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This time traveler’s prediction is coming TRUE | John Titor, Part 1 [cc]

December 5, 2019

today’s video is honestly really
confusing and I can’t even follow it all so if I can’t follow my own train of
thought good luck to you guys anyway if you’re new here hello it’s nice to have
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that’ll be just a shame such a shame for you. the intro hat is gone that means
we’re getting down to business today we’re talking about a time traveler
this topic is a lot and I’m gonna have to split it into two videos I’m sorry,
I’m trying to do a video a day and A. I need ideas B. I can’t afford to make like
a 30 minute video cuz I don’t have time so this is part 1 this is gonna be the
believers point of view this is gonna be all the reasons you should believe this
person was a real time traveler and the next part 2 is gonna be the skeptics
video it’s gonna be all the reasons you shouldn’t believe this person is a time
traveler so yes this is about one time traveler in particular who became very
popular around the early 2000s they claim to have arrived from 2036 so I
find this really interesting because we’re actually right in the middle of
everything that happened the place that they came from and the place that they
went to this person goes by the name of John Titor although as you might expect
that wasn’t his real name he didn’t actually use this name until later on. at
first he was posting as TimeTraveler_0 in an internet forum
and before that he was anonymously faxing into a paranormal radio station
coast to coast a.m. that was in 1998 which is the year i was born and also
apparently the year he was born so hi John we’re the same age we could have
been in the same class if you’re watching comment below
imagine if he finds this and goes back in time just… wait you don’t have to go
back in time to comment but imagine if my YouTube channels still
here in 2036 tell you what John if you watch it comment on my last video before
this one goes out. if anyone’s commented on that video already I’m gonna have to
put you on the suspect list. so this is the first time we heard from John and
this is what he faxed into the radio station: dear art – that’s the presenters
name [reads from text] so this makes
sense to me at least the part that’s not physics I am someone that kind of
believes in this multiple timeline thing it links to the Mandela effect I’m
sure you’ve heard of that. time makes no sense to me and I have a breakdown about
it at least once a week it used to be once a day so it’s getting better. John
continues: I want to know one thing John did they come back or did you just
lose everyone in 2564 this is 1998-1999 goes by with no word from John
and in November 2000 he pops up again on the internet I don’t know how many of
you are younger than me I personally don’t remember the year 2000 that well
given I was 2 but the internet was not anything like it is now in the year 2000
and computers looked like this John says he was sent back to 1975 to retrieve a
computer the IBM 5100 and bring it back to 2036 because it had some role in
repairing that their world which raises three questions why does the world need
repairing why do they need a computer from 1975 and why is John in the year
2000 then so let’s start with repairing the world according to John there is a
short third world war in 2015 that grows from a civil war in the US the inauguration of President Trump
has again exposed the deep political divisions across the country -and divide
us up at the end of the day I believe that our approach will win -America the
country is as divided it has been in a hundred and fifty years since the Civil
War and that affects the entire world – crowds full of knit pink hats [crowd noise] according to John the conflict caused a
lot of things to change around this time he says that the Olympics stopped in
2004 for example he predicted a lot of world events that just didn’t happen
although his explanation for that is that because he’s created a different
timeline things are just not quite happening in the same way and what he
predicted at the time was that these things were still going to happen to us
but later so he’s saying that what he’s seeing in our year 2000 happened around
his year 1980 ish. so what’s so special about this computer from 1975? so John
said this computer had the ability to basically translate some really old
computer codes like obsolete ones John said that this was a secret feature on
this computer and that not many people knew about, everyone just had to kind
of believe that because we didn’t know about any feature on that computer that
could translate old codes or whatever until 2012 when IBM came out and said
that actually that feature does exist on that model. and why was he in the year
2000? this probably has something to do with y2k the transition from 1999 to the
year 2000 people thought that on New Year’s Eve because all of our computer
systems were built to go up to 1999 and that’s it everything was gonna crash
people thought planes were gonna fall out of the sky people were terrified and
people were genuinely working 24 hours on New Year’s Eve to try and stop this
from happening. he never made specific claims about y2k although sometimes it
sounds like he’s hinting that he could have stopped it but he was kind of like
well if I had stopped it you wouldn’t know because it didn’t happen and you
wouldn’t know if that was cause of me or not kind of. he’s not always nice to people don’t get me wrong John you seem like a
nice guy but he is very frustrated with our generation or I guess the older
generation because he is my generation he’s very frustrated with people that are
adults I guess in the year 2000 he says that from his time there looked at as
people that were lazy essentially people that caused all the problems that they
had in their time and that I will have in my time, and he finds that a lot of
people ask questions that just rub him the wrong way. he answered pretty much
any question that anyone had although he did have three rules: one, he wouldn’t
answer questions that somebody could profit from such as who wins sports
games lottery numbers he thought that that was unfair and greedy and also
