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The Importance of Time Management over the Holidays

August 11, 2019

To make the most of your time and money in this holiday season, it really helps if you plan ahead.Many people believe they can keep it all arranged up, here but that usually leads to things being done in a haphazard and time consuming fashion hen really, the enjoyment of the season can be enhanced with just a little bit of preparation and time management One of the best secrets to managing time is to write things out whether it’s on paper or on screen
Whether it’s for cooking, preparing the house, or shopping if you identity the items required and re-categorize them by store then you can shop store by store and make fewer trips Going online also helps Of course, you can shop online but you can also browse online for ideas You can check the opening and closing and locations of stores, and also double check to see if they have your item in stock Sometimes, a single thoughtful gift has greater value than an armload of gifts and is certainly easier and quicker to buy. Gift cards too are very well received. Even though they may seem impersonal, people love the choice if they are offered.Shop early. As in early December of course, but also think about early in the morning when the crowds in the shopping malls and the washrooms and the parking lots and the food courts are at their lightest
This is especially important when going to toy stores and also liquor stores If you’re planning on travelling this season, make your travel checklists now,
to avoid the risk of forgetting essential items in last minute packing
things such as gets themselves things such as the gifts themselves, medications or even directions.
If you take all of the components and steps of your holiday season planning and break them up you’ll get more done. If you can delegate to other family members you’ll get more done. By taking care of a few tasks a time you can build toward the holiday season in steps, thus avoiding the last minute rush. Remember that normal life must go on. If you can allow yourself some time to rest you can function much better and
remember also that little kids and pets breathe, and eat, you can function much better.
And remember also that little kids and pets have a hard time adjusting to this major change in routine. Now often people might think that all this planning might take away from the fun and the spontaneity of the season, but I’ve met too many people that suffer from guilt and pressure and that’s no fun either. Really, if you wish to be spontaneous in life, plan to be spontaneous To enjoy the best of the season, to make the most of your time and money and also the experience and the memories to come, make a plan, stick to it, and stay in control. You deserve it.

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