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Time Management Course

August 10, 2019

In Time management courses we get a lot of
people sent to us to be fixed. Now whatever that means, I don’t know, but we
don’t fix people. You’re not gonna fix me? No. Well, can you help me manage my time?
I haven’t got enough hours in the day. Well, we can’t change the laws of physics
but what we can do is help you look at your day to see where you can make changes
that suit you. So you can get everything done you need to get done. Well, like what? Well, it could be that you take your lunch earlier so you’ve got more energy
in the afternoon. It could be that if you want to go to the gym and you’re not
managing to do it because you’re too tired in the evening, you go in the
morning, or maybe look for support to help pick
up the kids so you don’t have to rush back from work. Oh right, is that it? Yeah. Time management isn’t about managing time, time management is about helping
you make better decisions that suit you. Gotta go!

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