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October 2, 2019

Rosie [Yes]. Are you ready to share with the internet the ultimate Sex Personality Quiz? Of ‘cos Group Hug! Hi guys, welcome to the internet. This week Rosie and I thought it would be really fun to make a whole bunch of online quizzes to find out a little bit more about our personalities and also and also our Sex IQs Yeah like normally i expect to have got a low IQ..or is it High?
– No it’s low it’s certainly low
– No but is it… isn’t it when you’ve got a low one it’s actually you are real clever? Regardless normal i performed badly on IQ tests but I’m excited to see my performance on Sexual IQ test You know it’s not a practical exam? Ok Rosie, do you want to start with the Sex Personality quiz? Yes
– Do you enjoy hearing the intimate details of your friends personal lifes? Yeah
– okay, yes. “You prefer that your partner be..” “A. Tamer than you” “B. More energetic then you” “C. More experience than you” “D. Kinkier than you” “E. As traditional as you, or” “F. More outspoken than you” Ok, that’s a lot of “than you”s I don’t want anyone to be more energetic or kinkier than me
– so you want someone tamer than you probably “What is the ideal first date?” “Deep conversation over drinks” “Other” “Polite conversation over dinner” No such thing What’s “other” ??…how could it be anything
– It could be anything you want It could be anything you want
– It could be heaven “Skip the date to go straight to bed” sounds like you and “Unusual Experience” I think “Skip the date to go straight to bed” Do you feel comfortable discussing sex with your partner? Yes “No” “Yes” “It depends on the situation” “Yes” “What would you do if your partner brought food into the bedroom?” It depends…
– Uhh excuse me, you haven’t heard the options ok I would like to, I would like
– Excuse me, you haven’t heard the options I would like to bring up something Alexis G Zall said in someone else’s vlog that i watched the other day “I fucked your mom!” No, she said “Don’t put anything in your vagina that you wouldn’t put in your mouth” and see the situation “Do you need to love someone before you sleep with them?” No “Are you willing to try all your sexual fantasies?” Some of them can’t be done What? Legally? No, i mean like physically Why? Horses? I mean maybe that’s like height or like Horses, it’s horses isn’t it? Oh my god, what the fuck
– It is, isn’t it? that’s coming from you that was one time Look, I was obsessed with Daniel Radcliffe He was in the play with the horses Rosie stop talking, this is the internet stops talking Stop talking, say “horses” Ohh it just says “Yes” or “No” What was the question? “Are you willing to try all your sexual fantasies?” Neighhhh Oh My GOD, stop it!
– There isn’t a “Nay” It’s just “Yes” or “No” Yes
– Yes “The perfect romantic relationship is?” Us
– “Steamy and casual” I’m really good. Go on. “Intimate and honest” “committed and forever” “Adventurous and passionate” “None of these” “Adventurous and passionate” Sounds like it’s gonna burn out pretty fast No, i mean we last 6 years We are “Intimate and honest” I think we are all of those
– Aww, same I also think we are “Steamy and casual”..that’s quite-
– Same Let’s go for “Adventurous and passionate”, that was the first choice Also we are adventurous, we travel places and we are passionate about our jobs Calculating results
– Ok “You love trying new things and your relationships are no exception you quickly become bored… of the humdrum routine of long relationship and do your best to spice things up. It is your role to inject something fresh and new between you and your relationship and you’re excel at keeping a sparkle life. You should live for a partner who is open to new things and will make you feel comfortable your desires *neighhh*. If they’re willing to humour your wild streek giddy-up even the simplest evening will become hot and steamy” People are going to think i’m into beastiality literally. Ok, that’s not what it is. oh I will let them believe it, it’s believable. Ok that’s not what it is. It says here to sum up your sex test You are a tantalizing adventurer I really love that Also when i was sorted into my american Harry Porter house I was in the adventurous one Okay do you want to hear my result for the same test?
– Ok You’re a sensual bombshell Ok You’re basically the lover that dreams are made of. You are modest *no* and sweet in public, but with the right person your inner sexuality comes out basically they’re saying you’re a lady on the street but a freak in the bed That’ you think that’s the saying? That’s what Usher said ♪ Want a lady on the street but a freak in the bed! Yeah ! ♪ Don’t you mean “Cold on the streets, hot in the sheets”? No, lady on the street, freak in the sheet What? What did you say? “Once you feel safe and confident, you can realize your full potential” it’s a bit condescending what they saying that I’m like a little bit like “nerdy” They said that you are what dreams are made of, and you are nerdy
– That is true, that is true Ok now Rosie, it’s time for the sex IQ challenge, test, challenge What does IQ stand for? Intelligence Quotient
– Ohh I just made that up Approximately how many nerve endings are found in the clitorous? 200, 20000, 2000 or 8000? I think i know the answer I say 20,000
– wow The answer was 8,000 OKAY…. True or false? A woman can’t get pregnant if she’s on her period. That’s false *Eternal Silence** The Answer is FALSE ok not that if you’re already pregnant The clitorous is as big as a penis. True or false? False.