stupid because who remembers a lottery numbers from like 20 years ago? he
wouldn’t talk about anything that could help someone avoid death by probability
to quote him so natural disasters, bombs, and he also wouldn’t talk about people’s
identity so like who is gonna invent this who’s gonna do this who’s gonna be
the president in 2020. so those were three rules and he would get pretty
annoyed if people asked him questions that would break those rules. people
asked him things about pretty much everything you would ask a time traveler
like what’s it like in 2036 and how did you get there, how did you get here?
basically John’s world in 2036 is recovering from World War 3 from a lot
of conflict, he describes a world that’s essentially gone back to basics a little
bit. the internet still exists we still have all the technology and more I guess
that we have today but people are focusing a lot more on being sustainable
and getting back to focusing on their community, essentially spending less time
online and more time growing their own food and looking after each other so he
says that the world is relying on a lot more green energy which is kind of weird
because in the year 2000 global warming and saving the environment were not that
high on anyone’s priority list. in fact in the year 2000 people are more likely
to picture this crazy technological future with probably like
flying cars and stuff so it was odd that he went the other way, and it’s even
stranger that we actually are hopefully heading in a more sustainable direction.
I basically just picked all the things that hit me the hardest there’s a
particular quote here somebody asked about cameras, in the year 2000 people
did not really have digital cameras if you were taking pictures you were
probably using a film camera you know like those little disposable ones he
said “yes we have cameras, more digital, film is used like painting is today.
no hologram camera though” – film is used like painting is today. that stuck in my
mind because that’s already true and that’s not something that anybody in the
year 2000 would have reasonably predicted because nobody really has to
use a film camera anymore but we still sell them and people still use them
because they like the aesthetic. another crazy thing that he seemed to have
predicted was when people asked about entertainment
he said “entertainment is less centralized there are movies and TV but
everything is distributed over the net and people produce their own shows. the
technology to express yourself with video is so readily available that many
people do it by themselves or in small groups”
he’s talking about YouTube! he’s literally predicting YouTube becoming
more relevant than TV and movies which is certainly the direction we’re heading
if were not pretty much already there YouTube did not exist in the year 2000
like I said the internet hardly existed. on top of that somebody asked him about
phones this is a phone in the year 2000 even when I was 11 and I had like a
Nokia if you tried to connect to the internet it would take half an hour to
load and it would accidentally cost you like 500 pounds, okay not not that much.
John didn’t just say that you would be able to access the internet on your phone,
he actually said that our phones would be mostly reliant on the Internet.
so what John says about the future honestly scares me he kind of makes
predictions like old mother Shipton they’re a little bit cryptic sometimes
but they really seem some of them at least to be very accurate and that’s
weird. it seems like his general predictions for the way that society is
are very accurate but his predictions for things like big world events are
really not at all so it’s really weird. I’m lost I’m lost maybe by the end of
part two I’ll have an opinion but right now… pfft the other reason that there are
still people that believe him today is because of his explanation of his time
machine. so John provided a diagram of his time machine and it hasn’t been
traced back to anything before then nobody knows other than John’s time
machine what this thing actually is – it basically seems as though he drew it
himself. but it’s very detailed very intricate and at the time it actually
contradicted our understanding of physics basically because it’s using
black holes and we thought that black holes would suck up anything and
everything that went inside of them and destroy the world I guess – I’m not
physicists please don’t – and people laughed at him because his
time machine broke our laws of physics but in the next decade Stephen Hawking
would come out and say that the biggest mistake of his career was his
understanding of black holes and actually some things can move through
black holes which fits in with what John was telling us about his time machine
ten years before that, so somehow what John was saying in 2000 is actually
gaining plausibility twenty years later he also talked about CERN a lot that was
public information people knew it existed at the time but he specifically
mentioned CERN talking about working on microscopic black holes which
again at the time seemed crazy and was not public information but now it’s
something that they’re working on. so let me know what you think, do you think time
travel exists? do you think this person could have been a time traveler? let me
know where you stand in the comments and stay tuned for part two where I’ll be
talking about all the reasons people don’t think he’s a real time traveler.
thank you all so much for watching I’ll see you in the next video I love you all
so so so so so much and I hope you’re all having a great December and
thank you for being here. bye! Byeyye you could have just time-traveled to part – wait
no again if part 2 has already been uploaded that’s not how that works

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    Hmmmm…idk what I think…I need to hear part two…but I definitely do think time travel is possible…maybe…haha

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    This is so weird, I just started doing research over this out of curiosity, and you happened to upload this video. I look forward to part II. Also subbing. Thanks!

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    What about the animals and wildlife in 2036?

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