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The Myers-Briggs Test

August 23, 2019

If you are anything like me then tests have
dictated the majority of your life! It seems like no matter what we do we cannot escape
tests, whether if it’s a driving test, a fitness test, a blood test, or the dreaded
year 6 SATS. So today I will be telling you about the Myers briggs test, It was created
by Isabelle Briggs Myers and her mother in the 1940s as a method to help women get into
the work force during the war. The test is based on carl jungs work and basically, categorizes
people into one of 16 types these types are 4 letter acronyms and are
based on how you relate to and perceive the world. Okay so now that we have established
that, the 4 letters can be defined as the following, first up is introvert vs extrovert.
it is a common misconception that introverts are shy or don’t like social situations,
but in actually its more about what stimulates you and how you get your energy, Introverts
usually recharge by being away from others, this could be reading a book, playing video
games or watching their favorite TV show. They can feel drained if they spend too much
time with others. Extroverts, however, get their energy from
others in busy social situations and feel more energized in large groups Next is intuition and sensing, this is about
how people learn and process information. The intuitive types tend to see the bigger
picture rather than the small details, they pay more attention to patterns and connections,
they are usually very imaginative and curious. Sensing types, however, are practical, they
work with facts and usually focus on their experiences to make decisions Next, is thinking and feeling, this category
deals with how we make decisions Thinkers tend to focus on logic and objectivity
rather than emotions. they will gather the data and look for logical explanations to
guide them when making decisions and tend to be impersonal to avoid external influences when Feeling types make decisions they gauge
how it will affect others too, they are sensitive and use their emotions as a compass to guide
them, they will often be more empathetic and consider how the other party will feel with
their decision. And often would rather work together than to competeFinally, we have judging
and perceiving. this category is about your approach to work, planning and decision making.
Judging types are often very organized and thorough, they make plans and are the types
to make backup plans for their backup plans, they have a very strong work ethic and tend
to be stricter. on the other hand, perceiving types are very
good at improvising and more relaxed when it comes to dealing with challenges. They
are much less organized and prefer to keep plans to a minimum That is the Myers Briggs personality types
in a nutshell, your final type is made up of one letter from each category.
The real test cost money but below in the description I have left links to similar tests,
take the test and let me know what type you are

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  • Reply Lastrevio March 11, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    the test is bullshit, get on cognitive functions

  • Reply OzzTonWentToSpace March 17, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    Can you make a journey to med school video?

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