– I reckon that’s true The answer is true Is that internally? Yeah, you were wrong. You didn’t know a lot about it, you don’t know a lot about it
– Yeah i do I know that it’s big inside, internally. Hmm you don’t know much about it, you didn’t get that right What percentage of women masturbate? 92% 47% 17% or 33%? 47% Incorrect! 92 % I thought is that AHHUH ahh What is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States? Apart from Alexis G Zall? In the United States, i don’t know, probably chlamydia Chlamydia syphilis HPV HIV?
– OOOH HPV MAYBE Incorrect It’s chlamydia How many partners with the average American have in his or her lifetime 6,11,15 21?
– OOH 11. 11 is correct. What is the average shelf-life of a latex condom? 5 years. 6 months. A year. or 2 year? I say 6 months
– 2 years YOU’RE RIGHT!! It is 2 Years! Here we go, your result reads as follows Your sex IQ is fairly high! Soooooo I wanna talk about you CLIT Uhm because there is a hashtag going around which is #prayfortheclit and that’s talking about yours
– Look It’s still purple. The fact is 2 days ago, I showed my vagina to Cammie and Kara They got real in another look They not only looked but then they did get a second look
– D’you know what my favorite part is that evening was?
– What? Cammie was like “Was it always that texture?” and you were like “NO” I said “Look it’s not even normally that size or shape okay, it changed.” I was totally fine with you showing your vagina to our lesbian friends because it doesn’t look like your vagina and they still it’s not your normal vagina so I still feel like they haven’t seen it yet Yeah they haven’t seen the truth So i feel no sense of like- not that I’ve control over your body but I
– Sounds like you’re jealous but I have no sense of like “ohh someone else has seen your vagina” because they haven’t. They’ve seen an alien If anyone’s wondering what we’re talking about i recently had surgery a week ago today and.. You had surgery for hernia, not on her vagina but that’s where.. The hernia was in the left hand side of my upper groin and the swelling has dropped therefore my vaginal area doesn’t look how it once look I thought this was funny
– It does not look how it once look I thought it was funny and when Cammie and Kara came around i wanted them to look at it not only did i ask them to look at it, i also requested them to tweet about it so you might think that tweet came from them but i was actually like “If you wanna tweet about seeing it, that’s fine” “as long as you’d say you would still smash” – I didn’t actually say that but Cammie still say she’d still smash Like is there anyone else you would rather have – not Camilla Caballo, but anyone you’d rather have as your nurse? or just me? You just open up an endless stream of possibilities and now i’m just thinking of everyone I’ve ever fancy being in like a nurse outfit. So, bye, I’ll see you in like 3 hours Ohhh i should’ve worn nurse outfit Tell me more about your sexual fantasy What’s your biggest sexual fantasy? I think i have things in my mind that i think seems nice in my mind but i think honestly I want them to stay in my mind, i don’t think i would act- Are they violent? I mean some of them *yeah*
– oh really? but like i don’t think i’d like it in real life It’s like safe to- How do you feel? Horny? Have you ever had a sexual fantasy which shock yourself? No i don’t think so
– Oh that’s boring. I’m really hungry You’re smelling real good around this one ear Did you put on some- you wash your hair today Ear deodorant I’m excited to go on tour
– Yeah but you’re stunning awww That’s real sweet of what you’ve just said
– I really love you Cammie’s seen my clit I know That kind of means we are in a relationship right?
– Noo
– No? I think it does. I think as soon as you show another girl your vagina and they’re lesbian and you are lesbian, you are kind of dating Or your gynecologist who happens to be a lesbian with lesbian clientele Yeah, that is the scenario that also fits
– Yeah but I think we are probably dating now or you could be a midwife You could list all sort of scenarios where That also fits
– you show another lesbian your vagina but considering Cammie is new to all these thing I think we’re probably, i think we’re probably
– How do you know? x2 she’s not a gynist?
– Should i text her? Should i call her? Why?
– Just to- is that too soon? Maybe in uh…

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