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Time Management Tips | File Email | MBM One Minute Video

September 29, 2019

A lot of people are searching google for ‘File
Email’ because managing the filing of our emails can be a tricky business. I have seen
some very impressive, almost works of art, showing Outlook folders that are over a 100
deep and 10 wide. Amazing. Let’s see if I can help you. My name is Darren and you are at the home
of Sticky Learning – MBM – Trainers to the UK Grocery Industry and experts in Category
Management Training. You spend 10% of your working week filing
emails, according to a piece of research by IBM. The research looked at what we do with
emails and they observed over 85,000 actions across 345 email users. Their insights were
fascinating. They said that there were 3 types of filer; No Filers, Frequent Filers and Spring
Cleaning Filers. Which one are you? The research also shared that we create folders
for safekeeping. In case we need to refer back to it again, but their research concluded
that over 80% of emails were never looked at again. Interestingly the reason we create
folders is not what you think. It’s not to file. The researchers concluded that we
file to see the way ahead. A little like wading through a jungle, using a machete to hack
away at the undergrowth, so that we can see the way ahead. We File Emails so that we can
get better sight of what is really in our inbox. My suggestion? 1. Don’t file an email ever
again, 2. Put all your folders into an archive, and 3. Get great at using advanced find. Now that you understand a little more about
File Email click the link in the description below, to read the Ultimate Guide to ‘Time
Management Skills’

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