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The Shizzle Personality Test

October 11, 2019

Hello. I’m doctor Felicia. No, I’m not a real doctor, but I’m more qualified
than a certain soda drink that claims to have a PhD. Anyways, I’m here to see what type of person
you are. When you hear jerk sauce, what is your first
thought? If you have wholesome thoughts, such as hmmmm,
jerk sauce sounds good. I’m going to marinate my wings in The Shizzle. Then you are a good, clean-minded person. And, you should comment on this video to let
us know. But, if you instantly thought that sauce is
a big ole jerk. I’m not inviting him to my birthday party. Then give this video a like. You pessimist, you. No, if you heard jerk sauce and your mind
instantly went into the gutter, well congratulations, you’re a sicko. Hey girl! Get your mind right. Get your head out of the gutter and get The
Shizzle. Hey, at least we’re not selling spotted dick,
right? You crazy Brits.

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