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The Importance of Soft Skills for Youth – [Read Description]

October 10, 2019

hello everyone you won’t enjoy this video without
getting to know about me first so let me introduce myself my name is Maritza Andreanne Rafa Ayusha
and you can call me Anne I study at MAN Insan Cendekia Serpong and for the 17
years of my life I have some achievements either in academics or
non-academics and most of them are from mathematics olympiad talking about
passions I really love to produce writings and published them to my blocks
which you can see it at my blog arc of Anne dot home dot blog in the future I want to be a
doctor an inspiring writer and also a public speaker of women’s rights
I consider myself as someone who’s quick learner
I love new challenges so that’s why I’m really looking forward to be the ambassador
so I can learn soft skills more because of my outgoing nature my friend said that i’m quite approachable now we’re going to talk about soft skills
what do soft skills actually mean Collins English dictionary defines soft
skills as the ability to communicate well and to work in team recent analysis for
many resources propose that you should have this top five of soft skills there are
positive self-concepts self control communication
and higher-order of thinking it is very important for us to develop soft skills
because these days technologies and nature of work change faster from time to time
and it makes an urgent implication to youth quality so in short youth really need soft skills to perform
better achieve their goals to make their country into a better state so what are you
waiting for let’s join platinum skills the best company to develop your soft
skills for a better future that’s all from me, thank you for watching

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