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Time Management – Do not accept time killers

November 6, 2019

as an entrepreneur managing your time is
of utmost importance because so many tasks are actually coming up and there
are so many things where you have to decide is this important now do I have
to do it yes or no etc et-cetera most time management
techniques are quite cumbersome and and and long-winded but what I would like to
share with you today is a very simple technique so that you can very very
quickly manage your time much much better hey my name is Armand L Rauh I’m the
founder of a Leonard Rao of the entrepreneurs entrepreneur that like to
help you to become a great entrepreneurial leader in my video today
I’m going to talk about time management so watch it until the end so that you
will have a very simple technique to improve your life and your business
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informed about the newest content this video is about time management and there
are actually three very very simple tricks to improve the management of your
time the first one is to think about your most important tasks so for example
for the year for the month for the week for the day writes down your three most
important tasks and just concentrate on those first
once you’ve done them that will give you a feeling of yeah deliver a success of
having done something and make sure that actually these tasks are connected to
the goals that you want to achieve the question number two that you should
ask when planning your day or your week your month that would that would be a
quantitative goal that you are setting so you would say what are what is what
is the most important quantitative objective I have to achieve and you
would write that down so for example you could say I want I need to call three
prospect clients today or I need to fix two appointments with existing customers
to talk about customer service today these are quantitative objectives that
you would write down point number two point number three
would be write down something that would make you happy for the debt or for the
month or for the wood so for example you could say they’re having a walk after
lunch or spending some time with my spouse or having a piece of cake in the
afternoon or going for running after work or whatever write something down
that makes you happy and also take this as a normal girl because the happier you
are the more successful you were you will be so as a conclusion three very
very simple tricks to manage your time better first but first of all think
about your most important tasks link them to the link them to your mission
and your vision and your objective number two set quantitative goals so
that you can actually measure your success and also set a goal on or plan
something that makes you happy for the day the week the month and with these
three very good simple tricks you will already have improved your time
management by by by by by a very great amount so these are tricks that you can
apply as an entrepreneur if you would like to learn more about entrepreneur
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having you thank you very much and don’t forget lead yourself

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