm the crazy that happens in the morning so
there’s a few tips on how to get out of the house on time and a few more which
seem really easy but they don’t get implemented very often either – To prepare
the breakfast the night before, make lunches the night before. I know it’s a
pain but it can save that craziness in the mornings. You could also lay out your
kids clothes the night before and it has a two-fold benefit. There’s no
arguments about what you need to do in the morning and the other thing is you
don’t have to worry about washing in the morning because you don’t t have what you need ready to go. So you know the night
before they’ve got everything already sorted which is really super. A big one
for me and I think for a lot of people actually to leave your bloody phone in
the bedroom! I know you’re probably looking at this on social media right
now but leave your phone in the bedroom! It creates such a distraction for not
only you but for the kids. That’s a really important one because when you
are always on your phone they don’t feel like they’re the centre
of attention which is important and they should be. Another one is don’t sweat the
small stuff. There’s going to be times when you don’t have everything exactly
where it needs to be there’s going to be times where there are toys all over the
floor there’s going to be times when there are clothes unwashed. It’s okay no one’s
going to die I promise. So just don’t sweat it. It’s all good. All
right, don’t do anything that doesn’t actively contribute to getting out of the
house on time. Folding the washing – super if you’ve
got time to do it but if you don’t you can wait and that’s the good thing about
washing it’s always going to be there! But I hope you found these tips handy and if
you’ve got any questions, just drop a comment below otherwise I look forward
to talking to you soon! Check out for more hints and tips.

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