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The Skin Saint On Laser Hair Removal

November 30, 2019

– The new Splendor X. The world’s first hybrid
laser hair removal with a 775 and a 1064. So one wavelengths is
gonna actually kill that hair. The other one is gonna
kill that blood supply so we get that hair gone. So the results are gonna be better than any other hair removal on the planet. More power, painless, all skin types, the most effective, and the fastest. So you’re gonna see me start this and I’m gonna do a little application and that’s gonna show
me my laser foot print of where I’m gonna go. We’re gonna hit every one
of these squares in a line. (beeping) Mind you, I don’t feel a thing. And the cooling feels so good. There’s no gel, no mess. I’ll speed it up. (beeping) And we could go even
faster on larger areas. So, very exciting! Hope you enjoy.

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