Time Management in Graduate School

September 28, 2019

Time management both within a semester
and as well as across your years of graduate school, first the big picture I
think I think it’s easy to view graduate school as just a few more years of what
you did in your undergrad and and that may even be deceptively true at the
beginning, you may take a lot of coursework and so you’re just gonna keep
succeeding in courses as you austensibly did in your undergraduate, that’s why
you’re here in grad school, but I think it’s important to keep an eye on that
long term goal of doing some original research, whether that’s your master’s
project or your PhD thesis. Weekly time management is another challenge a few
people have the opportunity to be involved in in research projects at the
undergraduate level but that’s going to be a bigger bigger part of your schedule
is going to be split in different ways as a graduate student. You may have a
teaching assistant position, you may have a research assistant position, and of
course you have the the coursework and then I already talked about you know
your your thesis project, so you have you have all these different competing goals
and it’s important to make time for each of those within each week. If you put on
your employee hat and you want to be the best teaching assistant ever, you you may
very well excel at that but don’t let your coursework suffer and don’t
overlook your research that you need to be getting done likewise don’t don’t
just continue being an undergraduate so oh I’m just going to do really good in
these courses and you know not be putting in the the effort that you are
being paid to as a teaching assistant or a research assistant. So, you really need
to give yourself micro goals or you know track your schedule on a daily and
weekly basis to make sure you’re putting in time on all of those different fronts
that are important to your success.

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