TIME Management: How to Manage Your TIME Better

October 9, 2019

(soft music) – In our Extreme Productivity
benchmark report, we found that 47% of people waste a significant
amount of time at work. Not a little of time, not
a moderate amount of time, but a significant amount of time. We studied nearly 4,200 professionals and found that on average
they spend 4.2 hours on mandatory and empty activities. For most people, that’s
nearly half their day. We think about time in four levels using TIME as the acronym. T stands for Treasured Time. This is time that you cherish
doing things that you love. I stands for Investment Time. This is time spent on your priorities or activities that are gonna
give you outsized returns. M is Mandatory Time. This is time spent on
things that you feel like you need to do, like mowing the lawn, commuting to work, administrative tasks. And E stands for Empty Time. This is time you just waste. Now, it’s important to know that how you categorize time one day can
be different than the next. For example, when I binge
watch a Netflix show every once in awhile,
that’s treasured time. If I did that every single
day, that would be empty time. We find it instructive to think about time in these ways, and to take treasured time, to increase your investment time, to minimize mandatory time, and to eliminate your empty time. Those that are able to do this are not only more
productive in their days, we found that they are
top performers at work, they’re more satisfied with their jobs, and are happy in their lives. That makes a really strong case for looking at your time,
looking at how you spend it, and maximizing it in these ways.

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